Concordia Michigan Cardinals LOGOCHAMPIONSHIP GAME: The 5 seeds – the CONCORDIA (MI) UNIVERSITY CARDINALS – played the 3rd seeded WARNER UNIVERSITY ROYALS in the Championship Game of the NCCAA World Series. After 2 scoreless Innings the Cardinals eked out a 1-0 edge in the 3rd.

A Pitcher’s Duel commenced for the next 4 Innings before both teams’ bats caught fire in the 8th. The Royals drove in their only 2 Runs that Inning while Concordia University added 5 to their total, ultimately winning the game 6-2. Billy Blair pitched for the win. * THE CARDINALS ARE CHAMPIONS OF NCCAA BASEBALL *


USAO Drover newDAY TWO, GAME ONE: The 2nd seeded UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE & ARTS OF OKLAHOMA DROVERS did battle with the 10 seeds – the LEWIS-CLARK STATE WARRIORS (should be the Explorers). Neither team got on the scoreboard until the Drovers went on top 1-0 in the 3rd Inning.

USAO expanded their lead to 3-0 in the 5th Inning before the Warriors made it a 3-1 game in the 6th. The 7th and 8th Innings saw the Drovers’ advantage become 5-1 and then 6-1. Lewis-Clark State mustered just 1 more Run in the 9th for a final count of USAO 6  Warriors 2. Colton Williams was on the Mound for 9 Iron Man Innings for the victors.

tennessee wesleyan collegeDAY TWO, GAME TWO: The top seeds – the TENNESSEE WESLEYAN COLLEGE BULLDOGS – took on the 8th seeded INDIANA TECH WARRIORS (should be the Hoplites). By the 3rd Inning the Bulldogs had compiled an impressive 6-0 lead.

Tennessee Wesleyan College added another Run in each remaining at-bat while the Warriors could manage just 1 in the 6th Inning and 2 in the 9th. The Bulldogs won the game 11-3 behind Pitcher Cole Bellair.

Southeastern University Fire NEWDAY TWO, GAME THREE: The 3rd seeded Defending Champions, the SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY FIRE, now faced the 7 seeds – the FREED-HARDEMAN UNIVERSITY LIONS. A 1-1 1st Inning tie became a 2-2 deadlock in the 3rd.

The Fire shut out the Lions the rest of the way while driving in additional Runs for themselves in the 7th, 8th and 9th Innings. Southeastern University demolished Freed-Hardeman University to the tune of 10-2 with Pitcher Keven (sic) Long snagging the win.

Bellevue BruinsDAY TWO, GAME FOUR: This elimination game pitted the 9 seeds – the BELLEVUE (NE) UNIVERSITY BRUINS – against the 4th seeded FAULKNER UNIVERSITY EAGLES (should be the Furies). After a scoreless opening Inning both teams exploded in the 2nd as the Bruins went up 6-5.

In the 3rd Inning Bellevue University expanded their lead to ELEVEN to 5, then limited the Eagles to just 3 more Runs the rest of the way. The Bruins emerged with an 11-8 victory for Pitcher Derek Browne as Faulkner headed for home.

Lewis Clark State Warriors BESTDAY TWO, GAME FIVE: Another elimination game, this one between the 10th seeded LEWIS-CLARK STATE WARRIORS and the 7 seeds – the FREED-HARDEMAN UNIVERSITY LIONS. By the 2nd Inning the Warriors were leading this contest of hyphenated institutions 7-0.

The 4th Inning saw Lewis-Clark State on top 8-3 before the Lions made it an 8-4 game in the 5th. That became 8-5 in the 7th Inning, but the Warriors added 2 more Runs in the 9th for a 10-5 victory. Tyler Burch was the Pitcher who eliminated Freed-Hardeman U.


Walters State SenatorsDAY ONE, GAME ONE: Starting things off was this clash between the WALTERS STATE SENATORS and the COWLEY COLLEGE TIGERS. Runs were easy to come by in this game which saw the Senators on top 5-0 in the 2nd Inning before the Tigers went up 7-6 in the 3rd.

