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hippy“WHO KNOWS ONLY THEIR OWN GENERATION REMAINS ALWAYS A CHILD.” – That quote from George Norlin has multiple layers of meaning but to me it always brings to mind those self-infatuated fools from the 1960s generation who remain perpetual children.

I’m not referring to the truly talented and capable members of that generation who went on to many real-world accomplishments, but the worst, most shrill elements of that generation who – as stated above – remained perpetual children.

They distorted liberalism into a philosophy that was critical ONLY of the western world and distorted the educational system into a realm of prolonged adolescence. A realm in which they are perpetually self-righteous and immature, petulantly demanding agreement with their shallow, simple-minded views on complex issues.

(Notice how they have to keep going younger and younger to find unformed minds that actually agree with their juvenile attitudes. They’ll be pushing the vote for 13 year olds before you know it.) 

Even worse is the way they remade the educational system (LMAO) into nothing but a vehicle for browbeating their students into agreeing with every one of their increasingly outdated political opinions.   

“WE CAN’T TRUST FACEBOOK TO REGULATE ITSELF.” – This was said by a former Facebook manager who was among the many experienced figures coming forward in recent months regarding the mammoth abuses of Facebook aka the Confirmation Bias Community. Continue reading