Detailed entry on the father of the sea goddess Sedna. For more entries on the gods and goddesses of Inuit mythology click here:

Inuit regionANGUTA – This father of the sea goddess Sedna was originally the god who ruled over Pugtulik Island. He was responsible for inflicting punishments on deserving souls when they reached Sedna’s subaquatic realm of the dead.

At the dawn of time, after his unruly daughter devoured both of her mother’s arms and had consumed one of Anguta’s own, he took her out in a canoe to abandon her at sea in the apotheotic event that saw Sedna’s ascension to sea goddess.

After making his return to shore, where his wife Isarrataitsoq awaited, a wave sent by his angry daughter washed over him and Isarrataitsoq, dragging them down to Sedna’s new domain to serve as members of her subaquatic court. Anguta (still one-armed) was responsible for punishing the souls of the dead, with bestiality meriting the greatest punishment.

Anguta would repeatedly strike the soul of a dead person in their genitals for as long as their violations of taboos in life (or their “Earthly sins” you could say) demanded. This period could last for a year or more (that’s gotta hurt). After sufficient suffering the soul of the deceased was free to congregate with other souls in Sedna’s subaquatic afterlife called Adlivun. 

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4 responses to “ANGUTA: INUIT DEITY

  1. Janet

    And I thought my daughters could be nasty at times!

  2. Kehlani

    Wow! Dark material on this one.

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