Muhammad, the insane child rapist who founded Islam. May 20th will mark another celebration of International Everybody Draw Muhammad Day! The woman who founded it – Molly Norris – has been in hiding for years because of the Muslim fanatics trying to kill her. But hey, cowardly comedians continue to act like they’re “cutting edge” for going after Christians.

I’m an atheist and there’s no denying that if I wrote something about Jesus having sex with farm animals and corpses that would NO LONGER be daring. Christians have become the cultural “safe targets” so only the most gutless of hypocrites still think they’re being courageous by taking them on and watching them howl.

The truly untamed beast in the world’s religions is the superstitious savagery called Islam. Muslim fascists kill people simply for drawing pictures they don’t like. In the past there were plenty of depictions of Muhammad in Western art because non-Muslims sure as hell shouldn’t be bound by the rules of a religion they don’t belong to. Only recently has there been an obsession with making it taboo to draw the insane, blood-soaked child rapist who founded Islam. I can’t draw so I’m limited to showing the drawings of others.

Those of us taking on Islam are fully aware that if the Muslim fanatics who threaten us DO succeed in killing us the world is full of cowards who will claim our deaths are our own fault. We don’t care. I don’t follow ANY religion and I will not live according to the rules of the most homophobic, misogynistic and otherwise intolerant religion in the world right now. 

If you disagree with the spirit of this cartoon you're clearly too weak-minded to handle freedom of expression.

If you disagree with the spirit of this cartoon you’re clearly too weak-minded to handle freedom of expression.

WE ARE NEVER GOING TO STOP WITH THE PICTURES OF MUHAMMAD. Well, at least people with a backbone won’t. The weak and the cowardly will happily pretend they’re being “culturally sensitive” by shying away from Muhammad pictures. Then they’ll make a few Jesus jokes to pretend they ARE NOT afraid of religious fanatics. 

This man put it best:

“Once they started killing people for drawing Mohammed it became necessary for everyone to draw Mohammed – to show that there are too many to kill, and thus to teach Islam that, whatever its own proscriptions, they do not and will never apply to non-believers. Once you make drawing Mohammed a capital crime, it is necessary to make drawing Mohammed so universal that it’s no crime at all. If you claim the right to kill because you’re offended, then it is necessary to offend you all the time – until you accept the messy norms of pluralistic societies.”  

That was said by Mark Steyn and it captures the reason why people like me will go on making a point of displaying Muhammad pictures. And why spineless little panderers will go on crawling for Islam while acting tough with potshots at Christianity. 



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  1. Allie

    Muhammad was a child rapist.

  2. Kelly D

    I love this! And I love you for having the courage to criticize Muslim fascism.

  3. Astra

    Even Amnesty International agrees freedom of expression is a human right.

  4. Ellie

    This is an important event for free speech!

  5. Bruce

    Tell it! Religious censorship is wrong no matter what religion does it!

  6. Bruce

    Interesting defiance of religious fanaticism.

  7. Pam

    Everybody should draw Muhammad at least once a year to show the fanatics.

  8. manmen

    Lets make fun of this random guy that did one thing wrong that other leaders didnt do because we are “so oppressed” living in america instead of living in the fucking middle east being an atheist,stop acting like your life is harder.

    • “Random guy” … “ONE THING WRONG” … And nobody said life was harder here, just that Muslim religious loons are as repulsively fascist as any other religion’s loons. Grow up, read a book and hopefully your reading comprehension skills will improve.

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