By the 5th Inning upset-minded Walters State was out in front again, 12-9. Ultimately the Senators won the game by a Polo Score of 16-12. The triumphant Pitcher was Walters State’s Andrew Lindsey.

Navarro College Bulldogs logoDAY ONE, GAME TWO: Next the NAVARRO COLLEGE BULLDOGS squared off against the CHIPOLA COLLEGE INDIANS. By the 2nd Inning the Bulldogs led 3-1 but the Indians knotted the score at 4-4 in the 4th.

From there Navarro College added 3 Runs each in the 5th and 8th Innings while Chipola College managed just 2 more in the 8th. The Bulldogs won it 10-6 behind Pitcher Collin Storms. 

Chattahoochee Valley State BuccaneersDAY ONE, GAME THREE: The CHATTAHOOCHEE VALLEY STATE BUCCANEERS fought it out with the NEW MEXICO COLLEGE THUNDERBIRDS. The Buccaneers parlayed a 4-0 1st Inning advantage into a 9-6 lead by the 3rd.

That turned into 15-7 in favor of Chattahoochee Valley State come the 6th Inning, with the Buccaneers winning the game by a Football Score of TWENTY to TWELVE. Evan Baber was the winning Pitcher.

Central Arizona College Vaqueros NEWDAY ONE, GAME FOUR: Wrapping up Day One was this game pitting the CENTRAL ARIZONA COLLEGE VAQUEROS against the MONROE COLLEGE MUSTANGS. The Vaqueros kept the Mustangs off the scoreboard until Inning Number Four, which ended with Central Arizona College on top 5-3.

Monroe College mustered just 1 more Run the rest of the way compared to the 7 driven in by the Vaqueros as Central Arizona College triumphed 12-4. Pitcher Dakota Donovan was on the Mound for the win.


Northern Oklahoma College at Enid Jets SQUAREDAY ONE, GAME ONE: The 5 seeds – the NORTHERN OKLAHOMA COLLEGE AT ENID JETS – played the 4th seeded KELLOGG COLLEGE BRUINS. A 1-1 tie by the 2nd Inning became a 4-3 3rd Inning edge for the Bruins.

By the 6th Inning the Jets went on top 8-6. with Kellogg College nibbling that down to 8-7 in the 7th. A huge 9th Inning gave Northern Oklahoma College at Enid a comfortable 14-8 victory. The winning Pitcher was Stevie Owings.

Pasco Hernandez State ConquistadorsDAY ONE, GAME TWO: Heavy rain limited Day One to just a pair of games. This one was a battle between the 8th seeded PASCO-HERNANDO STATE CONQUISTADORS and the 9 seeds – the LACKAWANNA COLLEGE FALCONS.

The Conquistadors were on top 3-1 by the 2nd Inning, but in the 3rd the Falcons 7-6. Pasco-Hernando State retook the lead 8-7 in the 4th Inning then expanded that lead to 10-7 in the 5th and 11-7 in the 7th. A 9th Inning rally for Lackawanna College fell just short as the Conquistadors won it 11-10 for Pitcher Taylor Rohrer.


Cumberland County College DukesDAY ONE, GAME ONE: The 3 seeds – the CUMBERLAND COUNTY COLLEGE DUKES – faced the 6th seeded CENTURY COLLEGE WOOD DUCKS. The Wood Ducks scored their only Run of the game to take a 1-0 1st Inning edge.

The Dukes drove in 2 Runs in the 2nd Inning and 9 more in the 3rd, then rode them to an ELEVEN to ONE blowout victory. Michael Miles pitched for the win.

Rowan College at Gloucester RoadrunnersDAY ONE, GAME TWO: The top seeded ROWAN COLLEGE AT GLOUCESTER COUNTY ROADRUNNERS went up against the 8 seeds – the COLLEGE OF RHODE ISLAND KNIGHTS. After a scoreless opening Inning the Roadrunners managed a 1-0 lead in the 2nd.

