Following in Six-Gun Sara’s gutsy footsteps, here is the very first Frontierado Saga I wrote back in 2009. It was the one for myself to show people what I meant by customized sagas. I felt my own name wasn’t western enough so I made the Blackwater Kid’s real name be Nathanael Greene Larraby instead. Many of the figures the Kid interacts with are from the Bad Movie world so they may not be as recognizable as the figures Six-Gun Sara interacted with.
The Blackwater Kid 

The Blackwater Kid was born Nathanael Greene Larraby (his parents named him after Revolutionary War hero General Nathanael Greene) in 1846 in Springfield, New Jersey. At seventeen he was admitted into Princeton but after causing a minor scandal with his too graphic  commentaries and translations of the comedies of Aristophanes he was asked to leave during his first year. Enlisting in the Union Army Larraby served in the Cavalry for the final year of the war. 
Drifting aimlessly after the war Larraby headed west where he often found himself at odds with Confederate veterans who were heading west in droves, among them the notorious nine-fingered gunman Sabata. These encounters often came close to resulting in gunplay and after trying his hand as a deputy in towns like Wichita, Abilene and Santa Fe Nathanael grew disgusted with the widespread corruption in law enforcement of the day and settled in to bounty hunting instead. As he compiled an impressive list of captures and kills including the Bronson Canyon Gang led by Felonious Phil Tucker he became more and more selective, eventually only bothering to go after those men who were wanted dead or alive so he could kill his quarry if he needed to without losing his reward money. Larraby took to wearing a brown three-quarter length coat, a brown range cowboy hat and to packing a rifle, a shotgun and two six-guns wherever he went. Since he operated out of the New Mexico town of Blackwater he was almost  immediately being referred to as The Blackwater Kid. 
For a time in the early 1870’s Blackwater was in a business and romantic partnership with freed black woman Pam Grier, the famous female bounty hunter. This very public association led the duo into even more frequent clashes with the many disgruntled southerners out west, climaxing in their conflict with Justin Wilson’s band of conspirators who sought to assassinate President Ulysses S. Grant and launch a revived Confederacy. Eventually tiring of the incessant violence and high body counts that always seemed to accompany her adventures with the Blackwater Kid Grier retired and headed north to help found Freemanville in California.
From that point on Blackwater operated alone aside from occassionally  lending aide to lawmen like his good friend Paden, the sheriff of Silverado as well as to United States Marshall Brisco County Senior, whose son’s fame would later eclipse his own.  Ideally situated within a few days’ ride of the Mexican border, Larraby would often pursue hunted men well into Mexico, flagrantly ignoring the international boundary and bringing his quarry back to the U.S. across their saddles. One popular joke of the time went that the Blackwater Kid was blind in one eye so he couldn’t read the “or alive” part of the “Wanted: Dead or alive” posters. The Kid’s frequently muttered remark “People are dirt. People are scum” nicely summarized his apparent attitude toward the type of criminals he chose to pursue and news that Blackwater was on an hombre’s trail meant for sure that either he or they would be dead when the pursuit was over.   
Among the deadly and nefarious criminals who fell to the Blackwater Kid’s guns during this period were Bloody Brad Grinter, former plantation owner who specialized in gunning down freed African Americans in the post-Civil War west; Grand Canyon Coleman Francis, the Texas Ranger turned paid killer; Paul “Kid Catalan” Naschy, a Spanish mercenary who fought for the Confederacy and was rounding up freed blacks to sell into slavery in Mexico; Rattlesnake Russ Meyer, a pimp known for killing ladies in his stable after they reached a certain age and Dynamite Dick Wayman, the Buckeye Bandit himself, who led Larraby a merry chase into Canada before going down. During those years no woman stirred Larraby’s heart the way Pam Grier had but he was known to have a few dalliances with touring British actress Joan Collins, saloon singer Dolly Parton, Cuban adventuress Daisy “Fuego” Fuentes  and deposed Punjabi Princess Lailla Rouass who had taken refuge in the United States.
