mascot new look donkey and elephant headsOver the years Balladeer’s Blog’s irreverent, tongue-in-cheek looks at the pros and cons of U.S. Presidents have been among my most visited items.

Here’s an encore request for my look at the pros and cons of the LOSERS who were left in a defeated heap enroute to the Oval Office. In reverse order back to just before Tilden:

hillary-clinton-haitiHILLARY CLINTON (Lost to President Donald Trump)

Motto: “When the money keeps rolling in (to your fake charity), what’s a girl to do? Skim a little (well, quite a lot, actually) off the top for expenses wouldn’t you?”

Nickname: The Rapist’s Wife/ Crooked Hillary 

Hillary clinton dough nationPro: Her childish refusal to address her own supporters the night Donald Trump utterly humiliated her provided a look at how truly petty, shallow and classless she is. 

Con: She and her fascist followers tried to threaten the members of the Electoral College into casting their votes for her instead of Trump, thereby reaching the absolute lowest and most disgusting level that any American politician has ever sunk to. 

MITT ROMNEY (Lost to Obama)

Motto: “Pushing women back to the Fifties … the EIGHTEEN fifties!”

Nickname: The Mormon Mondale/ Ol’ Sploog Face (tie)

Pro: His even more pathetic running mate Paul Ryan actually made him look good by comparison. 

Con: Was so thoroughly inept he managed to lose to Barack Obama even after voters saw what a disaster he was. 

John Mccain cheatingJOHN “Let’s fight wars all over the world” MCCAIN (Lost to Obama)

Motto: “I didn’t spend years in the pockets of the McCain Foundation’s billionaire donors just to watch a candidate even MORE deeply in their pockets beat me … but once Barack did I was happy to kiss his butt!”

Nickname: The Crooked Politician Most Deserving of Contracting Brain Cancer. (Don’t blame me! I’m just the messenger. I can’t help what people call him.) Besides, his nauseating way of behaving like a prick then basically saying “You wouldn’t insult a man who has brain cancer, would ya” is so typical of this bought and paid for Republican worm.

Mccain and sorosPro: Soon he will no longer be able to betray his constituents in exchange for bribes.  (NOTE: This post was originally put up back in February)

Con: Is often linked to stories about how he collaborated with his North Vietnamese captors to the detriment of his fellow prisoners, some of whom were beaten to death. And refuses to okay the unsealing of his POW files despite frequent calls to do so. Hmmmm.

Plus this racist did more than anyone else to prevent America from having its first African-American president. And he’ll probably use his impending death to take petty shots at his political enemies since he lacks all integrity.

John McCain hypocrisyNEW NOTE: Hey, I was right! John “Songbird” McCain and his equally worthless daughter DID use his passing and his funeral for cheap shots at people, relying on people’s courtesy over the passing of an alleged human being to prevent them from striking back. The kind of courtesy that a subhuman like McCain would never show anyone else.  

John McCain sleazyJohn McCain was filth and the world is a much better place for him no longer being in it. He was a well-known whore and given how he pathetically exploited his disease and his impending death there is no need for anyone to regret pointing out what an utterly useless man he was. Good riddance, Songbird! EVERYONE KNOWS PEOPLE ONLY PRAISED YOU BECAUSE YOU HATED PRESIDENT TRUMP. YOUR CORPSE MADE A CONVENIENT POLITICAL CLUB TO BE USED BY PEOPLE AS LOW AS YOU ALWAYS WERE. Even the worms will gag on your worthless carcass … but I kid vermin like Songbird McCain. Now back to the list of other presidential losers like McCain:

JOHN KERRY (Lost to George W Bush)

Motto: “I don’t hold it against you unsophisticated American hicks for failing to recognize my genius … Actually, yes I do. Cretins.”

Nickname: James Taylor’s Worst Singing Partner

Pro: Has his wife’s millions to fall back on if his own graft money runs out. 

Con: It turns out he lied about the Vietnam War even more than LBJ did!

Al Gore JrAL GORE (Lost to George W Bush)

Motto: “I’ve scheduled my concession speech for around 2042!” 

Nickname: The World’s Rectal Thermometer (Actually, it’s kind of disgusting.)

Pro: Proved 97% of the world’s scientists wrong … It turns out someone COULD lose to a supreme ass like George W Bush. 

Con: Sold his supposedly “green” television network to oil-rich (therefore major fossil-fuel burning) overseas sources for enough money to make him an enormously bloated rich pig. (Prior to that he was just bloated, period.) 

