This weekend’s light-hearted, escapist superhero post here at Balladeer’s Blog will take a look at the very early stories of the DC Comics superheroine called the Black Orchid.  

adv 428ADVENTURE COMICS Vol 1 #428 (August 1973)

Title: Black Orchid

Villains: Corrupt politicians making their lone appearance.

NOTE: Black Orchid’s origin was just vaguely hinted at for years, but for the sake of streamlined storytelling I’m starting off with it. Susan Linden, an adventurous young woman, roamed the world for a few years, working at a variety of jobs.

           While working as a blackjack dealer in a casino, she met wealthy Carl Thorne and the two dated, then married. Eventually, Susan realized that Carl was a black-market arms dealer and reported him to the authorities.

          adv 428 splMs. Linden sought shelter with her old school boyfriend from years earlier – brilliant scientist Philip Sylvian, an expert at botanical science. Carl Thorne’s thugs tracked Susan to Sylvian’s place and mortally wounded her.

           With no other hope for Susan Linden’s survival, Philip used Susan’s dying body and harnessed life-force, combining them with his latest botanical experiments in plant/ animal hybrids. The result was a metamorphosed life-form which still looked like Susan but whose physiology was more plantlike than human.

           Susan Linden’s transformed self now possessed superpowers which she used to fight the forces of evil as the costumed superheroine called Black Orchid. Her wood-hard muscles gave her massive super-strength as well as greater than human reflexes and agility. She could fly and her hybrid physiology made her immune to bullets.

bl orch bulletsSynopsis: In this debut story, Black Orchid managed to expose and bring down the multiple corrupt politicians, both male and female, of an unnamed city. She also defeated the gangsters who had those politicians in their pocket. Over the course of a long, action-filled night Black Orchid alternated between her costumed form and disguising herself as female figures caught up in the story.

blo orch walkingNOTE: This established one of the most memorable aspects of early Black Orchid stories. Because the superheroine simply lived in Philip Sylvian’s laboratory, she had no real civilian existence. A gimmick of her early adventures involved guessing which female supporting character she might be disguised as and when.

           It resembled the gimmick of Steve Ditko’s earlier, tongue-in-cheek superhero Killjoy, who could be any number of male characters in a given story, all of whom sported typical “secret identity” professions of superheroes, like reporter, cop, etc. But in Black Orchid’s case it was played straight and not for laughs.

At any rate, Black Orchid would leave black orchids behind as her calling cards, along with parts of her disguise to let supporting characters (and us readers) know whom she had been impersonating. With the villains in this debut story all mopped up, honest District Attorney Ken Ransom could finish cleaning up the city.

adv 429ADVENTURE COMICS Vol 1 #429 (October 1973)

Title: Challenge to the Black Orchid

Villains: Modern pirate Barry de Morte and his crew

Synopsis: The Black Orchid clashes with Captain Barry de Morte and his crew of high-tech pirates. The villains – including female crew member Mala Miles – use fog-generating cannons that surround their victim vessels in fog, then use handguns that shoot knockout gas against their targets.

black orchid in flightThis story gives us more of the “Which female character is Black Orchid in disguise?” intrigue, since Barry de Morte is a playboy, yet one who goes for very accomplished women. The lovely ladies he surrounds himself with are former stuntwomen, acrobats, martial artists, even scientists who research things like anti-gravity and force fields.

bl orch faceOur heroine plays a cat and mouse game with de Morte and his pirates, while making him suspect that one of the hot – and capable – women he has on board is really the Black Orchid. In the end, our heroine corrals Captain de Morte & his crew before they can plunder a cargo of potent pharmaceuticals being shipped. She also clears an elderly sea captain that de Morte once used as the fall guy for one of his pirate raids. 

adv 430ADVENTURE COMICS Vol 1 #430 (December 1973)

Title: The Anger of the Black Orchid

Villains: Loan Shark Nicky Scrumm and his gang

Synopsis: In this story Black Orchid takes down an entire loan-sharking organization from the boss to the muscle-men who break arms & legs or kill people who can’t repay the loan shark.

bl orch over cityWe also get a nice Robin Hood angle this time around as our heroine makes Nicky Scrumm pay his victims all the money that Nicky says they owe him.   

