Bill de Blasio with Liberty's headBrilliant and daring artist Scott LoBaido bashed the disastrous demagogue Bill de Blasio, Democrat Mayor of New York City, in a terrific banner that he unveiled over the Staten Island Expressway earlier this week.

Bill de Blasio’s horrific handling of the Covid-19/ Coronavirus situation has been exceeded only by his dismembering of the liberties of New Yorkers, as depicted in the banner.

As LoBaido was quoted as saying about his classic piece of art as political protest:

“It’s what he’s (Bill de Blasio) doing to New York, he’s severing the head of the greatest city on Earth,” LoBaido told the New York Post. 

His goal was to “fire up the masses” about De Blasio’s failed leadership, and he said a lot of cars honked their horns “like crazy” as the banner was unveiled, according to the Post.

“New York has turned into a sh–hole because of this guy,” LoBaido said in regards to the mayor. “He hates the true New Yorkers: police officers, firefighters… people who built this city.”

As journalist Matt Vespa noted about Bill de Blasio’s failed leadership “It’s to the point where some people aren’t even going near the city until this clown is gone. The Big Apple is quickly reverting back to its crime-ridden days, as Billy decided to do what he does best: spit in the face of the NYPD.”

“He plans to cut $1 billion in funding for law enforcement. And then, after being at war with the NYPD for the better part of his tenure, he’s upset that the thugs who brutally assaulted NYPD Chief Terence Monahan were given bail. These are your policies, sir. You’re “unhappy.” Is this a joke?”

“Your policies and overt disrespect for New York’s finest allowed for Monahan’s assault to occur and your policies allowed the perpetrators to walk out. The plain-clothes unit is off the street and shocker—shootings have gone through the stratosphere.”


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  1. I love that banner. And I love that he’s depicted him wearing the Che Guevara shirt. Is it too much to hope for that everyone nowadays — especially LGBTQ+ artists (like myself) — sees that t-shirt and is brutally reminded of Reinaldo Arenas’ gut-churning memoir of growing up in Cuba under Marxism, “Before Night Falls”?

    • Hello! I wish it wasn’t, but it probably IS too much to hope for. Clueless buffoons still seem to delude themselves that that animal was fighting for “the people.” It’s like that anti-Che cartoon goes, with Che saying “Vive le ignorant white rich kids!”

  2. What about his failed leadership when it comes to crime. He has fired up the violent element and has the city burning, People are cowering in fear. Every weekend NYC has become a shooting gallery. Twenty eight people shot over the july 4th weekend and another fortyfour this past weekend.

    He needs to eb removed from office immediately.

  3. Wow. That’s a pretty amazing piece of art/protest right there. Had no idea that he had defunded the NYPD like that. Let me pick my jaw up off the floor. Yikes.

  4. Sally

    De Blasio and Cuomo killed so many with their neglect.

  5. yankee170

    Deblasio and Cuomo both screwed up very badly.

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