Pope FrancisPOPE FRANCIS: A MAN OF HIS WORD (2018) – The DC Comics movies just keep getting worse and worse. Some looser named Francis gets superpowers from washing the feet of poor people and little boys (creeper) and gets his own kind of Batcave called Vatican City.

Yeah, right, like with so many starving people in the world any kind of superhero would live in his own city with such opulence when they could give away 90% of their money to help the poor. It wasn’t realistic at all.

And Francis is so boring with like no superpowers even Batman had more powers than Francis and Francis’ costume is so stupid. Not even a mask. Bad guys will know his secret identity and know just where to find him and kill all his boyfriends in those red outfits called the College of Cardinals. So stupid. I no wanna see a guy in bad costume teaching school to guys all in red no variety. Sucks.

Marvel should have done this movie then there be funny at least. And the villain so dull no charisma at all. Some red guy with horns and a tail. Oh, I’m scared. Not.

Francis’ origin took up too much time some radioactive communion wafer killed his father so he set out for revenge. So typical for superhero origin. Batman did it better.  

No CGI but the practical effects were so boring. Francis he hardly punch or kick anyone the whole movie, just use kunk fu on some nuns but they’re women what kind of hero beats up women in funny black outfits? Maybe they were trying to imitate ninjas.

And so stupid is Francis’ weakness – if he brushes his teeth he will lose all his superpowers. Not like kryptonite or nothing cool. But his teeth could stop Green Lantern so maybe a crossover with Green Lantern done in the next movie.

I hope Francis not join the Justice League they already so lame with AquaMan so don’t need stupid superhero in white costume and stupid hats. Fire Zack Snyder. And Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy. Hire J.J. Abrams and then fire him, too.  

*** For any confused people this is a parody of some of the poorly written and bizarrely reasoned reviews at IMDb. 


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