LaboratoryLABORATORY (1980) – Time for another Anne “Steven’s Sister” Spielberg project with Robert Emenegger, after whom Balladeer’s Blog has named the REAL E-Space. (Sorry, Doctor Who fans.) In this flick we meet some of the strangest aliens in the Emeneggerverse. They have humanoid outlines but they’re wrapped within shimmering disco-ball skin and are reminiscent of Eldrad from The Hand of Eldrad

These aliens, who speak with distorted, almost robotic voices, come to the Earth in a spaceship that looks like a cartoon fireball. They proceed to abduct six Earthlings from a range of backgrounds to study them and subject them to physical and mental tests.

The testing takes place at an abandoned Air Force facility which the aliens have appropriated for their own use, enhancing the proto-X-Files feel to the piece. Corinne Michaels – better known as Corinne Camacho – portrays a spoiled rich bitch, Martin Kove plays a beefy rancher and Camille Mitchell stars as a musician who ultimately manages to use assorted musical notes to communicate with their abductors.   

The other abductees are a black guy, a priest and an Asian lady, and their characters are no more developed than those brief descriptions I just gave. In fact the Asian (June Kim) barely speaks one line of dialogue before dying of fright and having her head removed for study. (A decently done special effect, actually.)

The abductees bicker and fight until some of them manage to work together to try to escape before they’re all dead. Laboratory combines The Prisoner with Cube and the aforementioned X-Files. The story even touches on the aliens “tagging” certain humans for future abductions and further study. Sadly, this movie has far more dull spots than interesting spots.   FOR MY REVIEW OF EIGHT MOVIES FROM EMENEGGER AND SPIELBERG CLICK HERE.



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