With Balladeer’s Blog’s look at 1970s Iron Man classics over with, here are the chapter links.

im 55ONE – While Marianne Rodgers is plagued by psychic visions, Iron Man has his first clash with the enigmatic Black Lama. The Lama’s powerful disciple Raga the Son of Fire rampages through California. Click HERE.

TWO – Iron Man gets caught between the new menace called Thanos and his foes the Eternals of Titan. The Sub-Mariner, Moon Dragon and Drax the Destroyer guest star as Tony faces the Blood Brothers and more. Click HERE.

THREE – Iron Man’s archenemy the Mandarin returns with a new plan and a new ally – Tony’s old foe the Unicorn. Click HERE.

im 61FOUR – Tony Stark is updated on the condition of Marianne Rodgers while Firebrand strikes again, followed by the Masked Marauder’s plan to steal Stark International’s space shuttle. Click HERE

FIVE – Whiplash returns and attacks Iron Man in Cincinnati. After that, Doctor Spectrum strikes in Detroit. Click HERE.

SIX – In rapid succession, Iron Man faces Dr. Spectrum, Thor and Eddie March as a new version of his old enemy the Freak. Click HERE.

SEVEN – While searching in Vietnam for Eddie March’s M.I.A. brother Marty, Iron Man is drawn into the Black Lama’s War of the Supervillains and battles the Mandarin, Sunfire, Ultimo and the Yellow Claw. Click HERE.

im 72EIGHT – Iron Man takes on the Black Lama and the Yellow Claw while investigating the Lama’s ongoing war for world conquest. That war then leads him into battle with the Melter, Whiplash and the Man-Bull. Click HERE.

NINE – The Crimson Dynamo attacks Iron Man at Marty March’s Hidden City of Peace. Meanwhile the Black Lama sets Modok and A.I.M. against the Mad Thinker as his War of the Supervillains continues. Click HERE.

im 77TEN – The link between the Black Lama and Marianne Rodgers is revealed as Iron Man struggles to survive against Modok, the Mad Thinker and the Yellow Claw. Click HERE.

ELEVEN – Iron Man battles the biological constructs of a female mad scientist named Dr. Kurarkill and at long last learns the identity of the mysterious Black Lama. Meanwhile, Firebrand complicates the situation with his own plans for world conquest. Click HERE.

TWELVE – The Mandarin returns with one of his most elaborate plans ever, pitting Iron Man against Ultimo, the Guardsman and Sunfire as the hero tries to save the world from a nuclear holocaust. Click HERE



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2 responses to “IRON MAN CHAPTER LINKS

  1. Ha, funny to think of Thanos as a “new menace” back in the day, when he’s been a major baddie for the entire time I’ve been reading comics … 😁

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