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hillary-clinton-deck-stackingGeorge King, a Bernie Sanders supporter, is yet another in the ever-growing list of people like me who are disgusted with the pathetic and irrational behavior of the Democrats following career criminal Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump. King wrote an op-ed piece titled Democrats Have Lost the War, the People and All Three Branches of Government.

The link to the piece is below, but here are some excerpts:

“Democrats have lost the war, the people and power in all three branches of government; placing the blame everywhere but still can’t see the forest for the trees.”

“Democrat Royalty has left us divided, conquered and wailing at the wall of defeat from self-inflicted wounds, they refuse to accept accountability. From the DNC and Super Delegates, betrayals of their former power base to the loss of the Independent voters they will not address … ”

“Divide and conquer has failed them finally this time around.”

hillary-clinton-haiti“The doubling down of the corporate and neocon wing of the democrat party after the complete destruction from voters’ rejection clearly paints the picture for those who question the truth in what has happened.”

“This abstract failure is complete and all the King’s horses and all the King’s men will not be able to put it together again despite the current Royal color of purple donned by all that have lost power to include Soros, Bill and Hilary and throughout their subjects on the losing side of history.”

“They do not accept they are no longer the self-appointed Authoritarian Royalty who have lost their power and stature.” 

hillary-clinton-whore-for-wall-street“The Democrat Party has doubled down on all the things resulting in the loss of power in all three branches of government… “

“… the war party has doubled down on the very reasons that Democrat and Independent voters fled from the Democrat Party nomination after the DNC and Bernie Sanders fiasco and the nomination of the war party where even the neocons and MIC switched parties to support the War Queen of Wall Street.” Continue reading