biden crazedIn the same format as Balladeer’s Blog’s previous item Newt Gingrich Reviews Ilsa: She-Wolf of the S.S. here’s my exclusive Joe Biden review of Django Unchained.

HEY KIDS! It’s Crazy Uncle Joe here with a movie review for my peeps! I finally got a chance to see this flick called Django Unchained, which I mistakenly thought was a documentary about a musician. Turns out instead that it’s an NRA gun-nut’s wet-dream of propoganda!

This black guy called Django goes around SHOOTING DEMOCRATIC VOTERS in the American South during the 1800’s! The filmmakers thought they could slip that hidden message past us but anybody who knows history knows it was Democrats who owned slaves and defended slavery with biden two gun posethe “State’s Rights” argument. We Democrats also wanted to extend slavery to the new territories of the west back then!  Hell’n’Maria campers it was even Democrats who undermined Lincoln’s war effort during the Civil War to try to help the Confederate states, so nobody can deny that Django Unchained is secretly a glorification of violence against Democratic Party voters! And with GUNS no less!

The most insidious aspect of this NRA hit piece is that they use an AFRICAN AMERICAN as the crazed, Newtown-style shooter! That’s not fair, Republican bigots because we Democrats OWN black people now just as surely as we owned them in the antebellum South! How dare you racists ever think you can use one of them as if they are on your side!

This Django character is clearly supposed to represent Allen West or Dr Ben Carson, those black guys who have the audacity to disobey the orders of the Democratic Party! Obviously the point of Django Unchained is to promote the presidential campaigns of one of those two ungrateful black guys in 2016. I don’t know what color this director Quentin Tarantino is but I think this calls for an IRS audit on him done as hard and deep as a cavity search! That’ll teach him to imply that not all black people agree with the articulate, clean-smelling guy I’m the Vice President for!


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  1. Kennith Quinn

    With Charles Krauthammer leading the charge, bringing the Hispanic vote into the republican fold has been agreed upon prescription for future Republican success (and understandably so), but with margins so thin in swing states, why no push to bring the naturally conservative black voter back into the party of Lincoln?

  2. This was 2 2 funny! Loved the pictures u chose 2!

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  6. Kevin LeGrande

    The Democratic Party did indeed support racism and slavery and Balladeer is correct about the history.

    NOTE FROM BALLADEER: IT’S ME JUMPING IN FOR THE USUAL REASON! So far so good here, Kevin, but then you went on to imply that I’m a conservative. I don’t play this tiresome game where liberals accuse me of being a conservative and conservatives accuse me of being a liberal.

    What I am is an adult. I welcome debate but only with people who can express ideas outside of the worn-out liberal vs conservative paradigm.

    Read my articles in the 2 links below and then feel free to comment without any editorial interruption from me, as long as you don’t try to imply that I’m a conservative. Invite some friends along, too. I love debating!

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  11. Marty

    Biden will kick orange butt in 2020.

  12. Collin

    Biden is such a senile joke.

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