Rocktober BloodROCKTOBER BLOOD (1984) -This example of the Heavy Metal Horror films of the 1980s was produced, directed and written by Beverly and Ferd Sebastian, a well-known pair to all of us Bad Movie Geeks. The premise of this hilariously bad movie is that Heavy Metal star Billy Eye programs something sinister into his latest album by way of backward-masking. (Like “I buried Paul” and others) 

After listening to those hidden messages to make sure they “took,” Billy Eye molests his just-dumped girlfriend Lynn Starling (Donna Scoggin) then uses a knife to injure her. He’s just getting started, though, and from there he proceeds to slaughter most of his band members, a security guard and nearly 20 other innocent people! 

Billy is tried, convicted and executed for the killing spree. One year after his execution his former flame Lynn Starling has formed her own Heavy Metal group called Headmistress. The band is starting its first nationwide tour, called the Rocktober Blood Tour, unaware of the tedium horror about to envelope them.

You can forget about the backward-masked messages that Billy edited into his final album. (That’s assuming you haven’t forgotten about them already) Though the movie sets things up as if those Satanic incantations or whatever they were (we never find out) are going to bring Billy Eye back from the dead it abandons the idea and never revisits it. Two years later the Heavy Metal Horror film Trick or Treat would incorporate Satanic messages in Heavy Metal Music as part of its premise, so at least somebody made use of the idea. 

Rocktober Blood Lynn

*** *** *** *** *** *** Our heroine, Lynn, without her heroin.

At any rate Billy is back from the dead and begins haunting and taunting Lynn while he slowly kills off those around her. The only people besides Lynn who know Billy has returned are the people he reveals himself to right before he kills them. As you can guess that means most of Lynn’s entourage think she’s gone nuts, blaming things on a dead man.  

Everything climaxes at a performance of Lynn’s band (played by the real-life Heavy Metal band called Sorcery), where Billy manifests and starts killing crew members and the dancing girls on the stage. The audience roars, thinking the bloody murders are just part of the show … even when Billy Eye beheads a stage dancer and tosses her head into the crowd of cheering headbangers. 

For the movie’s big finish Billy sings one of his own old songs titled I’m Back and the film ends on a closeup of Billy’s face. No, I’m serious. Your guess is as good as mine what happened next. Did Billy kill Lynn and her band? Did he kill any of the spectators? Did he say “Thank you, you’ve been a wonderful audience” and leave for the after-show party?  

Rocktober Blood 3My favorite moment of Billy crashing the performance of Lynn’s band comes when one of the musicians asks who “that guy” is and the other replies “I don’t know but he’s doing great!” Hilariously calm attitude for professional musicians suddenly on-stage with a loose cannon, on a tour where multiple people have been killed and the lead singer terrorized. 

Lynn and her lady friends parade around nude or in some incredibly tight 1980s workout-wear. That plus the big hair on all the women are pretty entertaining. 

The main down side of Rocktober Blood is the fact that it is very boring at times, with too many scenes of Billy’s prey walking around in dark rooms looking for the source of the noise they keep hearing. A scene in which Billy’s coffin is dug up to see if he’s in it drags on and on for too long as well.

Rocktober Blood 4I think you could edit out about 6 minutes of this film without losing ANYTHING relevant to the story and you’d wind up with a much tighter and more enjoyable flick.

Oh, and if you care the Rocktober Blood soundtrack LP is supposedly the best out of all the Heavy Metal Horror Movies from the 80s. ++


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