All day long the media here in the U.S. bashes Trump while making a point of ignoring Hillary Clinton’s negatives. Regular readers of Balladeer’s Blog are aware of my antipathy toward both main political parties here in the U.S. (DemCorp and RepubCorp) but media bias is SO severe this election year that it’s refreshing to find someone making a case for a candidate based on something other than “mean” remarks or the usual shallow things the media obsesses over.

Dr Janice Shaw Crouse  – whose doctoral dissertation involved presidential campaigns  – makes some interesting points:

“I’m voting for Trump because of my experience in D.C., my training in logic, and my appreciation for those who can ‘get the job done. I’ve had enough of the lawyer-political types who can talk a good-sounding talk, but can’t get the job done …  

clinton-cash“President Obama and Secretary of State/Presidential Candidate Clinton have the lawyer’s ability to give good speeches (though not consistently). A close examination, however, reveals the mess Mrs. Clinton left at the State Department and the news is full of the multiple disasters she has left in her wake since her first job on the Watergate Committee in the 1970s.  

“The litany of national crises precipitated by President Obama fills books and continues to make news headlines. His legacy is a nation worse off than it was 8 years ago by almost every measure.

“As Mr. Trump said during the first debate, ‘They’ve had 30 years!’ We should not have to endure another 4 to 8 years of such disaster;  As the cliché goes: ‘I’m much more appalled by what Hillary has done, than by what Trump has said.’ 

hillary-clinton-laws-are-for-the-peasants“So, in 2016, I’m voting for common sense.

“I am voting to end the ridiculous ways politically-correct language is changing the way we live, disrupting our universities and making people afraid to speak out about deeply held personal views. I’m tired of ‘safe places’ and ‘trigger warnings’ and all the silliness that political correctness has imposed on US citizens.

“I’m voting for lawful immigration with secure borders and a legal process for becoming an American citizen with its rights, privileges and responsibilities. We should not admit more immigrants to the country than can be absorbed by the infrastructure; we should not allow immigrants who have no intention of assimilating into American culture and becoming American.

“I’m voting for a return to considering America’s best interest in international decisions. Yes, the world is increasingly a small place when anyone can fly to its farthest reaches in just a few hours, but it’s time our president respected America and Americans and paid attention to what’s beneficial for our citizens.

“I’m voting for protection of the Bill of Rights and the provisions of the Constitution – especially the rights of freedom of speech and religious liberty. Mrs. Clinton threatens to confiscate guns and obviously is soft on Islamic Terrorism.

“Clearly, to me, Donald Trump offers the best possible chance we have to reverse those things that so obviously have this country on what 75% of us agree is a ‘wrong track.”

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/10/why_a_wellread_woman_with_an_earned_doctorate_will_vote_for_trump.html#ixzz4M9MVGGiF




  1. Karen

    Thanks for reminding us of all the many reasons Trump is better than Hillary. She’s had many years to get “the job done” and has made a mess of everything she touches. . We haven’t been in Washington, only know what we see on TV or hear about or read. and like you, I’m sick of the “politically correct” garbage!!! WE must pray hard for this elections to be won by Donald Trump, a man full of “flaws” only wanting to “get the job done” and make America Great Again.

    • I know how you feel! And I don’t understand how any people can be so robotic that they vote for Hillary.
      I’m not religious so I can’t really pray, but I appreciate the sentiment.

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