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biden blustering like a fool

Blustering demagogue

BREAKING: Andrew Yang has left the Democrats and announced he plans to start a Third Party.

Joe Biden, down to 39% and lower in approval rating, is living up to the old stereotype of a man who is a failure out in the real world but who compensates for that by beating their wife and children. Humiliated at every turn globally and with his ATF nominee failing, the corrupt yet senile Biden has taken to using language about how he is “losing patience” with people in the U.S. and threatening to use his “powers as president to get them out of the way” if they continue to defy him. Given Biden’s handling of Afghanistan, I guess that means he’ll be surrendering to all of us and giving us nearly 90 billion dollars worth of military equipment. 

Just kidding! The detestable toad Biden and his political generals like Mark “Thoroughly Modern” Milley would likely show no restraint against their own country’s citizens, just like all the other totalitarian regimes in history. The pattern is often the same – failures overseas but iron-fisted authoritarians at home.

Note the Biden regime’s recent description of the Taliban as “professional and businesslike” and compare that to Biden’s insulting language when addressing people of the U.S. (And Joe still hasn’t gotten the hostages out of Afghanistan.)    

biden blood on handsAt any rate, those oh-so-tough remarks from accused rapist Joe Biden are up there with the impotent demagogue’s reminder to us months ago that he can use nukes and fighter jets against the American populace if we don’t learn our place. (This guy is nuts.) Well, Biden DID use a drone to kill an innocent Afghan family who had papers to travel to the U.S. a few weeks back in his idiotic attempt at a “reprisal strike” after the Kabul airport attack, so it’s hard to put anything past this crooked, bought and paid for whore.

For decades, Joe Biden has been thoroughly despised outside of the white collar criminals who hold office in the notoriously corrupt American government and the rest of the world has gotten a chance to see why. The nonstop verbal abuse Biden was subjected to during his tour of New Jersey storm damage recently seems to have really rattled the inept, senile fool, thus prompting his insecure flexing of authoritarian “macho” by way of threatening language. Continue reading


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