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A Modern DaedalusA MODERN DAEDALUS (1887) – By Tom Greer. No, the title’s not referring to James Joyce’s character Stephen Dedalus (sic) but this tale IS about Ireland. The main character is a young man named Jack O’Halloran, a recent college graduate who returns to his native Ireland.

Jack has dreamed about flying since he was a child and now he uses his genius to create a winged apparatus that can be worn by a single person to take to the skies. Our modern Daedalus flies around at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour with his new invention. Jack is thrilled but complications arise when he shares the news with his father.

Old Man O’Halloran wants to use his son’s winged apparatus to wage aerial warfare against the hated British and thereby win independence for Ireland. Our protagonist doesn’t want his invention used for such a blood-soaked purpose and in the ensuing argument his father throws him out of the house. Continue reading


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Georgia Tech Yellow JacketsYellow Jackets Coach Paul Johnson is going into the Georgia Tech opener against Boston College on Saturday with a bit of an advantage, having coached in Ireland before; though, that doesn’t mean he has any more of a favorable position in the college football betting lines.

The Ireland game will mark the Yellow Jacket’s first game outside the United States. Johnson’s experience coaching in Ireland came when Navy played Notre Dame in Dublin. 

This was during Johnson’s days as Navy’s offensive coordinator in 1996, and back then, Notre Dame was considered to be the underdog in a game where fans couldn’t perceive the notion of such a tiny school playing the whole Navy.

The Atlantic Coast Conference Opener is coming earlier than Johnson might have preferred, availing him no options for a dress rehearsal game.  Continue reading


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