Thank you to reader David Bovey for pointing out that I had not yet provided a list of links to every installment thus far in my look at the tales of Charlemagne and his Paladins.

charlemagne mapPALADINS OF CHARLEMAGNE – The fictional setting of the legends surrounding the real-life Charlemagne, plus the introduction of several of his Paladins (knights). Click HERE.

MORE PALADINS OF CHARLEMAGNE – Introducing a few more prominent characters from the Tales of Charlemagne. Click HERE

HOW ROLAND AND OGIER BECAME PALADINS – Answering a cry for help from the Pope, the Emperor Charlemagne leads his Frankish armies against the Muslim forces threatening Rome. During that military campaign Charlemagne’s nephew Roland and Ogier the Dane distinguish themselves and are invested as Paladins. Click HERE

CHARLOT’S VILLAINY – Charlemagne’s evil son Charlot plots to kill the Paladin named Ogier the Dane during the Emperor’s ongoing campaign against the Muslim armies that threaten the Pope and Rome. Click HERE

TWO ADVENTURES OF ROLAND – In the first adventure, the Paladin Roland faces a 14 feet tall giant. In the second adventure, during a war led by his uncle Charlemagne, Roland is reunited with his childhood friend Oliver. Click HERE.  

OGIER AND THE CROWN OF DENMARK – Charlemagne sends his Paladin named Ogier the Dane to lead a military defense of Denmark against invading Vikings from the north. Click HERE.  

REINOLD, MAUGRIS THE ENCHANTER AND THE HORSE BAYARD – Maugris the Enchanter maneuvers the Paladin named Reinold into vying with a Muslim warrior for the mystic horse Bayard. Click HERE

LOTHAIR AND BENES – To the delight of Charlemagne’s evil son Charlot, Duke Benes treacherously slays Charlemagne’s good son Lothair. Benes and Charlemagne each field 40,000 men in a massive military campaign against each other. Click HERE.

THE PRINCESS OF CATHAY – Princess Angelica of Cathay and her brother crash the Emperor Charlemagne’s grand tournament under instructions from their father to sabotage the Frankish Empire. Click HERE

REINOLD AND ANGELICA – In the enchanted Forest of Arden, Reinold and Princess Angelica of Cathay separately drink from the waters of hatred and love, respectively, thus setting in motion their star-crossed relationship. Angelica frees the imprisoned Maugris the Enchanter on condition that he turn Reinold over to her. Click HERE.

REINOLD ON ANGELICA’S MYSTIC ISLAND – The newly freed Maugris the Enchanter fulfills his promise to Princess Angelica by betraying the Paladin named Reinold into her hands on her magical island. Click HERE.  

THE SIEGE OF ALBRACCA – Agri Khan, King of the Tartars, besieges Cathay’s capital city of Albracca. Princess Angelica recruits Charlemagne’s nephew Roland to lead a rescue effort to save her and her father King Galafron. Click HERE.  

REINOLD BATTLES ROLAND – Reinold battles a giant, a griffin and the army of King Galafron of Cathay. That last conflict sets him against his cousin the Paladin Roland, who is fighting on the side of Cathay at the behest of his lady love Princess Angelica. Click HERE

THE ENCHANTED GARDENS OF FALERINA – The Paladin Reinold winds up a captive of Morgana, but his cousin Roland remains free and struggles to save him. Click HERE.

ROLAND VS MORGANA – Charlemagne’s nephew Roland battles to free the captives of Morgana, the Lady of the Lake. Click HERE.

BRADAMANTE MEETS RUGGIERO – As Charlemagne’s Muslim foes invade his empire on multiple fronts the female Paladin named Bradamante has her first ever encounter with the mighty Ruggiero. Click HERE.  



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