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educa smallerIt’s the latest installment of Faculty Lounge Fascist Roundup! It’s no secret that privileged white Democrats aka “baizuos” have distorted the educational system into a partisan “church” of irrational thought and ugly intolerance.

Their discriminatory hiring practices have long been apparent in the number of Democrats vs non-Democrats in the faculty and ESPECIALLY administrative staff. If NON-Democrats were over 90% of the staff at colleges and universities you can bet Democrat elected officials would have looked out for their constituents and addressed that imbalance and bias long ago. WE NEED THIRD PARTIES!

education conveyor belt smallerITEM ONE – Midwestern State University Professor Nathan Jun recently wrote on a social media thread “I want the entire world to burn until the last cop is strangled with the intestines of the last capitalist, who is strangled in turn with the intestines of the last politician.”

As we’ve all seen over and over and over again, people have been hounded from jobs in education and elsewhere for social media posts saying “All lives matter” or “Blue lives matter” or for making any statement of support for political candidates that Democrat fascists dislike. But in this case the university in question hypocritically pretended to care about “free speech.” Click HERE
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