After that, Black Orchid still manages to send Scrumm to prison. The “Which lady is Black Orchid?” game this time centered around a female stage magician called Madamoiselle Magique, plus female photographers and cocktail waitresses at Nicky Scrumm’s nightclub.    

island of fearPHANTOM STRANGER Vol 2 #31 (July 1974)

Title: Island of Fear 

Villains: “Brute” Barstoe and his slavers

Synopsis: On a remote island, a criminal called Brute Barstoe has discovered gold. He and his small army of gunmen have abducted several men and their wives to serve as slave labor on the island, mining the precious metal.

gun at b oBarstoe and his men plan to kill all of the slaves once all the gold has been dug up for them and loaded on to their ship.

The Black Orchid has tracked many of the missing persons to the island, where she uses her powers to wage war on Barstoe and his armed thugs.

bl orch takes keysIn the end, our heroine has defeated all of the villains, freed all of the slaves, and helped them escape the island on Barstoe’s huge ship. Black Orchid flies overhead to escort the ship to a safe port, from where she plans to send back authorities to arrest Barstoe and his men.

The women in the “Which one’s Black Orchid in disguise?” game this time around were the various wives of the abducted men, plus Barstoe’s blonde mercenary woman Carla.   

crime of thePHANTOM STRANGER Vol 2 #32 (September 1974)

Title: The Crime of the Black Orchid

Villains: Pete and Myrna Martin

Synopsis: This story opens with the Black Orchid seemingly robbing a fortune in diamonds from a jewelry emporium, then flying off. The police grow alarmed at the thought of how difficult it will be to stop someone as powerful as Black Orchid if she really has gone bad.

Days later, the real Black Orchid flies in to save construction workers from an industrial accident involving a wrecking ball. Police arrive on the scene and advise the superheroine that she is under arrest for the jewel robbery. Black Orchid easily overpowers the cops and flies off to clear her name.

bl orch to the rescueNOTE: This is the first Black Orchid story with a new writer. The mystery of which female character is really being impersonated by the superheroine (and when) is abandoned. Instead, we get thought balloons making it clear.

The Black Orchid frequents underworld establishments, impersonating cigarette girls and prostitutes to fish for leads on who framed her for the diamond robbery. At last, while impersonating an elderly female flower peddler, she overhears two crime figures mention that Pete and Myrna Martin stole the diamonds and tricked the whole city into thinking Black Orchid was the real crook.

b o punchingFrom there, our heroine tracks down Pete and Myrna, provides the police with proof that the couple used aircraft and other fakery to make it look like she could fly, then prevents their escape. The Black Orchid nabs them at the airport trying to escape to Rio in their private plane.

This closing segment is the only time we are not made aware that Black Orchid is impersonating someone. Pete finds his wife Myrna tied up as our heroine abandons her disguise and uses her powers to force the plane to land. Pete and Myrna are arrested.

bl orch is watching youPHANTOM STRANGER Vol 2 #35 (March 1975)

Title: The Black Orchid is Watching You

Villains: Howard Lunge and his minions

Synopsis: Black Orchid’s investigative abilities have led her to reclusive, brilliant but evil scientist Howard Lunge. Using his revolutionary master computer, Lunge and his hired gunmen have been running a criminal operation they call Operation Frame-Up.

b o and maskOne night the Black Orchid arrives in the business district too late to stop one of Lunge’s men framing an innocent man named Joel Dubbish for murdering the wealthy corporate head of Jarrett Industries.

With Jarrett dead and Dubbish arrested just now, our heroine swoops down on the escaping trigger man, Lunge’s agent and the REAL killer of Jarrett (no first name given). The agent activates the self-destruct properties in the mask he just wore to frame Joel Dubbish and Black Orchid is alarmed as the only evidence burns away in her hands.

bl orch and carAdditional men working for Howard Lunge arrive in a vehicle, ostensibly to pick up the agent who framed Joel, but really to machine-gun him down to eliminate the man for knowing too much. The Black Orchid flies after the carload of gunmen as they empty their guns at her airborne figure before getting away.

Back at Lunge’s lair, he hears from the gunmen how the Black Orchid is obviously trying to crush their lucrative operation of crime frame-ups. Lunge asks his master computer, which runs his entire operation now, to calculate the real identity of Black Orchid, and that is the cliffhanger ending for this issue.   

t c cPHANTOM STRANGER Vol 2 #36 (May 1975)

Title: The Crime Computer

Villains: Howard Lunge and his minions

Synopsis: Lunge’s master computer proves incapable of calculating Black Orchid’s secret identity. Howard then asks the artificial intelligence to explain how she is able to fly and be immune to bullets. The computer replies with a long list of potential explanations – too many, in fact, to narrow it down or be useful.

