Halloween Month continues with this look at the Mexican horror gem The Black Pit of Dr M. For Balladeer’s Blog’s extensive look at over a dozen Mexi-Monster films click HERE 

Black Pit of Dr M

The Black Pit of Dr M

THE BLACK PIT OF DR M (1958) – The Dr M of  our title is Dr Masali, who runs an insane asylum in the very early 1900’s with his colleague, Dr Aldama. The two make a pact stating that whichever one of them dies first will contact the survivor from the other side with the secret of returning to life.

Aldama passes away and, true to his word, returns from the beyond and uses his long lost daughter to serve as the catalyst that sets Dr M on the road to returning to the flesh after death. He also includes a warning that our title doctor naturally ignores. 

Elmer Black Pit of Dr MHanged for a murder he didn’t commit, Dr M does indeed return to the flesh, but as Heavenly punishment for violating the Divine Order his soul is trapped in the body of his asylum’s hideously deformed and homicidally violent resident, Elmer. 

Black Pit of Dr M ElmerAcclimating himself to this revolting new body, Dr M manages to convince some of his colleagues of his true identity, but then the police learn that Elmer was the real killer in the case Dr M was unjustly hanged for. Now faced with being tried and hanged again for the same murder, Dr M snaps and begins behaving as monstrously as his new body looks as events accelerate to the fiery finale.

Black Pit of Dr M Elmer on the violinThe disfigured face of the undramatically named “Elmer” is Freddy Krueger level gruesome and very hardcore for its day. And the image of the returned Dr M in his hideous, twisted new body playing a mournful tune on a violin to prove his identity to a friend is a scene worthy of the greatest Gothic horror films. 


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