The notoriety the Kid earned from that fling with the princess led to one of his most controversial adventures. Italian Countesses Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida plus French Countess Brigitte Bardot traveled to New Mexico Territory to hire Larraby to avenge them on the monstrous international organization that had killed their husbands and children. The exact name of that organization is still shrowded in mystery but was believed to be a hybrid of the Italian Mafia and the French Union Corse. The Blackwater Kid forever refused to discuss the matter but it was said the ladies enticed him to accept their offer through various carnal combinations with the three Countesses plus the promise of a proverbial king’s ransom in bounty for tracking down and slaying the leaders of the criminal organization, which was even then spreading throughout the United States.
Whatever the case may be it has been established by historians of the west that the Kid did not collect any bounties for gunning down known outlaws for an eleven month period in the 1870’s, during the time corresponding with his alleged vigilante activities against the proto-Mafia outfit throughout the west. Since the shrewd international criminals he was said to be pursuing were not officially “wanted”, Blackwater’s reluctance to discuss any such unsanctioned killings is understandable. Apparently content with whatever  “private arrangements” had existed among himself and the three Countesses, the Blackwater Kid was said to have given the enormous monetary reward the ladies paid him to various charities. In the 1890’s noted British criminologist (and alleged cocaine addict) Sherlock Holmes  credited “that homicidal American” (as he called the Kid) with delaying the criminal syndicate’s spread throughout the American west by several decades. Holmes himself would behead the monolithic organization by taking down its reputed chief, Professor James Moriarty.     
The great love of Larraby’s life came along in the form of Raquel Tejada  Welch, a widowed ranch owner in New Mexico Territory. The two met when she nursed the Blackwater Kid back to health  after he was seriously wounded while shooting down Mojave Mike Vick, the infamous African American outlaw legendary for his sadistic treatment of humans and animals alike. Vick had been hiding as a ranch hand on Welch’s spread and had been running a dog-fighting racket on the side. Despite the fact that Welch was much, much older than the Kid the two became inseparable.
Welch and Larraby would soon marry but Welch insisted he abandon his dangerous profession. She maintained her ranch and had Blackwater use what bounty money he hadn’t spent on booze and opium dens to purchase a saloon of his own. Larraby called the place “Scrubs” after all the scrub brush that was cleared away to construct the saloon and gambling hall and settled in as semi-respectable businessman and occassional faro dealer. For the most part he kept his promise to his bride to stay clear of violence but on occassion friends and relatives of the countless men he had killed would roll into town looking for revenge and a semi-sodden Blackwater would have no choice but to resort to gunplay.
All good things must come to an end and after several years of marital bliss, opium highs and drunken binges the story of the Blackwater Kid came to a close when he was shot to death from behind at long-range by rifle fire while walking down Main Street in the town that gave him his nickname. Noone ever claimed credit for the cowardly deed and since the Kid’s enemies were legion speculation was pointless. His widow never remarried.  Pallbearers at Larraby’s funeral included Sheriff Paden of Silverado, Brisco County Senior, Silverado’s famous Johnson Brothers as well as a then little-known New Yorker named Theodore Roosevelt during his sojourn in the American West. 
Raquel Tejada Welch Larraby saw to it that the Blackwater Kid’s writings were published posthumously. Over the years he had labored at completing his translations of the comedies of Aristophanes, translations which were so risque they scandalized the readers of the 1800’s but are now considered indispensable academic works. Larraby also left behind a brilliant but unfinished epic poem detailing the tale of the Navajo war god  Nayanazgeni  slaying vile deities called the Anaye. The Blackwater Kid has been portrayed on screen by Douglas Fairbanks Sr (in silent films), Tyrone Power and Alain Delon. Recent decades have seen a rumored “curse” of playing the Blackwater Kid on the screen because the most recent stars to assay the role, Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, all subsequently went insane.   
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  1. midaevalmaiden

    This was really cool! I like your bounty hunting methods. And the 3 countesses. Now Im laughing like count dracula.. 1,2,3, countesses ahhaahaa! (romanian laughter)

    • Ha! Thanks! I’m glad you liked it. And there’s no laughter like Romanian laughter.