Next, Lunge asks if the superheroine poses a threat to Operation Frame-Up, their “Murder, Inc” business of frame-ups for paying clients. The computer says only if a mistake is made by Lunge, in which case the Black Orchid will immediately exploit it.

bl orch descendingHoward now asks the computer how our heroine has already learned so much about their setup and the artificial intelligence informs him Black Orchid has been remotely hacking into the master computer. This answer infuriates Lunge.

The next day, Howard meets with Cleo Barry, a beautiful blonde wealthy woman who wants to hire Lunge and his organization to murder the mother of her wealthy late husband and frame the woman’s maid. The mother is trying to get custody of the children away from the blonde widow.   

b o over lungeHoward and Cleo work out the fee and other arrangements. Since the original Black Orchid writer is back for last issue and this one, the “Which woman is Black Orchid in disguise?” element is back. The possibilities are Cleo Barry, the wheelchair-bound mother-in-law Cleo wants out of the way, the woman’s maid and Nurse McHenry, her medical caregiver.   

In the end, the Black Orchid prevents Lunge’s men from carrying out their latest contracted killing and frame-up job, rounds them all up for the police, sabotages Howard’s master computer so it will never work again, and has Lunge hauled off by the police. 

secret of bl orchPHANTOM STRANGER Vol 2 #38 (September 1975)

Title: The Secret of the Black Orchid

Villains: A 5-member diamond theft gang

Synopsis: This story picks up with four armed men and their female accomplice Roxanne going over their plans to rob a jewelry courier of a fortune in diamonds later that morning. We get the usual “Hey, maybe Roxanne is really being impersonated by the Black Orchid” air of mystery.

bl orch sweeping downLater that morning, our heroine swoops down from the air to thwart the diamond robbery. She corrals three of the members while their leader Freddy flees via his car back to the house where the robbery was planned.

Freddy finds the real Roxanne tied to a bed and she tells him that Black Orchid waylaid her and impersonated her during part of that morning’s review of the robbery plans. Our heroine leads the police to the house to arrest Freddy and Roxanne before flying off.

bl or mirrorThat afternoon, heiress, race car driver and pilot Ronne Kuhn sets a track record in a test drive of her new race car, then heads home to the Kuhn Estate.

She watches a news report of that morning’s Black Orchid adventure, then dons a Black Orchid costume of her own, but is it to assist the real superheroine in an enigmatic venture or with some sinister purpose in mind?  

le of bl orPHANTOM STRANGER Vol 2 #39 (November 1975)

Title: The Legion of the Black Orchid

Villains: A legion of fake Black Orchids

Synopsis: Ronne Kuhn, having donned a Black Orchid costume, is hailed from her bedroom window by another woman similarly costumed. That woman claims to be a real Black Orchid and the person who sent her such a perfect likeness of the superheroine’s outfit.

two b oThe new arrival says she has studied Ronne and feels that her adventurous spirit will be perfect in helping her combat crime if she is willing. Ms. Kuhn insists she is, and her costumed visitor carries her along as she flies off to an unknown destination.

NOTE: To avoid confusion, let me clarify that this woman claiming to be a “real” Black Orchid is part of a female criminal gang planning a huge caper and they are suckering in Ronne Kuhn to take the fall.

legion bl orThe fake Black Orchid flies the costumed Ronne to a laboratory hideout which she says is the headquarters for the Legion of the Black Orchid, wherein four more women in Black Orchid costumes await.

The one who carried Ronne Kuhn to this lair unmasks and introduces herself as Karen Jensen, blonde molecular chemist. The others unmask and introduce themselves as Stefanie Tower, black-haired astrophysicist; Barbie Henderson, brunette Olympic gymnast; Janet Craig, brunette criminologist; and Lisa Patrick, red-haired psychologist and martial artist.

NOTE: Yes, obviously the game for this adventure is “Which one of these fake Black Orchids is actually the real Black Orchid infiltrating this gang of impersonators?”

six bl orAt any rate, these ladies convince Ronne Kuhn that they all used their particular talents to provide the Black Orchid outfits with the “superpowers” that the heroine seems to possess. An antigravity belt, force field generator and micro-transistorized strength enhancers built into each costume do the trick.

