democrat platform hatredI’m a former Democrat turned Independent Voter. My grandparents fled a country where riots and other forms of unrest came to mark the electoral process. They legally migrated to the U.S. little dreaming that one day the Democrats would turn this country into the kind they fled. A country where organized violence and vote fraud is threatened and in which businesses and homes must batten down over fear of the Democrat mobs. 

stalin vote quoteBalladeer’s Blog has covered the many, many vote fraud scandals in recent years and this year Democrat operatives even came forward discussing the most effective techniques for such fraud. Manufacturing votes after the fact has been the Democrat playbook in Pennsylvania more than once. Democrats have also called for riots and other disruptions (links below) if the election doesn’t seem to be going their way.

Stop Democrat ViolenceRemember, “BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY” has become the fascistic slogan of the Democrats. What kind of totalitarian animals adopt such a slogan?  

The social media Robber Barons at twitter, facebook and their ilk are already suspending and censoring the accounts of known Biden critics like Mark Levin today. We all know the drill – in a few days they’ll lift the suspensions and claim that they happened by accident.

democrat criminal enterprise

Anyway, regarding what to do if you witness vote fraud and such:

The public may contact the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division in Washington, D.C. at (800) 253-3931 or (202) 307-2767, or by complaint form at

The public is advised, however, to call 911 immediately in the case of a crime of violence or active intimidation. State and local police have primary jurisdiction over polling places and can generally respond more quickly in an emergency. Federal authorities can respond thereafter.

Brewer said, “Ensuring free and fair elections depends in large part on the cooperation of the American electorate. It is imperative that those who have specific information about discrimination or election fraud make that information available to my Office, the FBI, or the Civil Rights Division.”

For the Democrat confession on vote fraud techniques click HERE

For the Democrat calls for disruptions click HERE

And for some of the latest vote fraud antics click HERE

More vote fraud exposed HERE 


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  1. Someone

    Remember, if you are not a feminist/sexually repulsive female, cop hater, former KKK, believe in multiple genders, a pedophile/queerdo/transweirdo, a murderer, a rapist, metrosexual male/mangina, vegan, have mental health issues, or all around loser, then you ain’t Democrat.

  2. You touched on something I have brought up to people in discussion, but as it pertains to illegal immigration. Your parents not expecting that “the Democrats would turn this country into the kind they fled.” I ask people that defend illegals, sanctuary cities, and unlimited immigration this question: At what point do we become what they left?
    The Democrats are the common denominator here.

    • Thanks for the comment. I agree. And I often write here at this blog – for years now – that I would love to see the Democrats and Republicans splinter into multiple smaller parties because it may be the only peaceful way out of our current situation. I know there are perils with coalition governments but I genuinely think that after a decade or so we would be back to just two dominant parties but at least they would not be the Democrats and Republicans as currently constituted.

      • We definitely need something to break up what we currently have. At least a third party? I am in awe at the wisdom of our forefathers, but they could not have foreseen the current culture shift that is eroding our country’s values.

      • At least a Third Party is right. And I agree, they foresaw a lot and made contingencies for many situations but could not have foreseen the bizarre mindset that has gripped a lot a of people.

      • Someone

        Even Micheal Savage, conservative radio host, always reminds that in the end, the big money controls both parties. I myself would argue that this because of the government is given sweeping power over the tax code, regulations, and many other issues that the founders had no intent to the federal government having though probably at the state and local level.

        Heck, the founders could not even conceive of a ‘public schooling’ system as we know it and look at how many political problems this causes for us.

        The federal government was expanding well into the early 1900’s, but even then most peoples’ contact with it were through the Constitutionally mandated post office or maybe a military outpost or base. Too bad we can’t go back to that.

      • I agree. It is all very concerning and, as always, Orwell’s pronouncement on the future seems chillingly possible.

