The day after Thanksgiving means two things: college football and leftovers.

WavelengthWAVELENGTH (1983) – Robert Carradine, Cherrie Currie and Keenan Wynn play a reclusive rock singer, his new girlfriend and his eccentric neighbor who get caught up in a government coverup about extraterrestrial life.

Captured aliens telepathically contact Cherrie Currie’s character and plead to be rescued from the government facility where they are being held. Our heroic trio attempt to save them only to discover the aliens may have brought a world-destroying disease with them. CLICK HERE 

Scorpion Thunderbolt 2SCORPION THUNDERBOLT (1983) – From Balladeer’s Blog’s old friend Godfrey Ho comes this horror film that has absolutely NOTHING to do with either scorpions OR thunderbolts.

As always Godfrey Ho edits some of his newly-shot footage of fading action star Richard Harrison into an odd and bloody Asian movie. Get ready for snake-monsters who walk on two legs, a High Priestess with claws like Freddy Krueger’s razored glove, a blind night watchman (seriously) and kung-fu fights for no good reason. CLICK HERE

Rocktober Blood 3ROCKTOBER BLOOD (1984) – One of the hilariously awful Heavy Metal Horror Films of the 1980s. A Heavy Metal star called Billy Eye (Billy Eye?) goes on a killing spree, murdering the members of his touring band, a few security guards and over twenty other people. The homicidal head-banger gets executed in the electric chair as a result.

One year to the day of the execution Billy Eye (Billy Eye?) begins haunting his ex-girlfriend, who is going on tour with a Heavy Metal band of her own. That ex-girlfriend was the only survivor of Billy’s killing spree and he’s out to kill her and every member of her new band on their Rocktober Blood tour. CLICK HERE

Ghostwatch 1992GHOSTWATCH (1992) – Ghostwatch aired on British television on Halloween night of 1992 and was a faux news magazine examination of a haunted house in London. It was supposedly “live” and was basically a televised attempt at imitating Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds radio broadcast but with a horror story at its core instead of a Martian invasion.

Genuine BBC on-air talent pretended to host the show to add to the attempt at realism. Inevitably, of course, the supernatural element became more and more blatant, ultimately resulting in a supposedly horrific climax. A successor to Alternative 3, Cannibal Holocaust and Special Bulletin but a forerunner of The Last Broadcast, The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity and countless other Found Footage flicks. CLICK HERE 

Death MasterTHE DEATHMASTER (1972) – Robert “Count Yorga” Quarry stars as the vampire Khorda in this laughable attempt at a horror film. Khorda uses his vampiric hypnosis powers to gather around him a Charles Manson-style cult dedicated to killing.

Bobby “Boris” Pickett, John Fiedler and Brenda Dickson appear in the film which was directed by the one and only Ray Danton, believe it or not. CLICK HERE 

Jack the Ripper Goes WestJACK THE RIPPER GOES WEST (1974) – In the Old West a series of Ripper-style murders are occurring. Is it Jack himself from England and is that why his murders stopped there?

A two-fisted, trigger-happy Sheriff played by Jack Elam joins forces with a more clinically-minded Detective from back East to get to the bottom of it all. By turns campy, inept and boring this bomb is available in versions with gory and sexually explicit scenes edited in to pad the run-time and amp up interest. CLICK HERE  

Black Roses 1BLACK ROSES (1988) – A Heavy Metal Horror Film from Canada … let THAT sink in for a moment. Black Roses stands alongside Rock’N’Roll Nightmare as Canada’s contributions to this wonderful sub-genre.

The members of the Heavy Metal band Black Roses are really demons from Hell and their music slowly turns their young fans into murderous monsters. Hilariously bad. CLICK HERE   

Night America TrembledTHE NIGHT AMERICA TREMBLED (1957) – A 1950s telefilm about the night of Orson Welles’ infamous Halloween radio broadcast of War of the Worlds. Not only is this little honey entertaining in its own right but it contains all the stiff acting and relentlessly bland whiteness that are always hilarious about “entertainment” from that time period.

Plus there are a slew of appearances by up-and-coming celebrities as well as established figures. You’ll see a young Warren Beatty, Ed Asner, James Coburn, Warren Oates, Edward R Murrow, John Astin and many more. CLICK HERE  

Deafula 2DEAFULA (1975) – The notorious black and white oddity that attempted to be a horror film for the hearing-impaired. Not only is the vampire character deaf but so is every other character. They all communicate in sign language while voice-overs provide the dialogue so that people who don’t know sign language can keep up with the story.

This Portland flick is every bit as weird as its reputation suggests. Ed Wood’s movies are masterpieces of cinema compared to this bizarre product. CLICK HERE 

Father's DayFATHER’S DAY (2011) – This cult classic from the creative team at Astron 6 is a joyously tasteless and gratuitiously violent horror film/ dark comedy that stands alongside the original Evil Dead films.

A serial killer called the Father’s Day murderer has been preying on biological fathers and Christian clergymen called “fathers,” raping and killing them. That’s just the tip of the iceberg in a twisted tale that wallows in blood and perversion. CLICK HERE 

Batwoman 1BATWOMAN (1968) – The beautiful Maura Monti stars in this Mexican Wrestling/ Superhero film that spat in the face of copyright laws as thoroughly as the Turkish movie Three Dev Adam.

In this south-of-the- border movie Batwoman is a wrestler who fights crime on the side and in this movie clashes with a mad scientist who creates an amphibious monster. CLICK HERE



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  1. That one with the aliens Wavelength seems like da bomb!

  2. Surely a thing that I won’t watch these movies! I think that they are not too bad at all. Just that the movies seem not to be suitable with all viewers!

  3. Poe

    Nobody cares about these stupid movies.

  4. Reg

    The one with the captured aliens sound awesome!

  5. Ghostwatch sounds kind of fun.

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