Next the fake Black Orchids show Ronne their mask laboratory where they pretend to make the lifelike rubberoid masks that the newspapers always mention the heroine using to impersonate people. Finally, they show Ronne their computer which supposedly has files on criminals around the world.

toastingIn closing, they ask Ronne Kuhn to join the Legion of the Black Orchid and she enthusiastically agrees. They swear her to silence and then Karen Jensen masks up and flies Ronne back home. She tells her they will get back in touch with her within a few days and flies back to the hideout.

Once there, Karen and her fellow fakers toast their mysterious plan and their patsy, Ronne Kuhn.

bl or conspPHANTOM STRANGER Vol 2 #40 (January 1976)

Title: The Black Orchid Conspiracy

Villains: Five fake Black Orchids

Synopsis: This issue picks up shortly after the previous one left off. The five fake Black Orchids are still enjoying glasses of champagne while congratulating themselves on their plan to use Ronne Kuhn as the patsy for their multi-billion-dollar criminal plan.

The “Which fake Black Orchid is the real one impersonating a gang member?” game continues as four of the ladies note that one member left the room for a little while. That missing Black Orchid returns and the quintet run through their plan again.

legion plansThey are going to rob the gold reserves of the World Bank, and relish how they actually have Ronne, the daughter of the bank’s current president, as an unknowing member of the robbery team. The next day at the Kuhn Estate, Ronne Kuhn, still excitedly anticipating adventures as a Black Orchid, is covertly contacted by Karen Jensen.

Karen will pick up Ronne at midnight and once again fly her to the hideout of the fake Legion of the Black Orchid. She does so, and the costumed impersonators convince her that communist agents plan to raid the World Bank for its gold reserves.

conning ronneRonne offers to warn her father, but the villains convince her they are working with the State Department to secretly nab the raiders red-handed (as it were) with no public international incident which might provoke a nuclear war. But they do tell her she can steal and provide them with the World Bank’s security blueprints and alarm details to help them lie in wait for the Soviet raiders.

Ronne Kuhn, who was well-established a few issues back as an action-loving adventuress who likes to push the envelope, agrees to use a visit to her father’s office the next day as a ruse to slip away and steal those plans. (It’s a comic book, just go with it.)

explThe next day, the theft of the plans is a success on Ronne’s part, and that night she is again picked up and flown to the Black Orchid headquarters. The five impersonators tell Ronne that she can help them corral the robbers, but this mission is her initiation, and she will just be wearing the replica Black Orchid costume they provided her with. If she passes, she will get a costume with all the high-tech powers.

The six costumed ladies go to the World Bank and, using the stolen plans, penetrate to the area where the gold bullion is stored. With Ronne’s usefulness at an end, the other five seize her and tie her to the vault door.

double crossThe villains plan to blow open the door, then pull off the robbery, with their high-tech suits enabling them to carry the tons of gold. Meanwhile, Ronne’s remains and the stolen plans left behind will implicate her in the crime.

The news will assume she was seeking new thrills as a bank robber and that her unknown accomplices got away. Ronne never associated with any of the fake Black Orchids in real life, so nothing links them to her.

ready to blowKaren Jensen reveals that she and her fellow female scientists developed the anti-gravity belts, bullet-deflecting force fields and strength-enhancing costume circuitry intent on pulling off this robbery. Next, they needed the World Bank’s security plans, so they hit upon the inspiration to incorporate the belts, force fields and circuitry into Black Orchid costumes and con the thrill-seeking heiress into becoming an unwitting participant in their plan.

With that, the villains withdraw down the hall to await the detonation of the plastic explosives.

will realPHANTOM STRANGER Vol 2 #41 (March 1976)

Title: Will the Real Black Orchid Please Stand Up?

Villains: Five fake Black Orchids

Synopsis: This issue picks up right where the previous one left off. With only seconds left until the explosion opens the vault door and rips Ronne Kuhn limb from limb, the real Black Orchid slips away from the four fake Black Orchids who are waiting around the corner for the vault to blow.   

four waitingOur heroine frees Ronne from her bonds, rips the vault door off its hinges and throws it through the roof and into the night sky, where it blows up from the explosives. Black Orchid reassures Ronne Kuhn that she is the real superheroine, not one of the fakes, and says she overcame Lisa Patrick earlier and took her place among the others.

