moana-movie-posterThe hit movie Moana seems to have caused a lot of people to refer each other to my various Polynesian myth articles. A few of them even claim that it feels like my articles (written and posted years ago) may have inspired the creative team behind Moana.

At any rate the extra attention for my highly detailed look at the Hawaiian epic myth about the fire and volcano goddess Pele and her sister Hi’iaka is great.

For readers’ convenience here are links to each of the chapters:  

Pele and Hi'iakaPART ONE: When Pele offends the love goddess Laka that deity takes revenge by causing Pele to fall in love with the mortal Prince Lohiau of Kauai. CLICK HERE 

PART TWO: While Pele remains on Mount Kilauea, the Axis Mundi in Hawaiian mythology, she sends her younger sister the goddess Hi’iaka to the island of Kauai to bring back Prince Lohiau to become Pele’s husband. CLICK HERE 

PART THREE: Hi’iaka and her traveling companions – the fern goddess Pa’u’o’pala’e plus the mortal woman Wahine – encounter men love-struck at the sight of them. Later, Hi’iaka proves her godhood to the Hawaiians with a display of power. CLICK HERE 

PART FOUR: In Pana Ewa Rainforest, Hi’iaka and her companions do battle with an entire legion of mo’o monsters. CLICK HERE 

PART FIVE: Hi’iaka must save her traveling companions from the gigantic shark-monster named Maka’ukui. CLICK HERE   

PART SIX: In the jungle around Waimanu, Hi’iaka and her friends battle the Mahiki – horse-sized lizard monsters who have legs like giant grasshoppers. CLICK HERE 

PART SEVEN: Near Hilo, Hi’iaka frees the locals from a reign of terror being inflicted on them by two false gods – the sorcerors named Piliamo’o and Nohoamo’o. CLICK HERE 

PART EIGHT: The fern goddess Pa’u’o’pala’e falls in love with a mortal man and stays behind. Hi’iaka and the mortal woman Wahine are attacked by the ghost-goddess Kuikapali for “disrespecting” the Honoli’i River by swimming across it nude. CLICK HERE   

PART NINE: Hi’iaka and Wahine reach the island fished up by Maui. They visit the goddess Kapo and then encounter the ghost of a handless dead girl. CLICK HERE 

PART TEN: Hi’iaka and Wahine find themselves in a kaha desert region where the goddess must battle two sorceresses and two sorcerors for the soul of the area’s recently deceased king. CLICK HERE 

PART ELEVEN: Arriving on Molokai Island, Hi’iaka and Wahine plunge into the Halawa Valley to root out the pack of mo’o monsters living there. The pack’s cunning Queen – Kikipua – has lain two traps to try to destroy Hi’iaka. CLICK HERE 

PART TWELVE: As their ship arrives at the island of Oahu, Hi’iaka and Wahine encounter two deities victimized by Pele long ago – the goddess who rules the burned-out volcano Makapu’u and that goddess’ husband, the god of starvation. After meeting the eight-eyed goddess Malei the travelers face a horrific rain storm. CLICK HERE     

PART THIRTEEN: In a pounding rain storm Hi’iaka battles alone against the mountain-sized monster named Mokoli’i CLICK HERE 

PART FOURTEEN: Hi’iaka and Wahine arrive at Kaliuwa’a Falls. There they encounter the ancient god Kauhi, whom Pele long ago condemned to an eternal post there at the Watchtower of the Heavens. Complications arise when Kauhi tries to break free of Pele’s curse. CLICK HERE 

PART FIFTEEN: At the site of one of Maui’s earlier adventures, Kane – Chief of the Hawaiian deities – comes to the aid of Hi’iaka and Wahine. He lets them use his sea-shell that grows into a ship so they can complete their journey to Kauai. CLICK HERE

PART SIXTEEN: Finally on the island of Kauai, Hi’iaka and Wahine learn that Prince Lohiau took his own life several days earlier. The two adventurers seek out a sage in the port city of Haena to help them locate Lohiau’s wandering spirit. CLICK HERE 

PART SEVENTEEN: Hi’iaka discovers that Prince Lohiau’s corpse has been stolen by the evil sorceresses Kilioe and Kalanamainu’u. The body must be recovered for there to be any hope of reuniting the Prince’s wandering spirit with his mortal form. CLICK HERE

PART EIGHTEEN: The sorceresses Kilioe and Kalanamainu’u use their powers to hold off Hi’iaka and Wahine until Maui intervenes at the behest of Hi’iaka. CLICK HERE

PART NINETEEN: Hi’iaka must defeat Kilioe and Kalanamainu’u before they can destroy either Prince Lohiau’s corpse or his spirit. CLICK HERE

PART TWENTY: In the cave of the slain sorceresses Kilioe and Kalanamainu’u Hi’iaka and Wahine perform the ritual to reunite Prince Lohiau’s wandering spirit with his dead body. CLICK HERE

PART TWENTY-ONE: Amid Kauai’s wild celebrations at the resurrection of Prince Lohiau, Hi’iaka and the prince begin to feel a certain attraction. CLICK HERE

PART TWENTY-TWO: Hi’iaka, Prince Lohiau and Wahine begin their return trip to the Big Island. After friendly encounters with the mountain god Pohaku and with the elfin Menehune people the travelers battle Kua and Kahole’a, two shark gods trying slay them. CLICK HERE

PART TWENTY-THREE: Hi’iaka learns that her sister Pele has destroyed her (Hi’iaka’s) beloved Lehua forest and its goddess Hopoe. Infuriated by this she considers acting on her feelings for Prince Lohiau. CLICK HERE

PART TWENTY-FOUR: Hi’iaka, Prince Lohiau and Wahine arrive at what is now Honolulu on the island of Oahu. They become guests of Princess Pele’ula, a former lover of Prince Lohiau who wants him back. CLICK HERE

PART TWENTY-FIVE: With Hi’iaka and Prince Lohiau clearly hankering after each other and Princess Pele’ula furious about her failure to lure Lohiau back into her bed, the travelers escape her clutches. Later, Hi’iaka, Wahine and the prince encounter more Menehune along with two more Hawaiian deities. CLICK HERE 

PART TWENTY-SIX: The travelers reach Molokai, then the island of Maui and finally the Big Island, as the attraction and sexual tension between Hi’iaka and Lohiau nears the boiling point. The fern goddess Pa’u’o’pala’e rejoins them. CLICK HERE

PART TWENTY-SEVEN: When Pele discovers Hi’iaka and Prince Lohiau having sex she attempts to kill them and calls upon all the other gods in the Hawaiian pantheon to choose sides between herself and her sister Hi’iaka. CLICK HERE 

PART TWENTY-EIGHT: The epic concludes as Hi’iaka ponders unleashing world-destroying forces against Pele, whose outrage is imperiling Hi’iaka and many other deities. CLICK HERE




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  1. Love it! This epic needs a lot more exposure.

  2. Traci

    I think this is so inspirational the way you write it!

  3. Cleo

    This is so awesome! Pele especially!

  4. Keva K

    You are gifted at making these myths cross cultural boundaries.

  5. Joel

    This is an awesome epic!

  6. Christa

    A movie about these two would be wonderful!

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