question markHere at Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog I’ve often noted the way that, no matter where you stand on environmental issues, it’s become another topic where true conversation has vanished. For starters, I’ve never encountered anyone, no matter how they vote, who doubts or – as the hysterical put it – “denies” that climate change occurs.

The question is whether or not human beings can cause that change. And if so, what non-destructive steps could be realistically taken to counter that. No true conversations can be held because the simple-minded religiously insist that whatever the wildest and most over the top suggestions come from the Democrats MUST be obeyed. Without questions being asked. And despite the fact that not even scientists agree on whether or not human beings can impact the planet’s environment. Both sides of the issue can produce “scientists” who back their claims, but none of those scientists are without bias and often are found to be receiving grant money from certain industries on either side of the issue.

Even many “green” proponents have come to doubt Big Wind, Big Solar and other allegedly ecology-friendly industries. As always, industries want money, and none of them – fossil fuel or green – have ever been above using deception to get that money. And no matter which side you are on, practical issues have to be addressed. Many suggestions being put forward as supposedly “friendly” to the working class, the poor, minorities, etc wind up damaging them economically instead.

Worst of all, legislation or cabinet department level regulations keep sneaking through without public airing of the true plusses and minuses. Many proposals are being enacted at the state and local level – watch what goes on in your state legislature and in your city council.  You might be very surprised at what is being proposed or has already gone through and how deeply it will impact your life. Active involvement will be required.

Since elected officials “mysteriously” rise to income levels far beyond their salaries, our political class truly does not care what this will do to the lives of people in the real world. As we have seen, the self-styled aristocracy does not care about your health and welfare or that of your family.  If electrification increases your energy bills, so what? If it makes your family less safe or less comfortable, oh well. It makes absolutely no difference to them if any of this is inconvenient or unhealthy or dangerous.

Many “reporters” today also exist (or want to exist) at an income level far above real world incomes and are also not the least bit skeptical about the wildest green claims, nor are they at all sympathetic to the plight of the poor and the working class.  

For so many in politics, the media and electricity, elimination of all fossil fuels is the goal, and that means no natural gas, no heating oil, no gasoline, no propane. Nothing but electricity, which at present is in most places on the order of three times more expensive than natural gas and nowhere near as good at providing home heating, hot water, cooking, etc. Again, open debate is avoided and immediately eliminating all options but electric is treated as the starting point for any conversations on the issue.

Proceeding along such lines is accomplished in various ways. It has begun by banning natural gas hookups in “new construction,” which does not affect most people. Simultaneously, measures are taken to make natural gas difficult if not impossible to use and still comply with building codes, also something most people would not notice until it’s too late. Then, when those measures make it less profitable for utilities to provide natural gas at all, they will just finish the job and we’ll all be shivering over our sorry electric ranges.

But don’t take my word for it – if you happen upon the websites of some of the organizations pushing for all-electric power NOW, it’s there in black and white, but they know average citizens are too busy living their lives to read the environmental pronouncements of those organizations.  

I mention all this as someone who has never been entirely persuaded by either side. I doubt that I’m alone on that and would love to find a genuine exchange of ideas on the subject, but that is not available right now. There is nothing but shrillness and dogma. I’m always open to being persuaded, but I won’t be hysterically preached to.  




  1. As ever, you have hit the nail firmly on the head with this one!

  2. jerryquinn

    Your sentiments and perspective match my own. Excellent points and totally agree with you that of course we must protect our environment, but because of how the environment has been turned into straw man arguments it’s impossible to have any sort of rational, honest discussion!

  3. Someone

    AGW is total BS. They had to remove signs at Glacier National Park since they should have melted already. Now it is true some glaciers are receding, but some are also expanding. Some scientist out there have argued that we may be in another or coming solar minimum. Long droughts are also recorded geologically in North America.

    And don’t forget all those burning coal seams across the world releasing CO2 and that fire hole in Central Asia. Even NASA has recorded greening in some parts of the world that they attribute to the increase in CO2.

    The only environmental problems I’m concerned about is micro plastics/plastic in the environment, fertilizer runoff creating ocean dead zones, invasive species anywhere in the world, and securing future sources of potable water given the human population.

    • I understand, and it’s what I mean. Everyone has SOME environmental issue that concerns them, but if it’s not one that fits into the Democrats’ current political strategy it receives virtually no attention.

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