Next, the Black Orchid battles the four imposters in their high-tech costumes, but her natural superpowers enable her to defeat all of them in a destructive fight throughout the building. When the fake Black Orchids are finished off, our heroine consoles Ronne on having been suckered in by them.

saved in timeWith the gang of impersonators left for the arriving police – and presumably with their superpowered costumes disabled – Black Orchid and Ronne part company and go their separate ways.

NOTE: And so ended the final 1970s adventure of the Susan Linden Black Orchid. Like many other innovative comic book ventures, the clever gimmicks and twists in her stories may have been off-putting to little kid readers, while Young Adult readers seem not to have even heard of the Black Orchid until her 1980s stories.

tearing off vault door          The carefully thought-out stories in this heroine’s original run from 1973-1976, along with the pretty consistent artwork, make her tales massively underrated in comic book history. The approach may have been too offbeat for its own good, because Black Orchid’s more upfront storylines ever since then seem to have sold better.     

           You may have noticed the decided lack of true supervillains until the fake Black Orchids came along. That was another non-commercial aspect of this original Black Orchid run that may have doomed it. Until this very last 1970s installment, no mention was made that her adventures were even set in the larger DC Comics universe.

          fakers frightenedIn Will the Real Black Orchid Please Stand Up? our heroine made a light-hearted reference to hoping the Justice League would recruit her. Ronne Kuhn mentioned Batman and Robin. In all the other stories it seemed like the Black Orchid might be set in her own separate continuity. (Yes, a cop once jokingly referred to kryptonite but even in real life people can joke about that fictional element without it meaning we live in the same world as Superman.)

          grabbing hairThe Susan Linden version of Black Orchid returned in 1985 as a guest star in a Blue Devil story and also had cameos in the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline as DC Comics reset their continuity for the umpteenth – but far from final – time. In 1987 she served with the Suicide Squad a few times.

          black orchid flies offIn 1988 Susan Linden’s Black Orchid met her end in a fire, and DC’s writers made it so that Philip Sylvian had made additional plant/ human duplicates of Susan with cuttings from the original over the years.

Susan’s life-force after her “death” as Black Orchid migrated to one of the other bodies and brought it to life, but it suffered traumatic amnesia from the process and was basically its own new Black Orchid character from there.

This new Black Orchid went by the secret identity of Flora Black. Many other changes have been made to the subsequent incarnations of Black Orchid. 

bl orch saving creeperBLUE DEVIL ANNUAL Vol 1 #1 (November 1985)

Title: The Day All Hell Broke Loose

Villains: Felix Faust and the demon Nebiros

Synopsis: In this tale from before the Justice League Dark was formed, the Susan Linden version of Black Orchid was among the offbeat heroes assembled by the Phantom Stranger and Madame Xanadu to combat a supernatural menace. They also assembled the Creeper, Man-Bat, Blue Devil and Etrigan.

bl orch throwingThe seven figures battled the Justice League’s frequent foe Felix Faust as well as the demon called Nebiros and their plans to overrun the Earth with demonic figures. In a fierce battle that spread across the United States, our heroes emerged triumphant and saved the world.

The Creeper suggested that they should all become a regular team to face supernatural menaces, but the name he proposed – the Creeper and his Spirit Squad – understandably left the others cold and they refused to join.

bl orch and othersNOTE: There was no story-appropriate spot for the usual question of who the Black Orchid might be masquerading as, so the writers went with another angle:

           Somehow Black Orchid was able to sufficiently mislead both the Phantom Stranger and Madame Xanadu into believing two different, contradictory versions of the superheroine’s origin story, neither of which was the real one.

sui sq 4SUICIDE SQUAD Vol 1 #4 (August 1987)

Title: William Hell’s Overture

Villains: William Hell and the Aryan Empire

Synopsis: The Suicide Squad were on assignment in Central City to bring down a fake superhero called William Hell, who was really tycoon William Heller, who financed the Aryan Empire and similar groups. Black Orchid was part of a team including Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Enchantress, Bronze Tiger, Chronos and Nightshade.

bl orch landingNOTE: In this story the Black Orchid made only a brief appearance. Amanda Waller and Rick Flag had her working as a special agent for the team and she impersonated William Heller’s chauffer Stevens, no first name given.

sui sq 7SUICIDE SQUAD Vol 1 #7 (November 1987)

Title: Thrown to the Wolves

Villains: The People’s Heroes

Synopsis: In the previous two issues (no appearances by Black Orchid) the Squad were sent on a suicide mission inside the Soviet Union to extract a dissident female author. That mission failed, then the Squad was captured.

