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firepowerFIREPOWER (1979) – Sophia Loren, James Coburn, Tony Franciosa, Billy Barty and O.J. “Alec Baldwin Times Two” Simpson star in this late 70s combination of an espionage tale and a caper flick. Throw in Eli Wallach, Jake LaMotta and Victor Mature and you’ve got what may sound like the cast of a disaster movie but actually Firepower is a very good film from Lew Grade.

Sophia Loren, looking fantastic but a bit too thin, stars as Adele Tasca, widow of Dr Ivo Tasca, who was killed by the underlings of international tycoon and fugitive Karl Stegner. In a nod to the times, Stegner is a composite of the likes of Robert Vesco with sprinklings of Aristotle Onassis, Howard Hughes and Stavros Niarchos. For a modern version of a bloated rich pig figure wanted in certain countries and reviled around the world think of George Soros. 

At any rate, Adele’s husband was bumped off because he was about to deliver evidence and testimony against the reclusive Karl Stegner tying him to untold numbers of deaths from tainted pharmaceuticals. Continue reading


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Following in Six-Gun Sara’s gutsy footsteps, here is the very first Frontierado Saga I wrote back in 2009. It was the one for myself to show people what I meant by customized sagas. I felt my own name wasn’t western enough so I made the Blackwater Kid’s real name be Nathanael Greene Larraby instead. Many of the figures the Kid interacts with are from the Bad Movie world so they may not be as recognizable as the figures Six-Gun Sara interacted with.
The Blackwater Kid 

The Blackwater Kid was born Nathanael Greene Larraby (his parents named him after Revolutionary War hero General Nathanael Greene) in 1846 in Springfield, New Jersey. At seventeen he was admitted into Princeton but after causing a minor scandal with his Continue reading