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riki-ohRIKI-OH: THE STORY OF RICKY (1991) – Back when I started Balladeer’s Blog in 2010 this Hong Kong martial arts/ splatter film was among the first movies I planned to review. Feeling intimidated by the need to describe the sheer scale of the joyously tasteless violence in this movie I kept postponing it. Eventually, it seemed so notorious that I figured too many people knew about it for me to bother.

This week I was floored to meet a fellow fan of bad movies and learn that they had never even heard of Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky. That galvanized me to finally post a review of the movie.

WARNING: For people who shy away from ultra-violence and the like, I will point out that this film usually grosses out and disgusts viewers just as much as some other flicks I’ve reviewed, like Father’s Day, Mandy, Lewd Lizard, Headless, etc. If you hated those reviews, you’ll likely hate this one, too.

riki oh in prison yardRiki-Oh (pronounced Ricky-HO) is also known as Violence King and with good reason. This Category 3 Hong Kong movie does the seemingly impossible – it more than lives up to the Japanese Manga it was based on. Siu-Wong Fan stars as the title character. Ngai Choi Lam directed and wrote the screenplay adaptation.

Get ready for a kung fu film which combines the violent sensibilities of the Three Stooges crossed with the gore of Psycho Gothic Lolita, Dead Alive plus the aforementioned Mandy and Father’s Day.  Not to mention more shots of men standing at urinals than you’d see at a major league ball park.  Continue reading


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lizard_bigI normally don’t post two movie reviews this close to each other, but I got to thinking today about how it’s been awhile since I got any threatening emails. Since getting semi-literate missives from outraged people is half the fun of writing this blog I decided to finish working on my rough draft of this review and post it today.

LEWD LIZARD (1985) – Category: A neglected bad movie classic but its thoroughly outrageous premise will prevent it from ever garnering a Plan 9– sized cult following

This film comes to us from Hong Kong, the home of killer fetus movies and similar treats, so those with weak stomachs are forewarned. My addiction to truly awful Mad Scientist movies is well known and Lewd Lizard’s lead character is the maddest of them all but also the least scientific, adding immeasurably to the laughs. 

There’s no gentle way of explaining this movie, so to prepare you for what is to come let me Continue reading


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