chrome-and-hot-leatherCHROME AND HOT LEATHER (1971) THE one and only Marvin Gaye made his big-screen debut in this relentlessly absurd example of the bad biker films of the 1960s and 1970s.

When a Green Beret’s fiancee (played by THE Cheryl Ladd) is killed he and some of his service buddies pose as bikers to track down the motorcycle gang responsible for her death.

Words cannot describe how enjoyably awful this movie is from start to finish.

Bad acting, bad script, bad rock songs, bad action scenes, you name it, this bomb has it! In the finale our heroes use stolen Army weaponry to bombard the bikers into submission.

The cast is a trivia lover’s dream come true, reuniting William “Big Bill” Smith with Laredo co-star Peter Brown and also featuring Bobby “Boris” Pickett, Erik Estrada, Kathy Baumann, Dan Haggerty, Lee Frost and Wes Bishop (Joey Bishop’s son). 


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22 responses to “CHROME AND HOT LEATHER (1971): MOVIE REVIEW

  1. Dewey

    very cool review … this had almost an all star cast for a biker film …

  2. Roger

    I watched this based off this review and your right it is so funny and bad!

  3. Allegra

    I am in awe of these weird movies you find!

  4. Bryon

    You really amaze me with all these weird movies you find.

  5. Malcom

    That is a very weird collection of cast members.

  6. Kay

    This was a quality review of a very strange movie.

  7. Kimberly

    I can’t believe that was Cheryl Ladd.

  8. Carlie

    There were hot men in this but otherwise I hated it.

  9. Arla

    Biker films are sooo funny!

  10. Leo

    Cheryl Ladd looked so hot in this for the couple of minutes she was in it.

  11. Mose

    Hurry up with more biker films!

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