Balladeer’s Blog takes a look at the four most thoroughly incompetent presidents in American history. The list features two Republicans and two Democrats but naturally Liberal fanatics will accuse me of being a Conservative and Conservative fanatics will accuse me of being a Liberal. It’s all part of living in this land of partisan zealots.

Benjamin Harrison

Benjamin Harrison


Party Affiliation: Republican

Background: Benjamin was the grandson of President William Henry Harrison, who was famous for dying barely a month into his term.

Presidency: Harrison lost the popular vote to incumbent Democratic President Grover Cleveland but won the Electoral College so Cleveland was out and Benjy was in. Harrison’s campaign virtually sold every possible presidential appointment in its desperate bid for the presidency, so Benjamin had almost no leeway on who he could nominate for positions from Cabinet level on down. The confirmation hearings provided ample fodder for political humor as some of the most unqualified nominees in U.S. history paraded before the Senate. 

Harrison proved to be in over his head on the economy and his disjointed, sometimes contradictory measures to turn things around resulted in a full-blown depression by the time he ran for reelection. He wound up losing to Grover Cleveland, who retook the Oval Office to become the country’s only two-term president to serve those terms non-consecutively.

The Confused Smiling Face of Ineptitude

The Confused Smiling Face of Ineptitude


Party Affiliation: Democrat

Background: Following the Watergate Scandals under Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford’s unpopular pardoning of Nixon the awkward, addle-minded and inept Jimmy Carter got elected purely because of his opponent’s unpopularity.

Presidency: During the confused and blunder-filled administration of Jimmy Carter the country was run like a poorly-managed mom and pop business. Carter’s ineptitude is legendary and his repeated economic failures and foreign policy blunders played like a dark comedy. Jimmy’s shambling, stumbling economic policies resulted in a stagnant economy combined with out of control inflation. This disastrous mix, termed “stagflation”, became as synonymous with the Carter presidency as his famous “malaise” speech. That latter item exemplified Jimmy’s “President Schleprock” image and you could easily picture him making with Schleprock’s whiny catchphrase “Wowsy, wowsy woo woo …” 

Jimmy’s petty and spiteful attitude alienated his own party’s members of Congress and his VERY early concession of defeat to Ronald Reagan in November 1980 resulted in the loss of several Democratic congressional seats in the western states where the polls hadn’t even closed yet. Even party loyalist Tip O’Neil, Speaker of the House, raged at Carter for this characteristic bungle, telling him “You guys came in like a bunch of jackasses and you’re going out the same way!”

Warren G Harding

Warren G Harding


Party Affiliation: Republican

Background: Harding first rose to prominence as a newspaper publisher in Marion, OH. Even as a Senator he was known more for relaxing and having a good time rather than working.

Presidency: The twiddle-pated Harding was a virtual pawn of “the Ohio Gang”, the Republican Party movers and shakers who used their buddy’s position to line their pockets with more graft than most other presidential entourages ever dreamed of.

Warren was too weak to keep Harry Daugherty or any of his other nominal underlings in line and largely stood by in impotent confusion while his appointees and aides betrayed the public trust at every opportunity. The Tea Pot Dome scandal was but one of many outrages of the Harding administration with the most tragic probably being the plundering of government medical assets by Charles Forbes, Harding’s Director of the Veteran’s Bureau.

Harding frequently made remarks about how overwhelmed he felt by the office of the presidency and his inadequacies made him the perfect patsy for the white collar graft-grabbers and outright criminal elements who made a fortune from this clumsy political hack’s mismanagement of the country. 

Barack Obama

Barack Obama


Party Affiliation: Democrat

Background: Shallow, pompous and ignorant, Barack Obama was noted for having no opinions of his own and no real-world experience. This made him the perfect figurehead for the Democratic Party machine, who supported the pliable and easily manipulated Obama over the talented and capable Hillary Clinton, who had proven to have a mind of her own and would have kept the party hacks in line. But there’s no denying Hillary is every bit as corrupt as Obama.

And the fact that Barack is too embarrassed by his poor performance in college to even release his records as previous presidents have done speaks for itself.

Presidency: I have no doubt that at some point in the future the United States will have African American presidents who really are all the wonderful things that Barack Obama is NOT. What the Ohio Gang was to Harding the sleazy Chicago political machine is to Obama. Barack’s administration has been tainted by a level of corruption not seen since Harding and by a level of ineptitude not seen since Carter.

Perhaps most damningly, Obama’s cabinet was selected at the command of big corporate money, as verified multiple times over the years. 

Obama has created a disastrous economy and a halting, timid foreign policy. He lacks any and all leadership qualities and instead opts for a spiteful and childish “Internet Troll” approach to dealing with political opposition. Barack is so thoroughly in over his head as president that he has accomplished virtually nothing but an ugly standoff with Congress and has substituted a lengthy series of ill-considered and constitutionally questionable Executive Orders instead of ending the bitter partisanship he pretends to dislike. Obama has issued more of these Executive Orders than ALL PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS COMBINED and has seemed to thrive on dividing the country into two hostile camps.

