masc graveyard smallerRegular readers of Balladeer’s Blog know how fond I am of bad and weird movies. I cannot yet review Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey, the horror version of A.A. Milne’s characters from the Hundred Acre Wood, because it has not been released yet. A full trailer is out now and you can view it below.

NOTE: This is, indeed, a horror film. It may be tongue in cheek, but it doesn’t shy away from violence. People who have more conventional taste in movies are warned. Please don’t watch the trailer and then vent at me because of the violence.

Winnie the Pooh recently fell into the public domain if you’re wondering how this film is possible. 



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  1. OK, I must be a little odd as I want to see that movie!!!

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  3. What was the title of that film where a group of young Repulsicans go camping in the wilds of Martha’s Vineyard and a band of Demosocialists sneak in and steal all their food and clothing, then in the closing scenes, immigrants dressed in ill-fitting Armani suits, Dior gowns, and Pink sweapants jeer at the Repulsicans who are then trying to sneak through town nude? You know, the only collaboration between Mel Brooks, Harpo Marx, and Niel Simon – that one.

  4. Whoever was responsible for securing the rights to Winnie the Pooh blew it–right? Or maybe they’re OK with an iconic children’s series becoming horror? What do you think?

  5. My son is champing at the bit for us to watch this. I can only shake my head and know the horror hound in me demands I do it, lol

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