fresno pacific sunbirdsCHAMPIONSHIP GAME – The top seeded Defending Champions – the FRESNO PACIFIC UNIVERSITY SUNBIRDS – battled the 2nd seeded LEE UNIVERSITY FLAMES for the NCCAA crown. Neither team scored in the 1st Inning but the Sunbirds managed a 1-0 edge in the 2nd. That became a 3-0 lead in the 3rd Inning and 3-1 in the 4th when the Flames got on the board. In the 5th Inning Fresno Pacific University put up 3 more runs and rode those the rest of the way to a 6-2 victory. Pitcher Josh Medeles threw for the win. * CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SUNBIRDS, THE 2015 CHAMPIONS OF NCCAA BASEBALL

* NAIA *

TABORBluejayBlue-webDAY TWO – GAME ONE – Day Two started off with this clash between the 3 seeds – the TABOR COLLEGE BLUE JAYS – and the 7th seeded LINDSEY WILSON COLLEGE BLUE RAIDERS. A 1-0 lead in the 1st Inning for the Blue Jays went unchanged until the 6th, when it became a 2-0 advantage. Tabor College rode those runs to a 2-0 win over the Blue Raiders. Russell Longworth was on the mound all 9 Innings for the Blue Jays.

St Thomas (Fl) Bobcats logoDAY TWO – GAME TWO – The 9th seeded SAINT THOMAS (FL) UNIVERSITY BOBCATS took on the 5th seeded DAVENPORT UNIVERSITY PANTHERS in this elimination game. The Bobcats converted a 1-0 1st Inning edge into 2-0 in the 3rd, 4-1 in the 6th and ultimately an 8-3 victory that sent the Panthers home. Alex Hernandez was the winning Pitcher.  

Faulkner U Eagles logoDAY TWO – GAME THREE – Up next the 2nd seeded FAULKNER UNIVERSITY EAGLES (should be the Furies) squared off against the 10 seeds – the VANGUARD UNIVERSITY LIONS. After a scoreless 1st Inning the Eagles grabbed a 3-0 lead in the 2nd. Each team scored a run in the 6th Inning to end the offense for the game as Faulkner University won the game 4-1. Pitcher Jack Charleston picked up the W.  

DAY TWO – GAME FOUR – The game between the (1) OKLAHOMA BAPTIST UNIVERSITY BISON and the (8) CONCORDIA (CA) EAGLES was postponed due to the weather.


Henderson State Reddies logoDAY ONE – GAME ONE – Starting off D2’s 2015 World Series was a game between the HENDERSON STATE REDDIES and the ANGELO STATE RAMS. The Reddies immediately seized a 1-0 lead in the 1st Inning, then made it a 2-0 lead over the Rams in the 5th. Additional runs in the 7th and 8th Innings gave Henderson State a 4-0 shutout. Colton Lorance got the win for the Reddies.  

Catawba Indians logoDAY ONE – GAME TWO – The only other game in the D2 World Series yesterday was this battle between the CATAWBA COLLEGE INDIANS and the WILMINGTON (DE) UNIVERSITY WILDCATS. The Indians were up 2-0 in the 1st Inning but the Wildcats made it a 2-1 game in the 2nd. Catawba College added another run in the 4th and Wilmington University countered that with a run of their own in the 6th. That ended the scoring as the Indians won the game 3-2. Pitcher Shaefer Shepard picked up the win.


Cortland State Red Dragons logoDAY TWO – GAME ONE – The CORTLAND STATE RED DRAGONS faced the FROSTBURG STATE BOBCATS in this game. The Red Dragons notched 1 run in the 1st Inning and 2 more in the 2nd to grab a quick 3-0 lead. In the 5th Inning the Bobcats made it a 3-1 score with Cortland State tacking on an extra run themselves in the 8th to win by a final score of 4-1. Brandon Serio pitched all 9 Iron Man Innings for the Red Dragons.

Ramapo College RoadrunnersDAY TWO – GAME TWO – In this game the RAMAPO COLLEGE ROADRUNNERS took the diamond against the WEBSTER UNIVERSITY GORLOKS. By the 3rd Inning the Roadrunners had beep-beeped out to a 6-0 advantage enroute to a FOURTEEN to TWO elimination of the Gorloks. The winning Pitcher for Ramapo College was Tom Portesy.  

Trinity (TX) Tigers logoDAY TWO – GAME THREE – The TRINITY (TX) UNIVERSITY TIGERS won their first ever D3 World Series game and did it against the SALISBURY UNIVERSITY SEAGULLS. After 2 scoreless Innings the Tigers went up 5-0 in the 3rd. The Seagulls made it a 5-1 count in the 4th Inning but Trinity University piled on 4 more runs in the 7th Inning. The Tigers won the game in a 9-1 rout. Matt Tindall picked up the win.  