Per NBC News and other sources poverty is UP from 43.6 million to 46.2 million, middle class incomes DROPPED under his administration, the unemployment problem has not improved, food stamp recipients have gone from 33.5 million to a staggering 46.6 million people and Obamacare is still just an empty promise that Obama’s OWN ADMINISTRATION admits they still have no full plan for implementing.

Like his fellow national embarrassments Richard Nixon and George W Bush (both Republicans) Barack was reelected, but by a slender 50.6% of the vote, meaning half the voters and at least half the nation did not want the man to get a 2nd term (my 50.6% is TGAV, so don’t bother emailing me). The Obama administration has been marked by an ugly Cult of Personality that smacks of fascism and has fostered an environment in which all pretense of journalism has been replaced by increasingly shrill propaganda.




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  1. Fantastic article! I didn’t know much about Harding or Harrison so this was fun. Plus I love how u have the guts to take on Obama. He’s such a demagogue and narcissist.

  2. Perfectly said! Everybody knows ur not a conservative so ur opinion carries a lot of weight on these matters, especially where Obama’s fascist followers are concerned.

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  4. Refreshingly irreverent toward the trainwreck named Obama! You go!

  5. Everybody whose not a liberal should die. Fuck u

  6. The Harding campaign also drew upon Harding’s popularity with women to get in. I agree he was a joke as president.

  7. Obama haters are all Klansmen

  8. I agree with your take on Carter and Harding but Obama might be a bit extreme. I guess it’s only natural to feel the way you do about him given how he is so incredibly overrated and gets coddled by the press. I think in the future he will definitely be looked on as a big disappointment and possibly a failure. His lovesick worshippers are scary with their fanaticism.

  9. It’s so good to find a non-conservative site saying these things about Obama. He is a disaster.

  10. I think Harding should have been above Obama but otherwise this was spot on!

  11. Obama and Harding I can see, but what about W Bush and James Buchanan?

  12. So incredibly cool! ur takes on Obama and Harding were my favorites

  13. I would have had Harding at number one. You got it right about him being too overwhelmed by the presidency and too incompetent.

  14. So entertaining and so much fun! Presidents are too powerful and deserve some healthy ridicule.

  15. I’m an environmental consultant in Vermont and I came here from the syracusefan site. What does a rethuglican punk like you know about history?

    • I’m not a republican and I’m not a democrat but liberal asses like you accuse me of being a republican and conservative fanatics accuse me of being a democrat.

      And I’d be willing to bet I know a lot more about history than a make-believe “environmental consultant” (LMFAO) does! (Why not claim to be replying from your private moon base, jumior?)

      If you want to debate the issues try me. I LOVE ripping the shit out of pretentious liberal morons like you.I’m not a conservative so I don’t let you fools get away with the lies and mistakes that conservatives let you get away with.


  16. RIght on CuseFan! This must be a conservative in his mother’s basement.

    • Wow! I see you brought your sock puppet identity from syracusefan dot com over to my blog with you.
      I can see IP addresses you silly little asshole. What a coincidence that you and Cuse Fan “share a computer” huh?

      And claiming people on the internet live in their parents’ basement was old and worn out about a decade ago. If you’re going to post under two names at least try to be original, moron.

  17. Excellent! Good 4 u 4 having the guts 2 put Obama as the most incompetent!

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  19. Terrific and very biting look. Politicians suck!

  20. Obama deserved the top spot. What a horribly disappointing creep he is.

  21. Swa

    Fuck u n all crackas hatin on O

  22. Real men know what a loser Barry Obama is! Congrats!

  23. We’ve all been laughing at America for reelecting Obama!

  24. Obama is worse than incompetent – hes a crook

  25. fuck alla yall who aint down wit O

    • Well put, moron. Want to try for a complete sentence next time? And learning how to spell and use punctuation? If you work really really hard I’m sure you could learn.

  26. Sneaker

    Obama haterz dy

  27. Nice to see Obama at the top! That piece of shit has ruined healthcare in this country for generations.

    • I’m not a liberal, conservative or libertarian. I’m an adult who decides who to vote for based on the best candidate, not silly party labels.

  28. Simple-minded Obama supporters r the world’s biggest fools.

  29. Pam

    Obama deserves the top spot but Buchanan should have been on there.

  30. Why did it take so long for you Americans to catch on to how horrible Obama is?

  31. So good! Only the addition of George W Bush would make it more perfect!

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  33. Lee

    You ROCK! Glad 2 c somebody who’s not a conservative have the guts to take on the Obama machine.

