masc graveyard picYes, it’s another Top 20 for 2020 list! And it’s another one about failed predictions, this time from alleged psychics of long, long ago instead of the recent past. As always these bogus predictions are fun from a Flash Fiction angle.


Pope Hat*** The reign of the final Pope ever will come to a close in 2013. Since that is obviously wrong, these other predictions about O’Morgain’s Final Popes are wrong as well.

*** Before 2013 a Pope who was born in a Middle Eastern country will witness massive persecutions of Christians during his reign and will ultimately fall victim to the persecutors himself.

*** The final Pope to call himself Leo will oversee a period in which all of humanity unites under Christianity.

*** Petrus Romanus, Peter of Rome, will be the very last Pope. He will preside over the destruction of Rome and the end of the world in 2013.


*** A Muslim leader with a ferocious army will conquer all of Europe before finally taking England itself.

*** A Holy War to retake England will break out with the United States and Russia fighting on the side of Christianity. Much of England will be laid waste.


*** A submarine in Holy Loch will unleash a missile powerful enough to destroy all of Scotland.

*** All people in Scotland will be dead and the few animals that survive will be wiped out by a subsequent Black Rain.

LEO TOLSTOI (1828-1910) On his deathbed this writer issued prophecies.

*** In the 1930s a Mongolian Slav will emerge as a great global reformer. He will rally the world to reject monotheism and embrace pantheism.

*** Humanity will replace concepts like monogamy and polygamy with poetagamy – sexual relations based on poetic interpretations of life.

*** Ultimately the nations of the world will do away with armies, religions and “degenerate art.”

HELENA BLAVATSKY (1831-1891) Yes, THE Madame Blavatsky.

*** A new spiritual leader of the Western World will appear by 1975.

*** The New Race, like the Vrillic Race written about by Bulwer-Lytton, will emerge in America. They will be altered in mentality and physique and lead the world toward a more perfect spiritual existence.


*** France will be taken over by a dictator who will introduce an entirely new form of government.

*** The United States will have dominion over space travel.

*** China and Japan will unite and rule the Eastern Hemisphere.


*** A war involving all the nations of the world will devastate the planet.

*** In the anarchy that follows, even the survivors will make war on each other, small tribe against small tribe.

*** “Warriors who teach the truth” will be reincarnated around the world and will begin performing miracles.

*** Within a few years these warriors will heal the Earth enough that the trees will grow rich with fruit. The world will be led by the Maitreya, the new spiritual king.Β 


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  1. Poetagamy!!!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜›πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  2. Msdedeng

    I appreciate your follow, and I look forward to “knowing” you. πŸ™‚

  3. Interesting.

    Thanks for following my blog and introducing me to yours. I notice you have a section about Navajo myths. I lived on the Navajo reservation and although I love some things about the culture, unfortunately, the dark has taken over parts of its spirituality and they have a large amount of superstitions. But I did experience some strange and powerful things when my son, the school, and I were “witched”, and we experienced the results of that. It led us to various medicine people and ceremonies. I’d already spent my lifetime experiencing spirits and other dimensions but these experiences on the rez only confirmed them more.

  4. Peyton

    Very eerie predictions!

  5. Rick

    Wonderful list! =)

  6. Kia

    Really weird visions of the future.

  7. Benito

    That is weird about those Popes.

  8. Bill

    Those are pretty funny predictions.

  9. The Tonner

    omg what a great bunch of funny and stupid predictions.

  10. ontheroadwitheric

    These were pretty way out there!

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