mapAmerica’s laughably hysterical Trump-haters are as silly as religious fanatics with the way they act like they’re fit to judge what constitutes “love” and “hate.”

Conveniently enough, they define “hate” as any refusal to mindlessly agree with every single one of their political opinions. Their irrational, daily attacks on United States President Donald Trump are as much fun as watching a bad movie and laughing at it.

And as I often point out, none of us think President Trump is God almighty the way Obama’s ridiculous supporters thought about him. It’s just becoming harder and harder to ignore the fact that Trump-haters are, for the most part, callous, comfortable and uncaring people who despise the working class and the poor.

Bernie Sanders

BERNIE SANDERS CALLS ON DEMOCRATS TO STOP HATING – Bernie Sanders, the man from whom career criminal Hillary Clinton stole the Democrats’ nomination last year, AGAIN called upon Democrats to stop hating United States President Donald Trump’s supporters.

He also called for the Democrats to recast themselves as the party of the working class, rather than the “liberal elite” during a political rally Friday night in Boston. 

Navajo-Nation-OPVP-640x480NAVAJOS CELEBRATE PRESIDENT TRUMP ENDING OBAMA’S KILLING OF THEIR JOBS – The Navajo Nation is looking forward to working with United States President Donald Trump, who has already swept away many of Obama’s job-killing Executive Orders.

Russell Begaye, president of the Navajo Nation, said he is counting on the Trump administration’s resolve. “We are also optimistic about working with the Trump Administration to help our people given the President’s unwavering support …” he added. For his entire Op-Ed, click HERE 

Obama’s efforts to shut down the coal industry in the United States have threatened the well-being of generations of coal plant and mine workers, including those of the Navajo Nation.


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  1. I agree with you! I am so sick of Trump haters, who are the biggest haters in the country, daring to judge other people.

  2. Trump haters also hate the poor.

  3. Like you said who are those haters to talk down to anybody else?

  4. President Trump may be the greatest president you’ve had in a long time.

  5. M.McGuire

    Thanks so much for including the link about the Navajo Nation. Funny – doubt the mainstream would EVER report on that. Just doesn’t fit their narrative.

  6. Oliver

    Obama sucked. I hope Trump will be better.

  7. Trump may turn out to be the new FDR.

  8. Chelsea

    Spot on article!

    The blind vitriol of these haters has me apprehensive in public these days. They see their Obama-era license to bully slipping away, and it has literally left them desperate and borderline violent. I look forward to things cooling down politically… which frankly, seems unlikely until the mainstream media stops spreading inflammatory propoganda.

    • I know exactly how you feel! These fanatics have no grounding in reality and will believe even the most outrageous and unsubstantiated accusations against Trump.
      Feel free to share my blog with as many people as you want. It’s important for people who feel this way to not feel isolated.

  9. Luz

    Wonderful blog! I found it while searching on Yahoo News.

  10. Olivia

    I love President Trump and I’m glad to see you do too!

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