media-bias-against-trumpHere’s another equal amount of quick-hits against American Liberals and American Conservatives from Balladeer’s Blog.


There is no way of ever knowing how many voters went for Trump out of support for him and how many went for him out of contempt for the outrageous lies and misrepresentations the far-left media made about the man from day one.

As a reminder, here’s an article from the far-left site Salon written by a Liberal Bernie Sanders supporter slamming the corporate media’s distortion of Trump’s remarks, especially about illegal immigration. Click HERE   

(By the way Bernie Sanders supporters had the nerve to buck the Democrat Establishment the same way Donald Trump supporters had the nerve to buck the Republican Establishment. Hope for the future.)

michelle-malkinTWO: AND WE HAVE A WINNER! –

And we have a winner for the first overconfident and cocky statement from an American Conservative following this election. Michelle Malkin, showing the ridiculous bravado that pundits from the winning side always show, wrote a piece called Identity Politics: A Post-Mortem

That is up there with Conservative pundits who claimed media bias was exposed and done with when the execrable George W Bush got reelected and the Liberal pundits who gleefully wrote about “the death of the white voter” when Obama got reelected. Hilarious! 


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