Lacrosse Eagles logoDAY TWO – GAME FOUR – This was the game of the day in D3. The UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN AT LACROSSE EAGLES took on the EMORY UNIVERSITY EAGLES. In this case of Eagle on Eagle violence UW-Lacrosse got off to a 2-0 edge in the 1st Inning. Emory University responded with 2 runs of their own in the 7th Inning, knotting the score at 2-2 until the bottom of the TWELFTH Inning. At that point UW-Lacrosse drove in a run for a 3-2 triumph. Jameson Sadowske pitched for the win.


McLennan Highlanders logo LONGDAY ONE – GAME ONE – The MCLENNAN COLLEGE HIGHLANDERS and the SAN JACINTO COLLEGE- NORTH GATORS started off the World Series for 2015. The Highlanders took a 1-0 lead in the 1st Inning then added a run to that in the 5th. Both teams notched 1 run each in the 9th Inning as McLennan defeated the Gators 3-1. Pitcher Jack Finnegan got the W.

Walters State SenatorsDAY ONE – GAME TWO – This game pitted the WALTERS STATE SENATORS against the DELGADO COLLEGE DOLPHINS. A 2-0 1st Inning lead for the Dolphins did not hold up long. In the 2nd Inning the Senators knocked in 6 runs, then 5 more in the 4th on their way to a 14-8 victory over Delgado College. Andrew Gist was credited with the win.  

Iowa Western ReiversDAY ONE – GAME THREE – The Defending Champions – the IOWA WESTERN COLLEGE REIVERS – faced the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA AT SUMTER FIRE ANTS in this game. After a scoreless 1st Inning the Reivers went up 1-0 in the 2nd and 3-0 in the 3rd. When all was said and done Iowa Western College defeated the Fire Ants in an 8-0 shutout. The victorious Pitcher was Devon Perez.

Northwest Florida State RaidersDAY ONE – GAME FOUR – Up next the NORTHWEST FLORIDA STATE RAIDERS squared off against the DODGE CITY COLLEGE CONQUISTADORS. In the 2nd Inning the Raiders took a 2-1 edge over the Conquistadors, then shut them out the rest of the way. In the end Northwest Florida State won easily by a score of 7-1. Corderias Dorsey got the win for the Raiders.


Western Oklahoma State PioneersDAY ONE – GAME ONE – Due to the weather this was the only game squeezed in yesterday in the NJCAA2 World Series. The WESTERN OKLAHOMA STATE PIONEERS played the CATAWBA VALLEY COLLEGE RED HAWKS. The Pioneers parlayed a 1-0 2nd Inning lead into an 8-1 margin by the 5th. The Red Hawks pulled to within 8-5 in the 6th Inning but Western Oklahoma State stretched it back out to a 12-5 advantage in the 7th. The final score was Pioneers 15  Red Hawks 5.


GloucesterDAY ONE – GAME ONE – Starting off the 2015 NJCAA3 World Series was this clash between the ROWAN COLLEGE AT GLOUCESTER ROADRUNNERS and the NASSAU COLLEGE LIONS. The Roadrunners seized a quick 2-0 lead in the 1st Inning which the Lions cut to a 2-1 edge in the 3rd. Rowan College added runs in the 5th, 6th and 7th Innings on their way to a 6-2 triumph. Andrew Cohen was on the mound for the win.

Joliet College WolvesDAY ONE – GAME TWO – In this game the JOLIET COLLEGE WOLVES did battle with the MONTGOMERY COLLEGE RAPTORS. Neither team scored until the 3rd Inning, which ended in a 1-1 tie. The Raptors went up 2-1 in the 6th Inning but the Wolves exploded in the 7th for a massive NINE runs. Joliet College wound up winning the game by a score of 10-2. Nick McKinney got the win for the Wolves.

Tyler ApachesDAY ONE – GAME THREE – Up next the TYLER COLLEGE APACHES took the diamond against the NORTHERN ESSEX COLLEGE KNIGHTS. The Apaches limited the Knights to just 1 run in the 9th Inning. Meanwhile Tyler College’s offense put up runs in the 2nd, 4th and 8th Inning to win the game 5-1. Pitching for the Apaches win was Cody Brown.

Herkimer Generals logo BIGDAY ONE – GAME FOUR – Closing the first day of action was this game between the HERKIMER COLLEGE GENERALS and the CENTURY COLLEGE WOOD DUCKS. The Generals seized a 2-0 lead in the 1st Inning which became a 6-2 advantage in the 2nd. The Wood Ducks were shut out the rest of the game but Herkimer College managed additional runs in the 4th, 6th and 7th Innings for an easy 10-2 victory. Pitcher Brandon Nylin was credited with the win.


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  1. Jon

    College bseball is dull.

  2. Pat

    Never knew these teams were around! Awesome!

  3. The Sunbirds are the greatest!

  4. Fresno Pacific University is my dream school!


  6. I never knew about these teams or divisions vefore now.

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