ROBERT DOLE (Lost to Bill Clinton)

Motto: “Grnrd fklnn zrmmph shrjqnng ztprb!” 

Nickname: The Walking Dead

Pro: Mastered the art of speaking without EVER using vowels. 

Con: Was the first presidential candidate who should have come with subtitles. 

george-hw-bushGEORGE H.W. BUSH (Lost to Bill Clinton)

Motto: “Get re-elected? Not gonna do it! Wouldn’t be prudent!”

Nickname: The National Ninny

Pro: His wife Barbara was like the mother he never had. 

Con: Didn’t strangle his son George W Bush in his cradle.

MICHAEL DUKAKIS (Lost to George H.W. Bush)

Motto: “Not even the French army gave tanks as much of a bad name as I did!”

Nickname: Michael Du-ca-ca (Crude and sophomoric – but funny, ya gotta admit!)

Pro: Was the very first extra-terrestrial to run for the United States Presidency. 

Con:  His mutant eye-brows.

Walter MondaleWALTER MONDALE (Lost to Ronald Reagan)

Motto: “When does the campaign start? No, seriously … When?”

Nickname: Ol’ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz …

Pro: Defeated people who weren’t even running for the presidency by a whopping 17 electoral votes.

Con: His ill-advised campaign pledge to “Bring back the Jimmy Carter years and destroy you bastards for good this time!”

JIMMY CARTER (Lost to Ronald Reagan)

Motto: “The Middle East will NEVER recover from the damage I’ve done!” 

Nickname: The Clown Prince Of The Presidency!

Pro: Made good on his vow to “Whip Ted Kennedy’s ass” in the Primaries but then got publicly intimidated by a little bunny rabbit on a camping trip. 

Con: Never appointed his brother Billy to the Supreme Court. 

gerald-fordGERALD FORD (Lost to Jimmy Carter)

Motto: “Hey, I got to be President without even RUNNING for the office! Chew on THAT, Hillary!!” 

Nickname: Leslie 

Pro: Never quite seemed to grasp that he was President, therefore limiting the damage he inflicted.

Con: W.I.N. buttons … I rest my case. 

GEORGE MCGOVERN (Lost to Richard Nixon)

Motto: “I’m one thousand percent convinced I’ll win the election!”

Nickname: McStupid

Pro: Has won me a LOT of money on bets with people that they can’t remember who Nixon beat in ’72 without looking it up on-line. 

Con: Ask Senator Eagleton. 

HumphreyHUBERT HUMPHREY (Lost to Richard Nixon)

Motto: “If I hear one more ‘Pleased as Punch’ reference I start tossing out bodies.”

Nickname: Happy, Horny, Healthy Hubert Horatio Humphrey

Pro: The clueless 1960s generation of Democrats proved early on how foolish they were by harassing Humphrey mercilessly, thus helping their bete noir Richard Nixon get elected.  

Con: Was happy to kiss LBJ’s ass in Macy’s window at high noon and tell him it smelled like roses. (His ass, not Macy’s window.)

BARRY GOLDWATER (Lost to Lyndon Johnson) 

Motto: “Blurting out every single thing that pops into your head like you’re on some kind of drug-fueled stream-of-consciousness binge is no vice!”

Nickname: Mountain Dew’s Patron Saint (How’s THAT for an old “Au H2O” reference?)

Pro: Played the ultimate Straight Man with his campaign’s slogan “In your heart you know he’s right” which was mocked with jokes like “In your guts you know he’s nuts.”

Con: Proved to be such an inept national candidate that he did everything but read aloud from a list of names of those voters who would personally be negatively impacted by his policies. 

richard-nixonRICHARD NIXON (Lost to John F Kennedy)

Motto: “If it wasn’t for television I’d have seemed just as sexy and charismatic as Kennedy!”

Nickname: Old Sock It To Me

Pro: After losing the 1960 Presidential race to JFK and the 1962 California gubernatorial race to Pat Brown (Jerry’s father!!!) he retired from public life with an air of quiet dignity and was never heard from again. I’m KIDDING!

Con: Thanks to him every damn political conspiracy for the rest of eternity will have the word “-gate” appended to the end.

ADLAI STEVENSON (Lost to Eisenhower 2 times in a row)

Motto: “I’m related to M*A*S*H‘s McLean Stevenson! Now drop those panties!”

