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battle for the soulIn addition to The Twenty Best Books About Barack Obama And His Scandals we Independent Voters now have Battle for the Soul: Inside the Democrats’ Campaigns to Defeat Trump, written by Atlantic reporter Edward-Isaac Dovere. (Links below.) 

Remember, I read everything from BOTH sides of the aisle, and while this book is mostly an anti-Trump account of the 2020 election it is getting advance praise for being at times even-handed enough to further puncture the pomposity of Barack Obama, the Eddie Haskell of American politics. Hilariously, though, excerpts available from the book don’t bash Obama because of his disastrous presidency’s negative impact on the U.S. as a whole, nor because of his ugly war on the working class and the poor, but because of the Obama administration’s negative impact on the Democrat Party.

I will say again that, as foolish as it is to feel “My country right or wrong” it is even MORE foolish to feel “My political party, right or wrong.” At any rate, Battle for the Soul rehashes the way Democrats lost around 1,100 offices around the country during Obama’s divisive and corrupt presidency, while Obama himself cared only about himself and about getting rich. (Tell Barack “At some point, I think you’ve made enough money.”) 

Dovere’s book depicts Obama as “a ‘parasite’ on the Democrat party who sucked it dry for his reelection and left it saddled with debt.” The former President used the party structure as a ‘host’ for his 2012 campaign for a second term then treated it like a ‘husk’ to be discarded with $2.4million in debt.”

“In actual fact, despite his ‘beatification among Democrats’, Obama ‘inadvertently helped usher in what followed him’, meaning Trump.” (NOTE FROM BALLADEER: And, as I’ve pointed out in the past, only imbeciles believe that America has ever had a “scandal-free” presidency. And from the moment Barack bubbled and gurgled up from the criminal cesspool of Chicago politics he oozed scandal and corruption constantly.) Continue reading


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