Foolkiller in swamp in Man Thing


Summer means superhero movies, so Balladeer’s Blog’s “Script Doctoring” of Marvel’s handling of Foolkiller continues with Part Five. FOR PART ONE OF THIS ARTICLE CLICK  HERE

More hints about my backstory for Foolkiller’s Purification Gun as I outline this alternate version of Defenders # 79as the team continues fighting Mandrill, Fem-Force and Mutant Force.

DEFENDERS Vol 1: Number 79 – Chains of Love (Jan 1980)

Since having Hulk on the cover was always crucial for sales during this struggling period for The Defenders the cover featured Hulk, Dr Strange and Sub-Mariner in their dull Tunnelworld adventure. It’s more imitation Tolkien as the trio battle the Unnameable, a boring villain from the Unreadable (Ed Hannigan).   

Back on Earth the other contingent of Defenders (Valkyrie, Yellowjacket, Hellcat, Foolkiller and the Wasp) are where we left them last time. Yellowjacket has already been captured and the others are surrounded by Fem-Force, the Mandrill’s all-female army, because Ruth and Amber – under the Mandrill’s pheremone-fueled control – betrayed them.  

Defenders 79 chains of loveSince Foolkiller (Greg Salinger) was heavily featured in the past five issues I’d have him captured quickly and taken off to join Yellowjacket in Mandrill’s prison. It made sense story-wise for Greg to be prominently featured for awhile after just joining the team but he’s off the main stage in this issue. With him captive the rest of the story goes like it did in real life – Valkyrie, Hellcat and Wasp eventually get captured when Mutant Force rejoins the fight.  

Later in the issue Mandrill taunts Yellowjacket and Foolkiller about how the three female Defenders have been taken and will join his army because of his mutant-powered control of all women. The villain has been unable to understand what type of energy powers Salinger’s confiscated Purification Gun. Mandrill points it at Foolkiller and threatens to shoot him unless he tells him.    

Greg tells him to go ahead but the gun won’t fire its energy blasts no matter how many times Mandrill pulls the trigger. Frustrated, he aims it at Yellowjacket instead and threatens to shoot him instead but Foolkiller just calmly tells him to go ahead. Again the Purification Gun fails to fire. When the furious mutant asks Foolkiller about the secret of getting the weapon to fire he enigmatically replies “If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me.” 

(I do have an ultimate goal with all this mystery about Foolkiller’s gun and costume. All will be revealed, which is more than Marvel gave its readers.)

Back to the real story as Dian, not yet through puberty, has just been faking being under Mandrill’s control. She protected the Wasp from being affected, too, and overnight the pair escape to the Quinjet and fly off. They try contacting the Avengers and the Fantastic Four but both teams are absent on missions. 

With no other option (no, I don’t know why she didn’t try to reach the X-Men) the Wasp calls Kyle Richmond (Nighthawk). Though he’ll be in even deeper legal trouble if he violates the court order by taking to the air as Nighthawk he refuses to let his former teammates down and vows to come to the rescue.

Meanwhile, Mandrill has unleashed Fem-Force, Mutant Force and the enthralled Valkyrie and Hellcat on the Colorado Air Force base our heroes protected last issue. +++ 



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  2. The hints about Foolkiller’s gun are very tantalizing.

  3. Ula

    Very great post. You made Fool Killer much more interesting than he is on paper.

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