Nickname: McLean’s Cousin  

Pro: Actually tried to shoot down McLean Stevenson’s plane over the Sea of Japan.

Con: Was harder hit than the rest of the country when Hello, Larry got canceled. 

DeweyTHOMAS DEWEY (Lost to Truman in 1948 and FDR in 1944)

Motto: “A punchline for all eternity!”

Nickname: The CIS-Privileged Oppressor On The Wedding Cake

Pro: His role in the tale about how he sent gangster Louis “Lepke” Buchalter to the electric chair in one of history’s greatest ironies. (Lepke nixed the hit on Dewey when Dutch Schultz wanted to kill him when Dewey was a New York prosecutor.)

Con: Could never get that damned mink stole off of Kitty Carlisle’s toned, ivory body. 

No man is good three timesWENDELL WILKIE (Lost to FDR in 1940)

Motto: “No man is good three times.” For once I’m using the REAL motto that the person ran under for president. Wilkie’s campaign was referring to the way FDR was running for President for the third time in a row, hence the “three times.” Given the cultural taboos of the time it was apparently NOT intended as a dirty double-entendre but these days we can’t think of it any other way.

Nickname: The Guy Who Wasn’t Good Once, Let Alone Three Times

Pro: Was open-minded enough to plan with FDR the possible formation of a third major Political Party once World War Two was over.

Con: Died even before Roosevelt did, tragically depriving America of that Third Party that might have forever changed history with two such prominent men pushing it. 

ALF LANDON (Lost to FDR in 1936)

Motto: “No problem!” … Oh, I’m sorry, that was the motto of Alf the alien from the 1980s television show.

Nickname: The Kansas Coolidge. Believe it or not, it was his REAL nickname and it perfectly captures the relentless boredom that IS Alf Landon. (Even he hated the nickname.)

Pro: Despite his reputation for stodginess he once had a threesome with Eleanor AND Franklin Roosevelt. I’m KIDDING!

Con: I can never stay awake long enough to really give a damn about him. His daughter was Nancy Kassebaum if you care. Her threesome was with Ronald and Nancy Reagan. (Again, I’m KIDDING! Ronny fell asleep so James Watt slipped into bed with the two Nancies to finish the job.) 

herbert hooverHERBERT HOOVER (Lost to FDR in 1932)

Motto: “I see Barack Obama did a worse job on the economy than I did!”

Nickname: That Guy They Sing About In Annie 

Pro: Was such a schlub it helped FDR get elected.

Con: Once tried to blame sunspots for the Great Depression, claiming that sunspots had caused the Dust Bowl and from there a Domino Effect was unleashed.

AL SMITH (Lost to Hoover)

Motto: “Fools keep emphasizing my Catholicism and ignoring the fact that I slithered out of the toilet called Tammany Hall!”

Nickname: Is That An Alias?

Pro: Was openly opposed to Prohibition.

Con: His resounding defeat was blamed on his Catholicism, making it tougher for JFK to win the nomination in 1960 since the Democrats were terrified of another anti-Catholic backlash if JFK was their candidate. 

John W DavisJOHN W DAVIS (Lost to Coolidge)

Motto: “If you can’t defeat a somnambulist like Calvin Coolidge it’s time to question your life choices.”

Nickname: The Guy Who Lost To Coolidge

Pro: At least he didn’t run on a cheesy slogan like “Keep cool and keep Coolidge” like his opponent did.

Con: Seriously, the guy couldn’t beat a virtual Invisible Man like Calvin Coolidge! 

JAMES M COX (Lost to Harding)

Motto: “But Harding said ‘NORMALCY’ for God’s sake!”

Nickname: The Man Who Ran With Franklin Roosevelt As His Vice Presidential Candidate. 

Pro: Was so manly even his last name was phallic. 

Con: Founded Cox Communications, vowing that someday his company’s unsympathetic and unprofessional Cable Company employees would make the country pay for not electing him.

Charles Evans HughesCHARLES EVANS HUGHES (Lost to Wilson)

Motto: “What a difference a full night’s sleep makes.”

Nickname: The Man Too Smart To Be President 

Pro: Graduated from the Ivy League’s Brown University at age NINETEEN before going on to Columbia Law School.

Con: Foolishly believed he had defeated President Wilson and went to bed assuming he was the new president. He was shocked at news of his defeat but unlike Hillary Clinton he did NOT snub his own supporters nor did he throw fits about it the rest of his life.