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  5. dolphinwrite

    When the polls were coming in, having watched the incredible disinformation campaign by the left and radical media, I thought the possibility of our president waiting another four years to run again was a possibility. And I thought some fraud could happen, but didn’t think it would be enough except in a close race. But given the incredible crowds (Sometimes 35-40,000 strong.) driving from everywhere to see President Donald Trump, and the paltry parking lots of his opponent, I felt more people would choose real freedom with responsibility, but also protecting Israel and other countries from terrorism and communist/socialist nations.
    But it wasn’t until we heard what was happening at the polls: 1) In some places, poll watchers were prevented from entering, at other times, having to stand at a distance too far to actually see if accurate accounts were kept. In at least one instance, they allowed poll watchers in, but moved the pollsters much further away so what they were doing couldn’t be seen. Why would they do that. 2) That some people drove from other states to vote elsewhere (That makes sense, for if radicals believe their state is strongly red, or already blue, they might go to another where the odds are closer.) is certainly a possibility given the lack of adherence to state regulations, and 3) That dead people cast their votes (How?), some voting more than once, that pollsters filled in the forms for others (Illegal we think.), that in some cases, only democrats were given pens but republicans were given something that would be inadmissible, for all forms have to be filled in by pen. 4) There’s more, but you’ll learn more in the days ahead. But there was one more thing: actually seeing, on television, poll watchers being denied access into the building by the pollsters who look none too friendly. **I have to ask. If everything is legit, why would any polling station have a problem being viewed?
    It was while watching that I remember, years ago, helping at a poll station. And I can vaguely remember, while working, that the thought occurred to me that people could skew the results if they were so inclined. Perhaps readers have noticed that in their own experiences in polling stations. But I was very diligent in doing it exactly as we were told, following the rules. But I wondered about other people.
    And this year is the fourth in a nationwide media propaganda/political machine with one purpose: to take down the president. And the left, from the beginning, did everything, lied about so much, just to take down our president. In that environment, one can see there are many out there that will do anything to keep our president from four more years. It’s very clear in concept, and we’ve seen some of it: in action. And with mail-in balloting, it’s easy to imagine what can happen there.
    But there’s another thing: Republicans look to be keeping the Senate and gaining ground in the House. That would mean that more voters voted Republican. Some in the same states. That has to bring up some serious questions. If voters are showing up in mass at Trump rallies, and Joe Biden gets parking lots of several cars, and ballots are cast for republican senators and house representatives, it only makes sense that our president would have many more votes. It’s clear the Americans were voting against democratic radicalism. And there’s so much more.
    Yes. We know corruption has always been a part of politics, but we can see it ever more clearly today. But our concern is not with ourselves, but more for the country and the next generation, but also for those countries out there that are fighting to remain free and democratic, struggling and in need of our help.
    Whatever happens in this election, and there is and will be intense scrutiny, there will be incredible security measures taken in future elections. We need to go back to straight polling booths with identification and verification or absentee ballots requested by voters. Then polling watchers on both sides. Then, each count needs to be verified by both sides.

    • Thank you for the thoughtful comment. I hope you are right. In any event you summarized some of the clearly fraudulent activity nicely. I will definitely be covering all the rest of this drama here at my blog.

  6. Natalie

    Rioting and destruction intimidate the weak apparently.

  7. dolphinwrite

    It is good all of this is out in the open. Americans will demand better monitoring. We want our votes to count. We certainly don’t want “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” on steroids.

    • Carl, I used to think people who tried to defend the awful George W Bush were the stupidest and most uninformed people I ever dealt with but anti-Trump loons like you are even worse. Something is not true just because you say it is. Your comment failed all basic fact-checking on every level. You should be embarrassed. You also proved that you haven’t read the rest of my October and November posts which established the fallacy of your “thinking.” Not even a good try.

  8. dolphinwrite

    The level of propaganda and “creative speech”/rhetoric makes difficult for younger people, uninformed people, and those who follow rhetoric to see through the lies and double-speak.

  9. dolphinwrite

    That’s also why the radical left and most of the left sought to separate families, separating kids from their parents in whatever fashion they could.

  10. dolphinwrite

    It’s about destroying young people’s minds so they become the radicals of tomorrow.

    • Yep, the alleged opposition party to the Democrats is being as apathetic and ineffectual against this stolen election as they were against the distortion of the educational system.

      • dolphinwrite

        It’s a hard thing to see. One does not want to believe such things can happen. Like thieves in the night, they wormed their way into our lives, into every corner conceivable. And all too many said nothing, did nothing, just looked the other way, not wanting to cause trouble, yet trouble found us in the worst ways. Most do not understand how determined the radicals are to destroy this country, and that entails destroying our children’s minds to become future voters of communism. I remember one amazing president saying we’re always one generation away losing our freedoms. They know what they’re doing. I pray more and more people wake up.

      • I agree. People are just too apathetic about all this.

  11. Madelyn

    Democrats = Nazis.

  12. R Fisk

    We became a fascist country this year because of Democrats and their thugs.


    We all knew a stolen election was coming this year. The democrats advertised it.


    Democrats stole the election.

  15. Madlyn

    The whole world has noticed the double standard of your country’s media about these things.

  16. dolphinwrite

    This has been going on for a long time.

  17. Hope

    Democrats are thugs and fascists.

  18. Imbebe Umbeaucoup

    Democrats are terrorists and thugs.

  19. Mac Mcleod

    Democrats are a criminal organization now.

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