chuck and nancyLast night privileged white Democrats Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi looked like they had been abducted to an undisclosed location and forced to recite propaganda by their captors.

It would almost be funny if not for how callous Democrats continue to be toward the people who have lost loved ones who were killed by illegal immigrants over the years. 266,000 arrests of illegal immigrants the past 2 years alone! (That’s per the Democrat outlet the Washington Post, so the real figure is probably much higher.) 

pelosi sadOne network even brought in James Carville to offer some commentary. If you’re wondering, Carville has spent nearly two decades now just wandering from camera to camera spouting the same 1990s take on politics. I understand that for a fee Carville will even appear in your wedding video to provide perspective on how the nuptials might impact the Clintons. 


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  1. Des

    It was a little weird with the two grand “DemoKKKrats” (good one!) staring menacingly into the camera. I felt uneasy looking directly at them. My wife wanted me to turn the channel, but I just couldn’t.

    • LOL I love it! I understand. You may want to check out all the memes about Chuck and Nancy online today. A lot of people compared them to the dour and humorless American Gothic couple.

  2. Rhonda

    I’m all out of fucks to give for the Democrats and the mire they get caught in.

  3. Wayne

    Don’t you wish Pelosi and Schumer cared about the working class as much as they care about illegal immigrants who are repeat offenders at other crimes?

  4. Rose

    I was a Democrat at one time. Now I just walk around with a paper bag on my head, hoping no one will notice!

  5. Bill

    Are any democrats under 75?

  6. Hagar

    The Democrats leadership is a mess.

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