Crazy Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi, whose policies harm the working class and the poor.

Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog notes that the Democrats – whose political party I’m ashamed to say I used to belong to before they went insane – are trying their usual election time attempt to pass off an act of violence as having been caused by their political opponents. (Remember how shortly before the 2018 midterms a disturbed man in a decorated vehicle was painted as a supporter of the political foes of the Democrats? Learn some new scams, demagogues.) 

Uh, yeah, as if an unbalanced California nudist is somehow a Trump supporter and somehow tied to the nonexistent “insurrection” (LMAO) from January 6th, 2021. The senile yet corrupt Joe Biden even dribbled out some idiocy about how breaking into a home owned by a woman named Nancy & her husband and asking “Where’s Nancy?” could ONLY mean someone is tied to an incident from nearly two years ago.

Everyone out there who has friends, co-workers or relatives named Nancy probably never realized that you were swearing political fealty whenever you happened to ask “Where’s Nancy?” Someone could probably make a fortune now from t-shirts and other merchandise that says “Where’s Nancy?” Maybe even with a public domain picture of some fictional character named Nancy.

Sure, the Democrats at Facebook, Google and elsewhere would try to ban such merchandise, but at least we know Twitter would allow it now. At any rate, shallow, uninformed and emotionally unstable celebrities have been speaking out again, among them privileged white male one percenter Rob Reiner.

So let’s take a walk down memory lane and peruse this blog post I made a while ago when Reiner was pulling the usual pompous, snobbish and pretentious Democrat maneuver of claiming everyone who disagrees with his every opinion is stupid and/or uneducated: 

Rob Reiner

Pompous snob Rob Reiner, a white child of privilege.

“Rob Reiner is once again claiming that people who don’t agree with every single one of his political views are stupid. He called Trump supporters “uneducated” and (yaaawn) racist. (Then why do so many black people openly support Trump, Rob?)

I don’t belong to either the Democratic Party (DemCorp) or the Republican Party (RepubCorp) so, especially for readers from other countries I can provide an objective look at this type of repulsive snobbery. 

*** America’s Democrats are very pretentious and very insecure people who call everyone who disagrees with them on ANY subject names like “uneducated” or (yaaawn) “racist.” Here are two quick examples of American Democrat hypocrisy on this:

(1) George Clooney dropped out of college but because he spouts nothing but what the Democrats want him to say they don’t label him “uneducated.” If he spouted opinions that American Democrats disagreed with, they would label him an “uneducated white male.”

(2) Susan Sarandon never finished high school but because she tends to spout nothing but what the Democrats want her to say they didn’t label her “uneducated” … until she thought for herself by preferring Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton. Suddenly, Sarandon went from “autodidact” (the condescending term American Democrats use for the COUNTLESS actors and singers who share their political opinions but never finished high school and/or college) to “uneducated” virtually overnight with the pompous snobs of the American Left.  

Most adults come to realize that length of education is no true indicator of intelligence. American Democrats – ESPECIALLY 1960s Democrats like Rob Reiner – never mature enough to accept that. Their insecurity about their own intellectual capacity is demonstrated every time large numbers of their fellow human beings express ideas that they personally don’t agree with.


Rob Reiner’s “education” prepared him for the career of being born to a rich white celebrity father, Carl Reiner.

And in Rob Reiner’s case he apparently feels his “education” prepared him to make the decision to be born to an ALREADY FAMOUS FATHER WHO GOT HIM JOBS IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. An industry, I’ll point out again, that is loaded with plenty of people who never completed formal education. (I wonder how those people feel knowing that their colleague Rob considers them “uneducated.” Oh, yeah, they probably agree with his political views, so he’ll call them “autodidacts” … until they disagree with him about something.)

And by the way, Rob Reiner, many of the people you consider to be “educated” would dismiss your views on ANY subject, labeling you a fat, bald, cisgendered white male child of privilege. And even the most “uneducated” people you hate would know better than to publicly wallow in self-pity about having a small penis, the way you did in your Playboy interview in the 1980s. (Isn’t the internet wonderful, Meathead?)

And what about all the “uneducated” people who support Hillary? Are they supposed to meekly say to themselves “Well, at least Carl Reiner’s son would approve of our opinion on this matter. Whew!”

I’ve dealt with this subject in greater detail HERE



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  1. I saw your line about “we need 3rd parties”. The rut/malaise we are in is pretty scary. The symbiotic relationship they have going to accumulate wealth and power is an impediment to change. I just don’t see how this ends well. Are you on Twitter? I got back on Saturday evening after 4 years. All the celebrities that have told me how to vote the past 7 years I just automatically block.

    • I know what you mean. I can’t picture this ending well, either. I often hope that if the Democrat and Republican parties splintered into multiple other parties it might at least make for a non-violent ending. I think we’d probably be back to just two major political parties after a decade or less anyway, but at least they would not be the Democrats and Republicans as currently constituted.

      That accumulation of wealth and power that you mentioned is as if the country is being run like a Mafia bust-out operation. I quit Twitter several years ago because I got sick of their selective application of the rules. I haven’t decided yet if I will bother going back now that it’s under new ownership.

      I don’t blame you for blocking the celebrities who think they know who we should vote for.

      • Oh I just got back on to support Elon. I don’t ‘know’, but I have the feeling that what he is trying to do is very, very important. I’ll plop down $8 bucks a month. Our government is so diseased with an out of control FBI/CIA, I don’t know if there is anyway past rigged elections and the subverting of the freedom movement.

      • I understand and I agree the outlook can seem pretty bleak.

  2. Eric

    Reblogged this on Calculus of Decay and commented:
    Rob Reiner frequented the Epstein properties.

  3. Right on the money! And a lot of tech people do not have college degrees because you don’t need one to excel in that industry. When I was on Twitter, I used to read Rob Reiner’s tweets when I ran across them, and it convinced me that he is still a meathead. In fact, I believe he was just playing himself when he played Meathead on “All in the Family.” And people have forgotten about it, but they need to be reminded that another privileged Hollywood son, Peter Fonda, was educating young people on how to create a protest that appeared spontaneous. And, he called for the kidnapping of Baron Trump. Did the Democrats care? NO! If anybody has been pushing violence and divisiveness for the last 6 years, it’s the party of Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama. Democrats need to be confronted and exposed every time they lie.

    • Thanks! I agree! And the lie-filled, hateful comments left by self-proclaimed Democrats under any news site’s articles that question The Party’s narrative are bizarre and paranoid.

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