Biden no malarkeyJoe Biden’s hilariously bizarre but endlessly entertaining political campaign continues. Nibbling on his wife’s fingers while she was trying to deliver a speech on his behalf, telling pervy stories about little kids rubbing his “hairy legs” around a public swimming pool, claiming he comes from “the black community” and that he went to “an HBCU,” Joe always brings the crazy.

Sometimes it’s not his fault, like when his dentures came loose during one of the televised debates, his grotesquely bloody eye during another debate, Obama preferring to endorse Canada’s Prime Minister while snubbing Joe, etc. But for every time fate makes Joe’s buffoonish nature impossible to ignore there are plenty of other times when he is the author of his own destruction. Well, destruction plagiarized from someone else, anyway.

biden fingerBiden’s inept coverup of his and his son Hunter’s corruption, the inane “gang member Corn Pop” tall tale, and so much more came to mind when I learned Quid Pro Joe’s newest slogan: “No Malarkey!” Seriously. THAT’S what he and his staff came up with. I guess they feel that slogan is the bee’s knees. Or the cat’s pajamas.  

If you’re going to use a pathetic and outdated expression like “No Malarkey” you should at least go all the way and add “Dagnabit!” at the end of it. C’mon, Joe! Commit to the bit! 

Will Joe’s opponents for the Democrats’ nomination escalate things? Will they announce new slogans like “No balderdash!”, “No hooey!”, “23 Skidoo” or “I’m what made us wiser than the Kaiser?” Should voters watch out for “Oh, rubbish!” or “Stuff and nonsense!” or a dangerously succinct “Nertz!” This could spiral out of control if they’re not careful. One of them may even resurrect “No horseplay!” in response to Joe’s creepy public pool story and his pervy confession that he loves it when children jump in his lap.

mascot new look donkey and elephant headsI can’t wait for insider accounts of the Biden campaign so I can read all about the bitter in-fighting over whether or not to use an exclamation point or a more statesmanlike period after Malarkey in that slogan. And did Joe’s advisers warn him that Americans might not be ready for a Malarkey-denier in the White House?

It remains to be seen if Biden’s new zero tolerance policy regarding Malarkey will be the game-changer he feverishly hopes it will be, but in the meantime “No Malarkey” has joined Wendell Wilkie’s “No man is good three times” as my favorite absurd campaign slogan.    


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  1. Malarkey ? That’s from my father’s generation and I’m 70. If Joe wins will he ride down Pennsylvania Ave in one of those horseless carriages ?

  2. Cara

    They wanted, ‘No Bullshit’. But it was already trademarked. I know because my favorite t-shirt for years had ‘No Bullshit’ on it and was from a webhost called .

    So being as creative as they are, they replaced Bullshit with whatever.

  3. Lavonia

    Joe is such a pathetic loser.

  4. Kimberleigh

    The dagnabit joke was my favorite!

  5. Rhonda

    Is Joe really as stupid as he seems?

  6. Elton

    Joe just sleepwalks his way through life while his and his son’s graft money comes in.

  7. Leesia

    Joe Biden makes me laugh just to look at him. Except when he’s creeping on little girls.

  8. Joshua


  9. Janet

    Every time I look at Joe Biden I laugh at him!


  11. Sable Nance


  12. Gilbert

    Who is dumber, Joe Biden or people willing to vote for him?

  13. Kawada

    Joe Biden can kiss my FBA!

  14. Ash Kebora

    Biden and Harris would be a complete disaster if they win.

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