What the pretentious fools of American Liberalism consider “objective journalism.”

Welcome back to the favorite site of Independent Voters, Balladeer’s Blog, as always coming to you from an America being torn to pieces by those walking caricatures called Liberals and Conservatives!

Just as American Conservatives have hopelessly politicized the word “patriot” to the point where it’s meaningless, American Liberals have hopelessly politicized the word “intellectual” to the point where it is meaningless, too. Conservatives will describe someone as a “patriot” IF that person mindlessly agrees with all their political views. Liberals will describe someone as an “intellectual” IF that person mindlessly agrees with all their political views.

In reality neither American Conservatives nor American Liberals are in any way fit to bestow labels like patriot and intellectual on anyone NOR are they fit to strip away such labels. Liberals are hilarious the way they pretend that even semi-literate movie stars and singers are “intellectual” as long as they unquestioningly spout Liberal dogma. American Liberals simultaneously pretend that even people who have multiple degrees are “dumb” if they hold opinions that the mindless conformists of liberalism disagree with.

Take for instance George Clooney. He dropped out of college but because he zealously spouts nothing but liberal talking points the American Left considers him “intellectual”. On the other hand if he was a Hollywood celebrity who dropped out of college and who expressed opinions that American Liberals disagree with he would be mocked and ridiculed as “an uneducated white American”. American Liberals are such pretentious fools they even made fun of “the kind of college” that Sarah Palin graduated from. Even people like me who criticized Palin couldn’t help but laugh at that hypocrisy given how Liberals were conveniently forgetting how so many of the entertainers they revere as deep thinkers never went to college at all or even may have dropped out of high school (like Susan Sarandon).

That is why length of education has never been a true indicator of intelligence anyway, but this attitude of Liberals perfectly illustrates their pompous snobbery and their tiresome status anxiety. Plenty of American Liberals are terrified that people might think they aren’t “intellectual” if they dare to be individuals rather than conform to the latest Liberal talking points. This bizarre fusion of Machiavelli and Marx could be paraphrased like this: “Many in the working class were prevented from completing formal education due to various factors, and this has left them insecure about their intellect. This insecurity can be used to keep them in line by praising them as intellectuals as long as they conform to Liberal dogma but dismissing them as uneducated if they deviate from such dogma.”

Another laughable quality about American Liberals and this aspect of their insecurity is the way they immerse themselves only in television shows, movies and news outlets that reinforce their prejudiced – and hilarious – notion that they are the country’s intelligentsia.

Readers who often email me asking if I’m a secret Liberal can use this as proof that I’m not a Liberal just as I’m not a Conservative. If I was an American Liberal I would pretentiously act like my various odd and obscure interests made me more intelligent than other people. In reality I think words like “intellectual” and “patriotic” are not universally definable and will always be subject to each person’s individual opinions, similar to words like “beauty” or “justice”.


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  1. OMG You put this perfectly! Don’t liberals realize everybody, not just conservatives, notices what pretentious jackasses they are?

  2. Rose

    “I think words like “intellectual” and “patriotic” are not universally definable and will always be subject to each person’s individual opinions, similar to words like “beauty” or “justice”. ” That is profound…I certainly could not have said it so well, Bro.

  3. Very good! This nicely described the cynical way liberals try to act like they are qualified to judge what is “smart” and “dumb”.

  4. Superb, just superb! This is the best analysis of that aspect of liberal snobbery and delusion.

  5. I think this is the best one you’ve done on liberals and conservatives.You nailed the ugly pretensions of liberals.

  6. You are making a name for yourself all over the web for taking on both liberals and conservatives. This post is spot on by the way. The pompous snobbery of American liberals has gotten out of control.

  7. I agree! liberals are now as unbearable as conservatives!

    • Thanks! I think liberals have been as bad as conservatives since the 1990’s when they became the Political Correctness Police and appointed themselves to police everyone else’s words and writings.

  8. Very eloquent blasting of the pretentiousness of American liberals!

  9. Nicely written. I stopped considering myself a liberal because I didn’t want to be associated with such snobbish assholes.

  10. Thank you for saying what needed to be said about liberal snobbery. Cheers!

  11. Alanna

    Wonderful from start to finish! You’re right about the pretentious snobbery of liberals.

  12. A very revealing look at pompous liberal snobbery.

  13. This said it perfectly! Liberals are unbearable and that’s why I stopped thinking of myself as one long ago.

  14. Nice look at liberal snobbishness.

  15. Eli

    So why don’t u leave the fucking cuntry Rethuglican?

    • You motherfucking moron! I’m not a Republican OR a Democrat. I’m one of the increasing numbers of independent voters who are disgusted with pieces of shit like you and what you’ve done to the two major parties in this country. Since I’m NOT a conservative I’m never reluctant to reply to garbage like you the way that you deserve.