They broke free and have been on the run behind the Iron Curtain. With most of the task force stuck in the Soviet Union, Black Orchid, Bronze Tiger and Captain Boomerang are designated to go in and rescue them.

bl orch and cbCaptain Boomerang was partying in New Orleans and refusing to answer Amanda Waller’s summons. Black Orchid disguises herself as a horny French woman about to spend the night with the Captain, then drops her disguise to grab him and fly him back to Suicide Squad headquarters.

bl orch vs hammerThe Black Orchid, Cap and the Bronze Tiger go into the Soviet Union where they help the stranded members defeat a team of Soviet superheroes called the People’s Heroes (a DC version of Marvel Comics’ Soviet Super Soldiers).

The Squad defeats the People’s Heroes (Hammer, Sickle, Pravda, Bolshoi and Molotov) and escape, except for Nemesis, who is captured. 

sui sq 11SUICIDE SQUAD Vol 1 #11 (March 1988)

Title: Blood & Snow Part One

Villains: Colombian Drug Dealer Xavier Cujo

Synopsis: Black Orchid takes part in a Suicide Squad mission to take down the cocaine empire of Medellin Druglord Xavier Cujo. Amanda Waller sends Black Orchid, Captain Boomerang, Vixen, Nightshade, Speedy and Enchantress into Colombia to kill Cujo and destroy his network.   

bl orch gunfireSUICIDE SQUAD Vol 1 #12 (April 1988)

Title: Blood & Snow Part Two

Villain: Colombian Drug Dealer Xavier Cujo

Synopsis: While Vixen assassinates Xavier Cujo the rest of the Suicide Squad routs his army and destroys all of his cocaine supply by having Enchantress transform it into guano.

In addition to all of that, Black Orchid stops Captain Boomerang from stealing some of the cocaine to covertly sell for his own profit back in the U.S.

bl orch suiSUICIDE SQUAD Vol 1 #22 (Holiday 1988)

Title: Final Round

Villains: Senator Cray and Derek Tolliver

Synopsis: In her final appearance in the pages of Suicide Squad, the Susan Linden Black Orchid sees no action and is just one of several Squad members that Amanda Waller has spread out through Washington DC.

The Squad is trying to intercept a renegade Rick Flag before he stops the villainous Senator Cray by assassinating him. Deadshot is the lone member of the team who catches up with Flag just when Flag confronts the senator.

bl orch 88BLACK ORCHID Vol 1 #1 (December 1988)

Title: One Thing is Certain …

Villain: Lex Luthor

Synopsis: In the first few pages, the Susan Linden Black Orchid is killed. She was infiltrating a criminal organization that she did not know is connected to Lex Luthor. For the first time, she is found out and, when bullets and other weapons prove insufficient to kill her, Luthor’s underlings soak her with gasoline and burn her alive.

bl orch picEven so, Black Orchid nearly escapes, but the building blows up, killing her before she can break free. Susan Linden’s life force transfers to another of the multiple Black Orchid bodies that her scientist beau Philip Sylvian created through cuttings from Susan over the years.

This is the first time it has happened, and the process unexpectedly causes traumatic amnesia in the new Black Orchid body that Susan’s spirit brings to life. This Black Orchid is basically an all new personality and has to grope her way toward understanding who and what she is.

The new Black Orchid goes on to adopt the secret identity of Flora Black.      








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  1. Wow! What a great retrospective. I never saw any of these books when they were out. It must have been during periods when I wasn’t buying comics. I’d forgotten about black orchid, but I did read her stories. Before her own mag she had shorts in the back of another comic I read. Around this time (1970) O’Neal/Adams Green Lantern/Green Arrow stories were appearing in the end pages of Flash (I think) and Black Orchid was maybe in the back of Batman. I’m guessing here, but the vibe fit Batman, and I was a broke kid who spent every penny on comics, so there were very few title I read consistently.

    • Thanks for the comment! Black Orchid, after her three-issue starring turn in Adventure Comics, became a backup feature in the Phantom Stranger. I guess they felt that his more cerebral stories matched the feel of Black Orchid’s own.

  2. How wonderful! I don’t remember this superheroine, but now you made me miss the time when I really liked reading the comic books of different superheroes. Back then, everything was much more interesting. Congratulations on this wonderful article!

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