Mascot new lookMore than eleven years after its posting online, this specially edited trailer for The Wicker Man remake as if it’s a comedy STILL hasn’t gotten nearly as much love as it deserves. So, for a holiday season break here is one of the few reworked trailers that is utterly hilarious because it doesn’t cheat by inserting footage from other movies. This baby is all pure video and audio from the Nicolas “What’s in the bag? … A shaaarrrk?” Cage remake.


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  1. Des

    From the trailer, this definitely looks, sounds and smells like a comedy. But I guess it was supposed to be a horror thriller? I just read Wikipedia’s description which mentions that critics hated it for it’s “unintentional comedy”. I’ve actually enjoyed many movies with unintentional comedy. Like many bad movies, it has gained a cult following. Now I’m going to have to check it out. Thanks a lot, Balladeer’s Blog!

    • Hello! This was a horror film like the original Wicker Man but with Cage it naturally is a So Bad It’s Good Classic.

      This is one of those trailers that are fan-created to change the entire tone of the movie by selectively editing in JUST scenes that make it look like an entirely different genre. This one is so expertly done even the new songs blend in perfectly as does the bit where Cage’s dying screams “No, not the bees! NOT THE BEEEEEEEES” etc are inserted over an unrelated falling scene to make it look “zany.”

      There are a bunch of vids like this, reediting horror films or action films to seem like a comedy or romantic dramas to look like horror films and on and on. Many of those reedited trailers cheat by inserting footage from OTHER movies but this Wicker Man trailer is perfect because it uses JUST Wicker Man video and audio. Glad you liked it, but be prepared if you watch the movie it IS a horror film, albeit an inept one.

      • Des

        Thanks for the explanation! I have a bit of a taste for off-the-wall type stuff, including movies, although I admit I have nowhere close to the amount of insight that you do on film and TV matters.

        My wife is much more the movie buff of the family, and she might find this trend in re-editing movies interesting. We both enjoy Cage as an actor, and it might be fun to see him at his worst! Even if she doesn’t, it might be a good way impress the mother-in-law while my wife cooks Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.! I appreciate you getting back to me. Have a great Thanksgiving!

      • No problem! I agree about Cage. He can be great or he can be embarrassing. Thanks for all the kind words! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving, too!

  2. H Grimm

    This was the funniest thing I’ve seen so far this year!

  3. Sena

    “A shark or something” is the slogan of my generation!

  4. Barb

    So funny! Loved the downhill tumbling!

  5. Pete

    You were right! This is so f’in funny!

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