Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog takes a look at some of the latest political cartoons and memes, many about Joe Biden, the man who keeps decreasing your 401k.

Up first is this reminder that for years before Joe Biden gave war criminal Vlad Putin the okay for “a minor incursion” into Ukraine, the Bidens were being investigated for their family’s corruption in Ukraine.

biden in kyivAnother one on that topic:

biden east palestine

Up next is a reminder that the corporate fascist kleptocrat Joe Biden and his cohorts in crime make big money from war, just like the disgusting Bushes, Cheneys and their ilk. And remember, Biden’s predecessor was the only U.S. President in decades to keep America out of any new wars.

biden war profiteer

This next one reminds me that one of the reasons I used to be a Democrat before becoming an Independent Voter was because Democrats USED TO oppose censorship. They haven’t for a very long time now.

democrats censorship

Up next we have an illustration of my point about how the clueless, outdated and utterly useless Republican Party still fails to keep up with Democrats in the Media Arms Race. NewsMax and One America News were recently dropped from assorted cable packages and the GOP does nothing about it. WE NEED THIRD PARTIES.

democrats unhindered by republican partyMore on that topic: 

media arms race

Another take on the way Big Pharma is a full partner in Joe Biden’s corporate fascist kleptocracy.

big pharma took over project veritas

Below is a look at the next Media Arms Race battle that the useless Republican Party will lose to the Democrats.

democrat big techThis last one needs no explanation. 

democrat fascists




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  1. I’m an independent. People are getting censored for things they can prove on Book through threats of kicking them off and blocking others from seeing their comment. Comments were telling the difference between 20 years ago and today in how people spend money: today Starbucks everyday: 20 or more years ago money not spent on that, eating out several times a week today: 20 years ago not so much, a new iPhone or other phone every two years or do: 30 years ago not, new computers every few years: 20 years ago not, community college and state college enrollment way down today, 20 or more years ago not. However if you report someone for using a racist word minus one letter or a symbol substituted for one letter Book says that does not violate community standards.

  2. Nobody should be surprised by what’s happening. Anybody familiar with Biden and the Democrats should’ve known that they were going to tank the economy with their inept policies and get us into a war.

  3. Always a superb chuckle until it hits me: “Oh shit! This is the f***ing truth! Grab yer goddam red and black checked shirt, your long johns, your 30-30; load-up the truck and head to Idaho!” &^%$*% woke summiches! What we got do to wake them summiches up?

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