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Regular readers of Balladeer’s Blog are familiar with my tendency to examine neglected pantheons of deities, as in Vietnamese, Bunyoro, Inuit, Tupari, Navajo and other Native American tribes.

When I covered popular pantheons I avoided the major gods to prevent rehashing the same myths many people were already familiar with. That enabled me to spread some love to the less appreciated deities in those pantheons. Here’s a convenient guide to those items:


The Usual Suspects: Thor, Odin, Loki, Sif and Baldur

Sampling of the Deities I Covered Instead: Skadi the mountain goddess, Ull the hunting god, Forseti, the god of the laws, Aegir the sea god and Hodur the god of darkness.   

Top Deity on List: Hel, Loki’s daughter and the goddess who ruled over the land of the dead, inflicting misery on anyone too wimpy to die in battle.

Comment: I first did this list in 2011 and since then the popularity of the Thor movies and of tv shows like The Vikings and The Almighty Johnsons have sent interest in Norse mythology through the roof.

FULL LIST CLICK HERE: https://glitternight.com/2011/04/10/the-eleven-most-neglected-deities-in-teutono-norse-mythology/ Continue reading


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"If Danny DeVito was an Egyptian god"

BES – This diminutive Egyptian god presents a perfect opportunity for me to point out how the concepts that a deity is supposedly the patron of can change over time. During his centuries- long period of worship Bes was at various times  considered a lion god (his oddly shaped hairdo/beard combo is meant to be reminiscent of a lion’s mane), a patron of art and music, a protector of women in childbirth, a god who could cure infertility and a household god. In that last mentioned role Bes not only looked after children and their mothers, but he would safeguard the household by driving off evil spirits and by strangling potential dangers like snakes, lions and bears. (Oh my!) Because of his short stature and the fact that he was often depicted sporting an enormous erection he was sometimes called “the Egyptian Pan”,  but given his benevolent and constructive nature I would say he has more in common with the dwarfish Shinto deity Sukuna-Biko, the friend of Okuninushi. Bes wore a loincloth made of lionskin with the lion’s tail hanging down behind him (though originally he was presented as Continue reading


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 When it comes to Egyptian mythology the bulk of the attention always goes to Isis, Osiris, Set, Horus and that god of a thousand names, Ra AKA Amen Ra, etc. Balladeer’s Blog will, as usual, take a look at some of the unjustly overlooked gods and goddesses in a profoundly intriguing pantheon.

Naturally, anybody who’s into Egyptian myths will be VERY familiar with the following deities so this list is intended for people who are only familiar with the five figures mentioned above. For some of my other articles on mythology see these links:

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Plus see my pages on Navajo, Vietnamese, Inuit and Bunyoro myths.

11. SEBEK – The crocodile god. In some traditions Sebek was a son of the serpent god Set, but in others Set is sterile and incapable of siring offspring. Possessing the head of one of the creatures he was the lord of and a humanoid body, Sebek was often depicted traversing the Continue reading


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