democrat demagoguery about jan 6thIf anyone is tired of political posts, blame the Democrats because they insist on continuing their lies, their demagoguery and their hatemongering. They are offering up yet another round of lies about de facto Third Party President Donald Trump. Laughably, they are still pretending that the January 6th, 2021 protest at the Capitol Building was an “insurrection” (LMAO), yet still claim that Democrats burning down buildings, looting and trying to kill or blind cops constitute “mostly peaceful” demonstrations.

democrat platform hatredDespite the attempted assassination of a Supreme Court Justice a few days ago Democrats in the House of Representatives blocked a bill to provide additional protection for the Justices and their innocent family members AND STILL ENCOURAGE DEMONSTRATIONS OUTSIDE THEIR HOMES DESPITE THE FACT THAT SUCH ACTIONS ARE ILLEGAL. Joe Biden’s DOJ simply refuses to enforce that – and certain other – laws if it won’t help The Party. Even children of the Justices have been threatened by Democrat fascists.

And no, cops were NOT killed at the January 6th protest, no matter how many times Democrats and their media outlets lie about it. With Joe Biden’s approval ratings far below Trump’s or any other president’s lowest ratings at this point in their term Democrats are desperate to indulge in a show trial. (Their goal is to try to damage Trump, whose popularity is still such that the candidates he endorsed in this year’s primary elections currently stand at 110 wins and 6 losses.) 

Well, that and their fear that de facto Third Party President Donald Trump will return to his office. One of the best things about Trump is how much he terrifies the cesspool of corruption that masquerades as America’s government. He’s NOT a career politician, which automatically puts him above the career criminals in office, he’s rich enough to not be bought and has a thick enough skin to withstand attacks from the bought and paid-for whores from both of our political parties.  

And I will point out again that he was the greatest president for the working class and the poor of all colors during my lifetime. In addition he brought America energy independence and was the first president in decades to keep the U.S. out of any new wars.

biden riots in dc


Furthermore, the overwrought propaganda of the Democrats this week has had me laughing VERY hard. They theatrically pretend that the mass trespassing incident of January 6th, 2021 was “worse than the Civil War and the 9-11 attacks.” What disingenuous garbage.

Their monumental and hilarious political hypocrisy has been on full display in Washington DC this week as Democrats engage in political theater while pretending to revere the Capitol Building and its “symbolism.” (LMAO) Before I became an Independent Voter I spent most of my life as a Democrat and believe me, they feel contempt for the Capitol and its “symbolism”, even calling it one of the “institutions of imperialist rule” and “the seat of White Supremacy and systemic racism in America.”

Democrats also despise people who DO revere the Capitol and its symbolism, dismissing them as simple-minded patriotic rednecks.

Nancy Pelosi demagogueJanuary 2021 saw a “mostly peaceful protest” (as Democrats described the MONTHS-LONG Antifa riots which terrorized the country) at the Capitol turn into a chaotic mass-trespassing incident with the Democrats of the Capitol Police even killing an unarmed woman. Suddenly, Democrat pretensions that they revered the Capitol poured from the mouths of the demagogues of the Democrat Party.

Hey, let’s rename it “the Demagogue Party”. After all, the Democrat Party is the country’s oldest existing institution which launched a Civil War and fought for slavery, so a name change for that political party is LONG overdue. Okay, so they won’t rename themselves the Demagogue Party, but they should rename it something to distance themselves from the Democrat Party’s horrifically racist past.

capitol bombing 1983Anyway, Democrats felt that their OWN storming of the Capitol was fine back on October 4th, 2018, even though THEY WERE INTERFERING WITH ONE OF THOSE GOVERNMENT FUNCTIONS WHICH THEY NOW PRETEND SHOULD BE SACROSANCT. Democrats/ the left cheered on that activity. And let’s not forget the way the left literally set off a BOMB in the Capitol on November 7th, 1983. Also HERE. A million dollars (by 1983 standards, so much more today) in damage was done.

Most adults are above the fake tears and the fear-mongering which truly pathetic Democrat members of Congress are indulging in regarding January 6th. The Democrats will probably never lose their competitive edge in phoniness and manufactured emotion, so non-Democrats – as in Independents, Third Party Voters, Republicans and People Who Claim No Political Affiliation, in other words THE REST OF US – will always need to remain highly skeptical of any and all political theater from them. 

Kenosha democrat riotIn May 2020 when the White House was violently attacked for about 24 hours and many secret service agents were seriously injured, Biden and other Democrats said Trump “used tear gas against peaceful protestors” even though it’s been proven that he DIDN’T use tear gas on those “peaceful protestors.” Listen to those Democrat hypocrites today and the draconian measures they now recommend against civil disobedience!
The night of May 31st, 2020 rioters set fires all over the capital of the United States. A mob of them gathered outside the White House and threatened to storm it. The president was said to have been moved to a bunker. Many Democrats laughed at him and supported the mob. Never mind that the safety of the president, as a symbol of America and self-governance, goes beyond individual or party and should never be a laughing matter, like Democrats are now sniveling about the Capitol.
Who knows? Some day the January 6th protestors may be looked on as the victims of governmental authoritarianism, like the Bonus Marchers of long ago. Nobody knows how events will be viewed decades and centuries from now, no matter how much Democrats pretend that they do.
biden riots pic 

Anti-Trump fascists have sunk lower than ever over the past few years. In 2020 we had MONTHS of Democrat mobs rioting and starting fires and causing literally BILLIONS of dollars of damage and the loss of lives while the media and Democrat political figures cheered them on. Biden’s organization as well as several celebrities even PAID BAIL to get their fascist rioters back out on the streets for more mayhem. (Kamala Harris and 13 Biden staffers even donated money to a bail fund for rioters in Minneapolis and encouraged other people to do so, ballooning the fund up into the millions.)

When Harris was on The Late Show she praised the Biden mobs, saying “They’re not going to stop. They’re not going to stop. This is a movement, I’m telling you. They’re not gonna stop. And everyone beware because they’re not gonna stop. They’re not gonna stop before Election Day and they’re not going to stop after Election Day. And everyone should take note of that. They’re not gonna let up and they should not.”



democrats love violence


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  1. Well said. I too used to be a Democrat. I switched to an Independent over 20 years ago. I think those of us who “escaped” are even more aware of all their hypocrisy and shenanigans than others. I will NEVER vote Democrat ever again. There is absolutely nothing I align myself with in their beliefs or policies.

  2. A bloody civil war is coming. We are sitting on a loaded powder keg that is about ready to explode. We CANNOT continue on like this, with double standards and laws for some but bot others, as well as 1/2 of the country absolutely hating the other 1/2 and calling us domestic terrorists and/or a basket of deplorables. This just can’t go on.

  3. Excellent post! There’s no doubt in my mind that the Democrats were hoping that one of their nut job activists would assassinate a Supreme Court judge so they could appoint a new left-wing judge and keep pushing gun control. I sincerely believe that Scalia could have been murdered. Thank God Merrick Garland’s nomination fell through! That man is worthless and should be impeached.

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