I’m very, very ill today so here’s just a look at the Best of March here at Balladeer’s Blog.

bill-paxtonNUMBER ONE – With the passing of eccentric actor Bill Paxton I wanted to do an appropriately weird movie of his to give him an authentic Balladeer’s Blog sendoff.

The movie I decided on was Paxton’s often forgotten flick TAKING TIGER MOUNTAIN (1983).

The link to that film review is right HERE

sjws-always-lieNUMBER TWO – SJW’s are among the saddest and most pathetic people alive.

Though they are nothing more than petty informants whose only power comes from the higher authorities they run sniveling to, they laughably consider themselves to be “activists.”


TrainNUMBER THREE – In March I reviewed the 1888 novel A MEXICAN MYSTERY.

That work of Ancient Science Fiction was ahead of its time and dealt with a train engine so well-designed it achieved sentience and began attacking, killing and even feeding on human beings to fuel itself.

Long before Skynet, there was “the Engine.” Click HERE 

Mascot with demo and repub headsNUMBER FOUR – Just as Balladeer’s Blog features Liberals moving on from that outdated label I also feature Conservatives moving on from THAT outdated label.

Here’s a self-described Conservative fed up with the likes of Karl “Miss Piggy” Rove, Kevin Williamson, George Will, Bill Kristol and the repulsive Bush family. Click HERE

TNTNUMBER FIVE – Superheroes are everywhere these days.

Among Balladeer’s Blog’s most popular posts in recent years have been the ones dealing with neglected superheroes and superheroines.

For a look at the neglected CENTAUR COMICS SUPERHERO PANTHEON click HERE


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2 responses to “MARCH 2017’s BEST

  1. Mikki

    College hoops is great at any level!

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