      • Couldn’t help butting in, guys, I’m going to share a secret with you (but keep it for yourselves) – would you believe me if I told you that I am of Romanian origin? I’ve inherited the laughter and everything – well, maybe not the blood-drinking habits 😉

  2. Hey, Brad’s not insane yet!

    Good choice of Countesses, rather like those ladies myself!

    Well done! Look forward to the rest!

    • Ha! When I wrote this in 2009 I threw Brad Pitt in because of some weird behavior of his that was being reported on his movie sets. Glad you liked it and thanks for the kind words. I got your completed questionnaire, by the way.

      • That’s good. I think you can safely plan on J being on a plane well before you are ready to publish! 🙂

        Thanks for stopping by my page. Not sure why Akismet didn’t like you, and only one comment ended up in spam. You will be OK now – I have my comments set to moderate the first comment, you see.

      • Oh, good. Thanks for letting me know!

  3. You’ve constructed a very appealing character there, I have to say. And I was pleasantly surprised to find that your Saga includes so many names I am familiar with…the 3 countesses…Sherlock Holmes….Alain Delon…nice! Very nice to find a few Brits in there, too 🙂

    P.S. I’m half way through the questionnaire 😉

  4. Well, thank you Didi! I was a huge fan of the Sherlock Holmes short stories and the Jeremy Brett series so I just had to throw in a connection to him. I was pondering throwing in a Harry Flashman connection, too, but I couldn’t picture a scenario in which the Blackwater Kid wouldn’t gun him down.

    Take your time with the questionnaire! I want each Saga to be special!

  5. Didi, Wow, that is news! With that heritage I’m surprised you’re not into the various vampire-themed Bad Movie Hosts of the past! (I’m just kidding!)

    • Ha, I know, I was trying to keep it to myself (don’t want to scare all my new friends away), but I just thought you and Sara are tough enough to take it 😛
      I don’t even watch the Vampire Diaries, but I loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So I guess I’m more of an anti-vampire at heart…

      • Didi the vampire slayer

      • midaevalmaiden

        That would be something to see. She could even be from a blue blood vamp line who has turned her back on her heritage to live a life of honest adventure. heheh, I cant wait to read your new stories. Ill just have to wait and see. Its like waiting for a birthday.

      • Guys, this is getting out of hand now! Vampires in the West? I’d like to see Ed pull that one off. Maybe a vampire saga after Frontierado, Ed? You can do all the hard work, writing and that, and Sara and I can sit back and enjoy the stories 😛
        I do like the thought of being from a blue blood line, Sara. I have to admit that sounds quite appealing 😉

    • 😀 I have imagined myself in that role many times, you know…

      • Hey , I can have your character fight vampires in the west ala the notorious bad movie Billy The Kid Vs Dracula …. (I’m kidding!)

  6. midaevalmaiden

    (me only slightly off topic)…

    Put…the candle….Back!

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  8. midaevalmaiden

    This reply of yours to the Duke had me LMAO. Yes indeedy.

  9. Sara and Did: Okay, looking forward to seeing your answers Didi! And as for the whole blue-blooded vampire thing – well, some of my Saga characters interact with Brisco County Jr and Lord Bowler, so that ties the Sagas into the science fiction stories that show did, with the Orb, etc, so maybe supernatural tie-ins are inevitable. And thank you, Sara, for the remark comparing this stuff to a birthday. That was nice of you!

  10. Love the ‘blind in one eye’ part.

    And you’ve got Sherlock here !!!

    Love the death – so ‘Jesse James’ – so good – so good – damn…:)

  11. Thank you very much! I hope I don’t let you down with your Saga.

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  14. Only you would write about a bounty hunter with a love of ancient Greek comedies!

  15. You make these so enjoyable! I like the Blackwater Kid – he reminds me of why you are called the Brat Prince of Blogging!

  16. Pingback: Buckshot Bryant thinks it is time to remind y’all…she is still here !!! | Chronicles of Illusions

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  30. Eli

    He is one kinky hombre!

  31. Homer

    Damn! Not even Flashman has that much sex!

  32. “I really enjoy the blog article.Thanks Again. Great.”

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