  34. How come Coolidge isn’t on here?

  35. I can’t believe I was dumb enough to vote for Obama the first time. I voted third party the 2 nd time.

  36. All u hatazz gotta b honkies

  37. Obama is the biggest disappointment of my lifetime.

  38. Harding should have been number 1

  39. Carter should have been above Obama. At least until the Obamacare rollout …

  40. Barack Obama has ruined so many lives and commited so many crimes it’s ridiculous.


  42. I am very disappointed in Obama. What a liar and con artist and screw-up.

  43. Obama has turned out to be an unbelievable failure.

  44. Okay u rule the world.

  45. Haters gonna hate.

  46. Smig

    Hill clinton……TALENTED??? How bout paranoid and as dishonest as they come…better than obama….yeah…….but so is my left testicle….big effin deal

  47. Obama will be hard to unseat as the most incompetent.

  48. Great article. I am a history buff but was not aware of the depth of incompetence of Benjamin Harrison. I had always thought that the peanut farmer from Plains could never be outdone in incompetence but I hadn’t figured on Barrack Obama. However, as inept as Jimmy was, he would gasp at the level of corruption in the Obama Administration. If he is succeed by Hillary, I fear she may outdo him. Lord, help us. Thanks for the insight.

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  50. Obama really sucks.

  51. Obama is very disappointing.

  52. Trump may be the most honest president we’ve ever had.

  53. Obama was not as bad as Carter.

  54. I love your political posts! Nobody lets democrats and republicans have it like you do!

  55. I used to really like Obama but I think you’re right about him. He was a crook and a demagogue.


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  60. Gregory

    You got to be kidding me, Trump is the most stupidest president ever. If he was a democratic, you guys would be all over this idiot.

    • LMAO! Nobody who writes “the most stupidest” is in any position to call anyone else stupid or an idiot. So typical of clueless Trump bashers.
      And strike two trying the democrat vs republican approach. I despise both parties and I’m one of the people who voted for Trump because he is sure as hell not a republican. Like so many of us he used to be a Democrat until they sold out the working class and the poor.

  61. Excellent list. Obama did so much damage that President Trump is repairing.

  62. cajm

    Hmm, I’m wondering your feelings on Trump, especially since he seems similar to Harding.

  63. Emilia

    That guy was wrong about Trump seeming like Harding. Trump is more like Harry Truman or John F Kennedy.

  64. Shed Radtunes

    Why don’t you just go away? We Democrats should not be forced to live in the same country as you. Trump is planning a dictatorship.

    • Shed, you’re a moron and a fool. You spout this kind of incoherent gibberish in comment threads all over the internet. SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP, Shed.

  65. Warren

    Obama was very very stupid and incompetent but I think Harding was worse.

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  67. O Jong

    I think Carter was more incompetent than Obama.

  68. Carly

    This list should have begun and ended with George W Bush.

  69. Willis

    Goerge W Bush was the most incommetant.

  70. Luke

    George W Bush should have made the main list.

    • I’m not convinced that the damage he caused was due to incompetence or just the Bush Family’s usual concern only for themselves and their profits.

  71. Freddie Barr

    Obama should have been below Jimmy Carter.

  72. BigSleepyOx

    Obama really was the worst and most incompetent president the U.S. has ever had.

  73. apotropoxy

    Barack Obama was definitely the worst president ever!

  74. Hutti

    I do agree with you that Obama was awful but I think Carter was worse.

  75. Chris Evans

    Excellent takedown of Obama and Carter!

  76. Charlene

    Obama is the worst in every single way.

  77. Wendy

    Obama was awful. The worst ever and a horrible person.

  78. xXMannimarcoXx

    I agree that Obama was the worst president ever and I admire your courage for saying it!


    I’m glad you were brave enough to list Obama as the most incompetent.

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  81. Friz

    Obama was the most incompetent president and was also a crook.

  82. Bacone

    Obama and Carter were the worst of the most recent presidents.

  83. Luke Noonan

    Obama was an incompetent mess but I think Harding was worse.

  84. Gower

    Obama as the most incompetent? I would say Carter.

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  86. Willem

    Amazing blog post dude! I would have put Harding as worse than Obama but that’s just me.

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  88. chaswe-28402

    Excellent choice of Obama as the worst of them all. Balladeer’s Blog at does the most even-handed political pieces on the internet.

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  90. Kelly

    A couple years ago I’d have argued that Obama was only the second-most incompetent but now I agree he was the most incompetent.

  91. GKAM44

    I think Harding was worse than Obama.

  92. Bev

    Obama was corrupt. I don’t know about incompetent.

  93. Vergie

    Obama was the worst ever in all kinds of ways.

  94. Obama deserves it! He was the most incompetent president ever!

  95. As bad as Obama was I think Harding was worse.

  96. Dylan

    I linked to this article on my facebook. These were funny but I learned a lot too.