WILLIAM JENNINGS BRYAN (Lost to McKinley twice and Taft once)

Motto: “And Adlai Stevenson thought HE was a prophet without honor in his own party!”

Nickname: The Great Three-Time Loser

Pro: Made the famous “Cross of Gold” remark during the Free Silver days.

Con: This Democrat actually encouraged laws making it illegal for schools to teach evolution. (And we all know about his role in the Scopes Monkey Trial.)

Benjamin Harrison b

Benjamin Harrison

BENJAMIN HARRISON (Lost to Grover Cleveland after defeating him 4 years earlier)

Motto: “Ya mean they hold one of these here election thingees EVERY FOUR YEARS?” 

Nickname: “The guy who let Grover Cleveland become America’s only two-term president to serve those terms NON-consecutively.” If that’s too much of a mouthful you can just call him “The Pussy Magnet” like all his friends did. (I’m kidding.)

Pro: Was the grandson of President William Henry Harrison.   

Con: Was not related to George Harrison, Gregory Harrison or Harrison Ford.

GROVER CLEVELAND (Lost to Benjamin Harrison)

Motto: “Give me four years to gain about thirty pounds and I’ll pummel this guy into oblivion!”

Nickname: Hot in Cleveland

Pro: His wife confidently told the White House staff that she and Grover would be back in four years. 

Con: Proved that Democrat presidents could be incredibly callous to the plight of the poor and the working class.

james g blaineJAMES G BLAINE (Lost to Grover Cleveland)

Motto: “Half-Breeds, how we learned to hate the word.” (My fellow geeks for 19th Century politics will get it. It’s NOT about race.) 

Nickname: The continental liar from the state of Maine. That was his real nickname, albeit one concocted by his opponents.

Pro: Was an early supporter of President Abraham Lincoln.

Con: Was the inspiration for the catchy but annoying anti-Blaine chant “Blaine! Blaine! James G Blaine! Continental liar from the state o’ Maine!”

WINFIELD SCOTT HANCOCK (Lost to James Garfield)

Motto: “Hey, maybe I was just too decent a person to get elected.” 

Nickname: The thunderbolt of the Army of the Potomac/ Hancock the Superb (tie) 

Pro: Served as a Union General in the U.S. Civil War.

Con: Was used as a character in an alternate history novel by Newt “Get off my lawn” Gingrich. 

Enjoy this holiday dedicated to a long line of people who abused the public trust while feathering their own nests and lecturing their constituents about living up to a moral and ethical code they themselves constantly violated.




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  1. Des

    Totally enjoyable reading! God it’s fun to watch somebody else rant on these POS’s! I’d forgotten how much I disliked every one of them (that I actually know about). I thought your treatment of John McCain was extra harsh, and just after his passing. I know I’m going to burn in hell for laughing out loud as I read it. Damn, I’m laughing again! Thanks a lot…
    Your post today brought back a lot of memories. There’s nothing worse than seeing the person you were forced to vote for make a fool of themselves and their constituents. It’s just humiliating. Oh well, as the general population dumbs down, so do their choices for leadership. It’s all a part of the plan. Great job!

    • Thank you for the kind words! This was a reader request that I originally posted on President’s Day weekend but even back then I was already sick of the way McCain was taking cheap shots at President Trump then hiding behind his cancer. The nauseating way the media is ignoring all his faults and is canonizing him just because he hated Trump may well be why this entry was requested. I can honestly say I pondered removing the McCain entry since he had just died but then I figured “Nah” – he was a cheap little man who greedily clung to his Senate seat long after he should have resigned for health reasons. He was spiteful and petty and loved hiding behind his illness while spewing insults. In my opinion he was a bought and paid for whore whose “McCain Foundation” was every bit as crooked as the Clinton Foundation.

      Anyway, thanks again for the kind words! Glad you liked it!

  2. Spock Fan

    Good for you! McCain was awful.

  3. Big Paul

    I loved the Cox jokes!

  4. Antman, Jr

    Kerry was a jerk!

  5. Timur

    How do you really feel about McCain?

  6. Effa

    McCain sucked for all the reasons you say!

  7. Jerry

    Nixon one was so funny!

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  9. Jeria

    McCain and Romney were Republican trash so I was glad you bashed them!

  10. Dossie

    Mitt Romney and John McCain were the worst ever.

  11. Camelia

    Many of these were so funny!

  12. Fran

    John McCain was a disgrace.

  13. Belan

    Romney and McCain were the worst of them all.

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