By the 4th Inning that became a 4-0 advantage, with the Knights making it a 4-1 game in the 5th. Rowan College at Gloucester County proceeded to add 2 more Runs in the 8th to win by a final tally of 6-1. The winning Pitcher was Nick Evangelista.

Oakton College OwlsDAY ONE, GAME THREE: The 5 seeds – the OAKTON COLLEGE OWLS – were in the mood to upset the 4th seeded HERKIMER COLLEGE GENERALS. A 2-0 Owls advantage in the 1st Inning became a 5-1 lead in the 4th.

The Generals could only muster 1 more Run in the 5th while Oakton College’s bats stayed hot, dominating from there for an 11-2 beatdown of Herkimer College. Luis Savigne was on the Mound for the win.

Brookhaven College BearsDAY ONE, GAME FOUR: In the 2 spot the BROOKHAVEN COLLEGE BEARS faced the 7 seeds – the ROCKINGHAM COLLEGE EAGLES. By the 2nd Inning the Bears found themselves in a 5-1 hole.

Brookhaven College cut that to a 5-3 deficit in the 4th Inning before the Eagles pulled away to an 8-3 advantage. By the 7th the Bears had clawed back to within 8-6 and ultimately came from behind for an 10-9 triumph. Trent Clark was the winning Pitcher.


uc-sandiegotritonsWEST REGION CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES – The last teams standing in this Region were the 2nd seeded UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT SAN DIEGO TRITONS and the top seeds – the AZUSA PACIFIC UNIVERSITY COUGARS.

The Tritons lost the 1st game of this Best of Three series 13-2, then took the next two by scores of 6-5 and 16-5. * THE TRITONS ARE CHAMPIONS OF THE WEST REGION *

centralmissourimulesCENTRAL REGION CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES – The 2 seeds – the UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL MISSOURI MULES – played the top seeded AUGUSTANA (SD) VIKINGS in this Best of Three Series.

The Mules swept the Vikings by scores of 6-4 and 5-2 to advance to the D2 World Series. * THE MULES ARE CHAMPIONS OF THE CENTRAL REGION *

Colorado Mesa University Mavericks logoSOUTH CENTRAL REGION CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES – 1 met 2 again in this Best of Three Series as the top seeded COLORADO MESA UNIVERSITY MAVERICKS took on the 2 seeds – the ANGELO STATE RAMS.

The Mavericks won Game One 1-0 in 11 Innings, the Rams took Game Two 9-8 and the Mavs won the third game 3-2. * THE MAVERICKS ARE CHAMPIONS OF THE SOUTH CENTRAL REGION *  


The Golden Eagles won the first game 10-2 but the Lakers took the next two by scores of 6-5 and 14-4. * THE LAKERS ARE CHAMPIONS OF THE ATLANTIC REGION *

Tampa SpartansSOUTH REGION CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES – Back to the top pair of seeds lasting to fight for the Region’s title. The top seeded UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA SPARTANS faced the 2 seeds – the DELTA STATE STATESMEN.

The Spartans swept the Statesmen by scores of 3-1 and – in 11 Innings – 6-3. * THE SPARTANS ARE CHAMPIONS OF THE SOUTH REGION *


The Indians proceeded to sweep the Crusaders 4-3 in Game One and – in FOURTEEN INNINGS – another tally of 4-3 in Game Two. * THE INDIANS ARE CHAMPIONS OF THE SOUTHEAST REGION *


The Bears got a sweep of the Penmen, defeating them 9-8 in Game One and 6-3 in Game Two. * THE BEARS ARE CHAMPIONS OF THE EAST REGION *

Ashland University Eagles logoMIDWEST REGION CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES – The top 2 seeds made it all the way again to the title series. The 1 seeds – the ASHLAND UNIVERSITY EAGLES – clashed with the 2nd seeded UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT SPRINGFIELD PRAIRIE STARS.

The Eagles took Game One 7-4, the Prairie Stars won the middle game 8-4 and then Ashland U won Game Three 8-7. * THE EAGLES ARE CHAMPIONS OF THE MIDWEST REGION *



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