Satana the Devil’s Daughter

Comic book movies have been all the rage for quite a while now. With the explosive financial success of the movie Deadpool despite its R rating there is supposedly a mad rush now in Hollywood to find other comic book projects that were previously overlooked. For some reason the film industry had convinced itself that comic book movies would have a hard time making money if they were rated R. 

The time is perfect for SATANA THE DEVIL’S DAUGHTER.

How has this character NOT been the subject of multiple movies by this point? You’d think that Marvel would have learned long ago not to let its strong female horror figures lie unused. For decades Stan and friends let their 1970s character Rachel Van Helsing, the young blonde descendant of a long line of vampire slayers go unexploited only to watch potential millions of dollars fly away as Buffymania took hold in the 90s.  

Satana Hellstrom was the half-sister of Damian Hellstrom, Marvel’s Son of Satan character. Like Damian she was the offspring of Satan and a mortal woman. Unlike Damian, who went goody-goody to spite his infernal father, Satana was a loyal Daddy’s Girl who was happy to try to spread her father’s ways in the human world. When she wasn’t battling her half-brother or serving as the Earthly object of worship for a Satanic Cult or facing down covens of demons conspiring to overthrow her father’s rule of Hell Satana was a very successful succubus, and it’s easy to see why.


Satana the Devil’s Daughter

Even the more “adult” black and white horror comics of the 1970’s couldn’t show what a succubus REALLY does, so Satana set about harvesting souls by simply kissing her victims, despite occassional dialogue panels indicating that something a little more … involved … might be going on. Mortal souls would emerge as black butterflies from the mouths of the dead, shriveled bodies of Satana’s prey and our sultry protagonist would then crush those butterflies between her fingers, proud to send another soul to her father’s domain.

A cinematic Satana could be given full-blown horror treatment and be a female franchise-spawner to compete with Freddy Krueger and the like. One of Satana’s most memorable moments came when she was being helped by a hunky human male in her battle with some rebellious demons. Readers might have rolled their eyes at the possiblity that the demonic temptress was going to be softened up by “the love of a good man” especially when he shared a room with Satana for a few issues.

Not so! In terrific yet terrible fashion it turned out Satana was stealing his soul bit by bit rather than all at once over those nights spent “kissing” and such in their shared room. Once her would-be suitor’s usefulness was exhausted at story’s end she drained the last of his soul without a moment’s hesitation or a sign of regret. GET THIS CHARACTER A MOVIE ALREADY!


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  1. Quartermain

    She was the scariest one ever. She actually would take someone to Hell.

  2. Gail Simone

    Great review! You should write a treatment for Satana!

  3. Catharine Matsui

    You should write a screen treatment for a Satana movie.

  4. Diedre

    I never knew Marvel had that Rachel Van Helsing character.

  5. Marquis of Hell

    Sweet Satana! She is my kind of lady!

  6. Kristo

    Bring on the Satana movie!

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