the terrornautsTHE TERRORNAUTS (1967) – Simon Oates of Doomwatch fame stars as yet another maverick scientist in this effort from earlier in his career. Oates is running a British version of the SETI project and is forever trying to intercept signals from space … signals that might indicate intelligent life forms.

Conveniently, just when their funding is about to be cut Oates and his team at last receive a broadcast from actual alien life forms. And not just any alien life forms but the exact race that use a cave in France excavated by Oates’ father as a teleportation point from their orbiting space station.

terrornautsWild coincidences like that are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of this ridiculous movie’s plot holes, inconsistencies and lack of logic.

At any rate when Oates and company broadcast a reply of their own the extraterrestrials fly to England and snatch the entire building that the scientists’ project is housed in. The Earthlings, including a cockney female janitor along for excruciatingly bad comic relief, find themselves at the mercy of the space station’s Doctor Who (original series) level special effects renditions of androids, monsters and interstellar cooking devices.

terrornauts posterEventually our pal Simon and his cohorts learn that they’ve been recruited to crew the large space station and use its weaponry to defeat the invasion fleet of a race of evil aliens. With ridiculous wired beanies strapped to their heads the ragtag band of Brits are telepathically tied-in with the space station’s systems and save the Earth from the oncoming armada of enemy spaceships and manage to teleport off the space station mere moments before it explodes from damages sustained in the battle.

Our heroes pop up at the French cave, which sports what look like Evil Clown versions of the Easter Island heads. A gendarme catches the Brits and demands to see their passports in the very, very, wry, dry and British ending.  


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18 responses to “THE TERRORNAUTS (1967) – BAD MOVIE

  1. So. Pretty muck like most American television now, huh? SETI? What’s all the fuss. Probably ought to look for intelligent life here first. Good morning, man.

  2. Looks like this is something that falls into the category of being so bad that it’s good. You know, like Sharknado or any of another campy favorites. Something Joe Biden could only wish for.

    • Ha! Yeah, this movie deserved to be a Bad Movie staple decades ago. Biden is so deranged he would probably conjure up stories about “When I was working on the set of a British movie called the Terrornauts a while back.

  3. Have you ever visited the old site? I don’t think it’s being maintained anymore, but I bet you would like it … And remember, don’t poke the Ymir!

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