      • sth_txs

        Great sentiments! I hate both parties and have contempt for the libtards and conservatards. Libtards won’t move to a ghetto minority neighborhood and send their kids to school there or voluntarily give up more of their money to the ‘gubmint’. Conservatards love all the overseas war making but won’t pay the taxes for it or sign up themselves or their kids to fight. Yeah, both are pieces of shit.

      • Thanks. I’m so tired of the same nonsense every election cycle.

  16. American liberals are too far behind the times and too pretentious.

  17. Way to generalize about liberals.

    • My standing offer to the repulsive creatures called American Liberals is that I’ll stop pointing out what douchebags all of you are when you stop generalizing about everyone who disagrees with you. If you want to try to debate this come on then. It will be fun grinding you into the dirt. If you have the guts to reply.

  18. Everbody whose not liberal shud just die.

  19. Impressive take. Liberals are awfully snobbish fools.

  20. Americans all deserve to die!

    • I’ve gotten bored with grinding you into powder every time you try to mouth off, little one. You try this again and I’ll simply ban you.

  21. Fantastic dissection of liberal pomposity!

  22. bookmarked!!, I love your blog!

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  24. Liberals r such snobs.

  25. You put this into words the way I would like to! Great!

  26. Why are liberals such assholes?

  27. Liberals are incredibly conceited.

  28. Liberals really are wearing out their welcome with all of us.

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  30. Liberals have made me embarrassed that I ever used to think of myself as one.

  31. Liberals are now worse than conservatives in every way.

  32. Liberals are just like you call them.pretentious and pompous.

  33. I like your movie revus better.

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  35. lol I think your to rough on liberals but yeah this one made me laugh.

  36. I like the way you attack both sides.

  37. Pretty! This was a really wonderful post. Thank you for your provided information.

  38. Nicholas

    Excellent opinion piece. I am so tired of liberals acting like they are the judges of what is officially intellectual and what isn’t.

  39. Liberals have all become snobs and posers.

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  41. F*ckin’ tremendous things here. You keep setting leftwing fanatics straight!

  42. Perfectly put. Liberals are snobbish fools.

  43. Liberals have gone totally nuts.

  44. Liberals think all of us Hispanics like illegal immigration.

  45. So true! Liberals are disgusting and pretentious snobs.

  46. Filing a complaint is the only thing left that Liberals resort to.


  48. People at the MSN forums are arguing about this post! You nailed pompous liberals perfectly.

  49. Even worse is the way liberal lectures have ruined the NFL.

  50. Liberals really do deserve to be called out on their snobbery and pretentiousness.

  51. Thank you for pointing out what too many people are afraid of saying.

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  53. I like what you guys are up too. Such smart work and reporting! Carry on the superb works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it’ll improve the value of my site :).

  54. Some truly original articles on this website very edgy even if I don’t agree with all of them. When I founded VV I could have used you.

  55. You have brought up a very good points , thanks for the post.

  56. Wonderful! Too many people are shy about pointing out what jerks liberals have become.

  57. I love the way you word things!

  58. I really can’t believe how great this site is. Keep up the good work. I’m going to tell all my friends about this place.

  59. This site looks better and better every time I visit it. What have you done with this place to make it so amazing?!

  60. I completely agree.

  61. T Sutton

    Your liberals have become even crazier than ours over here.

  62. American liberals are now nothing but fascists.

  63. Nice! I’m so sick of American lefties acting like they’re so intelligent when they are among the most ignorant people I’ve ever met!

  64. Yetzer

    Good to see some pushback against American leftist trash.

  65. Yagin

    Spot on! They are such snobs and so pretentious!!!

  66. Deanna

    American leftists are so insecure!

  67. Carolyn

    Nice! Leftists are such pretentious idiots.

  68. David Kinnear

    You always cut pompous liberal jerks down to size.

  69. Shoshana M

    So perfectly put! They are such snobs!

  70. Hi I’m Tom and enjoyed reading your beautiful content Hope you still have more on your site

  71. American leftists are jokes.

  72. Elton D


  73. mrzack888

    Democrats are the same way about thinking they’re intellectuals when they’re not.

  74. James' House

    Excellent! This why Balladeer’s Blog is the best blog on the web!

  75. Jason Stanley

    The intellectual pretensions of American leftists are ridiculous.

  76. Sondra Pync

    The left are a bunch of poseurs.

  77. Francene

    It was so good to read this. I am so done with Democrats acting like they are fit to judge the rest of us.

  78. Tom Taft

    Brutal takedown of those sickening snobs!