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Satana the Devil’s Daughter

Comic book movies have been all the rage for quite a while now. With the explosive financial success of the movie Deadpool despite its R rating there is supposedly a mad rush now in Hollywood to find other comic book projects that were previously overlooked. For some reason the film industry had convinced itself that comic book movies would have a hard time making money if they were rated R. 

The time is perfect for SATANA THE DEVIL’S DAUGHTER.

How has this character NOT been the subject of multiple movies by this point? You’d think that Marvel would have learned long ago not to let its strong female horror figures lie unused. For decades Stan and friends let their 1970s character Rachel Van Helsing, the young blonde descendant of a long line of vampire slayers go unexploited only to watch potential millions of dollars fly away as Buffymania took hold in the 90s.   Continue reading


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