  97. Rudy

    Barack Obama was pretty bad, but the worst?

  98. Sarita

    Barack Obama was the worst American president. I’m glad you had the courage to say it.

  99. Jennifer

    Your jokes about the two Adamses were so funny!

  100. Alicia

    Wonderful! I would have put Carter as just as bad as Obama.

  101. Shaun

    Obama really was the pits.

  102. Rashida

    Such intelligent assessments and educational reporting on these failed presidents. 🙂

  103. 7 years on your comments about obama show me why Obama no get credit. He good. Why so not good president? He try.

  104. Theresa

    Barack Obama was the very worst president in American history and he did a great deal of harm to the poor and the working class, especially with his disastrous Obamacare. Good for you for pointing out what a failure he was.

  105. Dorothy

    Obama was your country’s worst president in every way!

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    • An imbecile calling themselves yipyap tried making a remark consisting of nothing but incorrect information that did not hold up to fact-checking. They were also too cowardly to use their real name so their childish, anonymous lies are not going to be cleared.

  107. Harleen

    Obama was the worst president your country ever had and that’s saying something.

  108. Fernando

    Obama is also the most incompetent ex-president.

  109. Reggie


  110. Stan

    You are …

  111. Cindy

    That Stan guy never learns, does he? lol

  112. Cheryl

    lol Stan and similar idiots never know what hits them.

  113. Dahrby

    Stan always winds up looking incredibly stupid!

  114. Aptsolecist

    Barack Obama was garbage and I’m glad you’re not afraid to say so!

  115. Very funny and very educational! I love your presidents posts even when I don’t agree with all of your opinions on them!

  116. Amy Chu

    I loved every single word of this! Obama was the worst of them all!!!

  117. Phyllis

    Barack Obama was even worse than incompetent.

  118. T Chavez

    Obama and Harding maybe should have shared the top spot.

  119. Melanie P

    Obama was bad but maybe not the worst of all. He was more corrupt than incompetent.

  120. Ladonna

    It’s so funny when uninformed Obamadolts try to defend him.


    Hear hear! Obama was and at this point still is the worst U.S. president ever.

  122. Maria

    I would have put Harding above Obama.

  123. Frances


  124. Edith

    Yeah, Obama as the 2nd most incompetent with Harding in 1st place.

  125. Thelma

    Obama sucked so badly.

  126. M.P.

    Obama as 3rd worst. Harding and Carter should have been in front of him.

  127. Sandra Corlett

    I loved this! Barack Obama was easily the worst president in U.S. history.

  128. Rocket17:40

    Obama sucked! President Trump is the best! TRUMP 2020!

  129. mrzack888

    Obama couldn’t run a lemonade stand.

  130. adam tarver

    I really love your candid takes on scum like Barack.

  131. Ebonscape

    Brutal takedowns dude! I don’t agree with all of them but I respect your arguments!

  132. herbsta magus

    I think it’s great when Obama gets torn down. What a pompous and incompetent fool.

  133. za21

    Obama sucked ass so much. What garbage he is.

  134. Ash Kebora

    Obama was the worst president any country has ever had to put up with.

  135. BLARG313

    Obama = biggest turd followed by George W Bush.

  136. Robertino Tanos

    The Obama presidency was painful to watch. That fool sucked so badly.

  137. MegaPodTastic

    Barack Obama sucked so badly I love when he gets owned!

  138. Bob Alexander

    How is Obama the most incompetent?

  139. Dale Wentland

    Barack Obama’s ineptitude and clear criminality were very problematic.

  140. Andre Lesnjak

    With all the scandals of the Obama administration it’s hard not to feel ashamed that I voted for him once.

  141. SeanChristopher

    Obama was the very worst president ever by any standard.

  142. Marjorie

    Obama was bad but I’m not sure he was the worst.

  143. Ned

    Why no Buchanan?

  144. Barack Obama was the worst president ever at least unless Biden gets elected. I often comment at too.

  145. Julian Blackwood

    Obama was a complete disaster. I am ashamed I voted for him the first time.

  146. groovegremlin42

    Obama was a weakling and was incompetent.

  147. Ethan Dalton

    I think it is good to see so many people recognizing what a disaster Barack Obama was. He had no redeeming qualities.

  148. Mimi

    Obama and Harding should have been tied.

  149. Jason Stanley

    Barack Obama was far worse than incompetent.

  150. Bronwyn

    Obama was incompetent and corrupt both.

  151. Pam

    Barack should have been tied with somebody, not the sole number one most inept.

  152. Pencilpenparade

    Obama should have been in all four spots.

  153. Janet

    You were so right about what a disaster Obama was!

  154. Alfred

    I would have had Obama at number three maybe and George W Bush in first place.

  155. Tom Taft

    You were too easy on Obama. He was such a disaster.

  156. Imbebe Umbeaucoup

    Everything you said about Obama checked out!