Trump and Romney

The American media will depict the Republican candidate as Hitler whether he is a gutless punching bag (right) or someone who fights back (left)

Regular readers of Balladeer’s Blog know that for years I’ve been rooting for both of America’s white collar crime gangs (called Democrats and Republicans) to splinter apart. Neither political party has cared about the working poor in decades but the Republicans (always the morons of the two gangs) made the fatal error of not keeping up with the Democrats in the media arms race.  

To clarify for overseas readers that means the criminals of DemCorp have run rings around the criminals of RepubCorp in terms of P.R. for several years now. That’s why no matter WHO the Republican gang nominates for president they are subjected to a daily inquisition while the DemCorp media pampers their own candidates with softball questions. BOTH candidates should get grilled every day. 

The bloated rich pigs who run RepubCorp are hilariously inept and clueless, which was always a lot of fun in presidential races back when the Democrats DID look out for America’s working poor and for constitutional protections. Money follows power, however, and the bloated rich pigs began hedging their bets by purchasing all of the Democrats, too, since presidential races have become an exercise in blatant media favoritism to DemCorp candidates. 

Mascot with demo and repub heads

*** *** *** *** *** *** The symbol of the nonexistent Balladeer Political Party

Establishment Republicans are STILL stupid enough to think there is a way that their presidential candidates can conduct themselves that will win praise from the media. Their massive stupidity on this and other matters helped fuel the chaos of this election year. 

Mitt Romney – since he’s not running this time – gets depicted by the media as a kind of elder statesman even though he LOST in 2012. But four years ago HE was the one being depicted as a daily gaffe machine and a horribly sexist monster (remember “binders full of women”).

Hell, at the Olympics in 2012 every single remark the visiting Romney made was distorted by the media who insisted the man was “insulting our British allies” and was “proving he wasn’t fit for the presidency” because of comments the media treated like the end of the world though virtually nobody today could even remember any of those supposedly “monumental”gaffes. 


*** *** *** Typical NYT headline: Hitler Drank Water – Trump Drinks Water. Any Questions?

So, when the RepubCorp candidate is a human punching bag like Mitt Romney who was always careful to politely thank the media for castrating him and force-feeding him his own balls on a daily basis that candidate STILL gets depicted as the new Hitler.

This time around the RepubCorp candidate apparently owns a television set because he has noticed how blatantly biased the American media is and refuses to lie back and take it. And, yes, HE gets depicted as the new Hitler, too. Even by the failed fools who run RepubCorp, who obediently tsk tsk over Trump’s justifiably cavalier attitude toward the loaded, prejudiced questions he gets bombarded with.  

Cruz and Paul Ryan

Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan are hoping Trump loses so that one of THEM can be called Hitler in 2020.

At any rate, the RepubCorp presidential candidate is ALWAYS going to be depicted as Hitler whether or not he’s a subdued, defeated wimp OR if he’s willing to fight back against the shallow, clueless media who are basically DemCorp campaign staff. For most people the choice would be clear: if your candidate will be crushed and harassed daily no matter how docile and masochistically submissive he is toward the biased media, then it’s better to have a candidate who calls out that biased media.

Yes, that same media will then use those call-outs as an excuse to depict the RepubCorp candidate as “volatile” and “unhinged.” The DemCorp candidates NEVER have to act that way because of the pampering they get from their loyal friends in the media. ONLY Republican movers and shakers are stupid enough to NOT understand that at this late stage.

I mentioned earlier that all this used to be funny back when the Democrats represented an actual alternative to the Republicans. Unfortunately BOTH parties are now owned by bloated rich pigs and one percenters. That makes RepubCorp’s cluelessness much less comical than it used to be.

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