matt and gregIf you are heavily into films and hearing from directors and actors offering comments on their work long ago when those movie projects first came out you may enjoy the old Matt and Greg Podcasts. The pair listen to and comment on 1990s to early 2000s radio junket interviews.

As I mentioned above if you really get into the finer points of what was going on behind the scenes of many big-name movies these podcasts have a wealth of material for you. The fact that these interviews were conducted so long ago makes them invaluable. Not only do you get intriguing aesthetic takes from the artists themselves AT THE TIME but the hindsight we listeners have here in 2021 provides us with a unique perspective.

During the 1993 interviews with the cast and director of True Romance a young Patricia Arquette mentions getting involved with the project after hearing from “this guy named Harvey Weinstein.” In the Groundhog Day interviews you can detect a bit of the tension between Harold Ramis and Bill Murray – tension which we now know caused them to go decades without speaking to each other.   

Here’s just a partial listing of some of the movies whose cast and directors – and sometimes producers – were interviewed: Silence of the Lambs, Goldeneye, The Fellowship of the Ring, Back to the Future Part II, Saving Private Ryan, Titanic, The Big Lebowski, The Shawshank Redemption and Apollo 13.

No matter how big a film geek you consider yourself to be there is bound to be new information for you. You can listen to Matt and Greg Used to Interview Movie Stars HERE.


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4 responses to “MATT AND GREG: THE PODCAST

  1. Well, thanks for the tip. Not a film geek and quite put-off by all and anyone “celebrity,” I’d rather spend my time doing something pleasurable. Like, oh, I dunno, laying my thumb across the yoke of an anvil and pounding it with a 16 oz ball peen hammer. Or. I could pull back on Balladeer posts and see what my frequent absences have made me miss.

  2. Darth Scipio


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