Remember the real-life Serpico? If not, he was the cop who blew the lid off the way taking bribes was a way of life for virtually the entire New York City Police Department for decades.

Trump is SerpicoEven the cops who weren’t on the take practiced omerta and refused to talk about the way all the others WERE on the take.

Mascot with demo and repub headsOur de facto Third Party President Donald Trump is a political Serpico – hated by the crooked because he’s not part of their bought and paid for club.

America’s political officials have been rotten to the core for a very, very long time. They are going to hate ANYONE who exposes their corruption. Compared to them even a black-hearted, swashbuckling rogue like Donald Trump can emerge on the side of the figurative angels.

Trump - crooks unite against him


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  1. Anne

    President Trump is a hero!

  2. The President is American.

  3. Francis

    Trump sold out the Angel Moms.

  4. He is Serpico and Matt Dillon combined!

  5. Looking forward to reading more like these! I’m an African-American Trump supporter and I think he has done right by my people. I hope he gets reelected!

  6. Mark

    President Trump is the hero and the villains are the Democrats and establishment Republicans!

  7. Keiko

    President Trump is a hero to the working class!

  8. Phyllis

    Trump has turned out to be one of our best presidents ever.

  9. Reynolds

    President Trump really is like Serpico!

  10. Aptsolecist

    Great blog post! Trump is some kind of hero, that’s for sure!

  11. Sheree

    President Trump is even better than Serpico!


    You wrote this very skillfully. President Trump was a threat to all of the crooks in both parties.

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